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Chapter 182: Tang Zhenhua

Translator: Henyee Editor: Henyee

“You can save those words for Young Master, Mr. Seven and Mr. Nine!” Little Five snapped. Wilson was the seventh son of the Jiang Family of Country C, so almost all members of Long Xiao called Wilson as Mr. Seven. Jayce was born in October, but a fortune teller said he wouldn’t be able to live longer than a month if this fact became known to others, so his family named him September and changed his birth month to September as well…

Thinking of Wilson’s explosive temper, Luo Tian thought he might as well kill himself. If Wilson found out that he had almost revealed the location of Long Xiao’s production plant in City A, he would probably be shot by the man!

Although Qiao Liang was Long Xiao’s boss, he rarely managed specific affairs and thus Long Xiao was actually managed by Wilson and Jayce. Jayce was like a smiling tiger. Despite his genteel look, once he gave a bloodthirsty smile, he wouldn’t stop until there was bloodshed…

Luo Tian looked up at Little Five desperately and begged, “Mr. Five, please! Please give me another chance!”

“Underground Floor One Prison, or you go to see Mr. Nine and Mr. Seven yourself. Choose one,” Little Five replied, fixing him with a grim gaze. “You have the chance to choose because you haven’t made a grave mistake. You know, if we were located by those people, you wouldn’t have even had a chance to stand here and talk to me!”

Luo Tian crouched down in despair and murmured, “Mr. Five, I’ll go to Underground Floor One Prison. I’ll be responsible for what I did. I just hope this won’t implicate my family.”

Little Five frowned in response. “We never implicate family.”

Qiao Liang stayed with Tang Xi in the hospital until 6:00 PM. He left afterward because at 5:40 PM, Yang Jingxian had called Tang Xi and told her she had made angelica chicken soup and was going to send it to her, and told her not to eat the take-away her brother bought for her…

After Qiao Liang left the hospital, he went directly to Qiao’s International Group. By the time he arrived, Little Five had been waiting there for a long time. As soon as Little Five saw Qiao Liang’s car pulling over under the building of Qiao’s International Group, he hurried to open the car door for Qiao Liang and whispered to him, “Young Master, we’ve found the traitor. It was Luo Tian.”

Qiao Liang nodded and continued to walk into the building. Little Five looked at the silent Qiao Liang with surprise before quickly following after him and asking, “Young Master, shall I deal with Qin Xinying?”

Qiao Liang stopped for a beat, then walked on and replied with a straight face, “No, just keep an eye on her.”

Little Five had been wondering why Young Master spared Qin Xinying’s life, but when he heard his words, his eyes immediately lit up and he said loudly, “Young Master, you can rest a.s.sured. I’ll definitely watch her closely.” He followed Qiao Liang into the elevator and asked in a low voice, “Young Master, are we going to stop searching for Miss Tang now?”

Tang Xi paused and turned his eyes from the mirror in the elevator to Little Five, his gaze unfathomable. Being stared at by his young master like this, Little Five felt uneasy. Had he just stepped on a landmine? Young Master had finally forgotten about Miss Tang lately because of Miss Xiao. Why did he mention her again…?

Just as he wanted to look for a hole in the ground to hide in, so as not to be burnt to death by Qiao Liang’s eyes, Qiao Liang suddenly said, “No, that’s already a fact. Stop searching for her.”

Huh? Little Five stared at Qiao Liang in shock. Is it that easy for you to accept the fact that Miss Tang is dead? But you almost killed yourself because of Miss Tang just a few days ago! How come you changed back to that cold and indifferent Young Master so quickly just because of Miss Xiao?

Little Five really wanted to ask, ‘Young Master, was all your pa.s.sion from before an act?’

However, Qiao Liang no longer looked at Little Five and walked out of the elevator. Little Five immediately followed him, asking, “So, Young Master, shall we call back the people you a.s.signed to the capital?”

Qiao Liang frowned and pondered for a moment before answering, “Just protect Grandpa Tang and don’t care for anything else for the time being.”

“Well…” Little Five looked confused, but Qiao Liang gave him a cold glance and he quickly replied, “I understand.”

In the capital.

Over at Empire Garden, Grandpa Tang was sitting on a swing in the garden, his muddy eyes fixed on the Ferris wheel not far away. His butler came up to him with a gloomy expression and bent over to whisper, “Master, it’s time to take your medicine.”

Grandpa Tang looked blankly back at the butler and sighed. “Ah Zhong, have those people left?”

Tang Zhong lowered his head, nodded and replied, “They have all left. Master… why do you make yourself so tired? Now Miss…” Tang Zhong’s words faltered as he choked with sobs and his eyes turned red. He paused for a moment before finis.h.i.+ng, “Just let them fight. Why should we bother…?”

Hearing his words, Grandpa Tang let out a deep sigh. “It’s easy to open a shop, but hard to keep it always open. Now it’s time for me to retire, but I’m not reconciled to do so. I’ve encountered many misfortunes in my life. My girlfriend died in an accident, my daughter died, my wife died and then my son and daughter-in-law died, and now I still have to bear the pain of my granddaughter dying ahead of me.”

When he finally made that girl his wife, he had thought that G.o.d was blessing him, but what he had been through told him all the time that the so-called blessing just made him suffer more.

Tang Zhong’s nose twitched and he almost wept. He held out his hand to support Grandpa Tang, who was on the verge of collapsing in his sorrow, and tried to comfort him. “Master, the most important thing now is your health. You cannot just fall down like this.”

“Don’t let anyone know that Xixi had an accident. No matter how much I have to pay, I can’t let those people get away with that.” Grandpa Tang grimaced. Even though his eyes were muddy, a sharp gleam flickered across them. He struck his crutches hard against the ground and exclaimed, “I, Tang Zhenhua, have eaten more salt than they have had rice. They thought I can’t make it as long as Xixi died? I’ll make all of them realize that they’re wrong, that I’m not so easy to be beaten!”

After his youngest daughter died, he comforted his wife and helped her take care of their son; after his wife died when his son was only ten years old, he managed to bring up his son alone; after his son and daughter-in-law died in an accident, he raised his infant granddaughter by himself. Was there anything in the world that could beat him?

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