Strike Back, Proud Goddess! Chapter 171 - The Softest Love

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Chapter 171: The Softest Love

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Lin Ru gave a look of surprise at Tang Xi, who pursed her lips. Knowing that her tone just now might have been a little unacceptable to Lin Ru, Tang Xi said, “You’re injured so you should take good care of yourself. Even if you want to go to them and ask them why, you should fully recover before you do so, okay?”

Lin Ru nodded blankly. It was the first time that Rourou had talked to her so much and she did so for her own good, to comfort her…

Lin Ru was suddenly stricken by a surge of sourness. It turned out that it felt so good being protected by her daughter.

Tang Xi was relieved to see that she had finally managed to persuade Lin Ru. In the past, she was like a n.o.ble princess who was always the center of the people around her, so she had hardly paid attention to others, let alone tried to persuade or comfort someone like now.

Holding onto a thermal lunch box, Yang Jingxian said in a low voice, “I made some bone broth. Ah Ru, you haven’t eaten anything for a day and a night. You must be hungry, so take some broth and I’ll bring you some porridge at noon.”

Lin Ru raised her eyes at Yang Jingxian and smiled, moved by the latter’s kindness. “Thank you, Jingxian. Sorry for troubling you.”

Yang Jingxian smiled as she went to Lin Ru’s bed and put the broth on the bedside table. She said in a low voice, “Let Brother serve it for you. I drove here. Rourou is going to see Lin Jiao so I’ll be sending her over.”

“Thank you, Jingxian.”

Yang Jingxian smiled and turned to Tang Xi, who was standing quietly at the side, and said gently, “This is what I should do.”

After Tang Xi and Yang Jingxian left the ward, Lin Ru looked at Xiao Hongyi with pursed lips and asked, “Are they all in the police station?”

Xiao Hongyi nodded as he opened the thermal lunch box, poured out the broth inside and began feeding it to Lin Ru with a spoon. He replied, “Mom and Jinning were taken away by the police. As for Dad, Rourou asked Xiao Jing and Xiao Sa to take care of him. Have some broth. Don’t worry. Just take care of yourself and try to recover as soon as possible.”

With that, he continued to feed Lin Ru, who stared at Xiao Hongyi’s face while drinking the broth. When the broth was almost finished, Lin Ru asked in a low voice, “Were you glad to find out that Tao Yan and Lin Ruozhi aren’t my biological parents? Glad they’re not blood-related to me at all?”

Xiao Hongyi paused for a beat before putting the spoon back into the bowl and then put the bowl onto the bedside table, following which he cast a deep look at Lin Ru with pursed lips and replied, “Ah Ru, to be honest, I was really relieved to see the paternity test report yesterday. Over the years, you’ve been treating them so well, yet they never felt satisfied…” Xiao Hongyi gradually grew indignant and his eyes turned red as he continued, “Do you know how I felt when I saw you being pushed down the stairs by Tao Yan? I felt desperate. I wanted to rush up and kill them…”

In reality, he had really done just that at that time; he had rushed over in an attempt to push Tao Yan down from the stairs to let her feel the pain Lin Ru suffered, but Xiao Hongli and Yang Jingxian stopped him and asked him to take Lin Ru to the hospital. Only when he got to the hospital did he gradually calm down.

But when he calmed down, he found that he could do nothing, because those two people were her parents. What could he do to them?

Although he was keen on money and power, he truly loved Lin Ru; otherwise, he would not have married Lin Ru, an intern with no background who had just graduated from university and begun to work in his company, despite the strange stares from others.

Afterward, Lin Ru performed well in work and did a good job in developing the company with him. She became more and more like a successful businesswoman and showed stronger working ability than him. Sometimes, she looked even more capable than him, but his love for her never changed.

When he saw her rolling down the stairs, he had felt his heart stop beating. He wanted her to stay with him for the rest of his life, taking care of him and even quarreling with him, but he never wanted her to leave him like that.

Seeing the emotions on Xiao Hongyi’s face, Lin Ru grabbed his hand and gave a faint smile. “Me too. When I heard the two of them weren’t my family just now, I actually felt lucky. I was thinking, ‘Good, they aren’t my parents. In that case, even if I’m an orphan, my family isn’t as unbearable as I thought. At least I managed to grow up without the care of parents’.”

As she spoke, her eyes gradually dimmed and she gave a self-mocking smile as she continued, “But every time I think that because of me, my Rourou suffered for more than 20 years, I feel so distressed. I hate that I was tied to such a family!”

“It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s all over,” Xiao Hongyi said in a hoa.r.s.e voice, wiping the tears from the corner of Lin Ru’s eyes. “Now our Rourou has made a good life for herself. You see, she just came back, but she’s got one more pair of parents who love her and obtained more love, so you should be happy, okay?”

Lin Ru smiled and nodded at Xiao Hongyi. Seeing this scene by the doorway, Tang Xi pursed her lips and then smiled. It turned out that the two of them were together because of love. It seemed that Xiao Hongyi was not that mercenary as he looked. If he was really mercenary, he would have found a woman of the same background with him to marry instead of Lin Ru, who had such a terrible family.

Standing in the corridor and seeing Tang Xi give such a smile, Yang Jingxian reached out to take her hand and whispered, “In fact, everyone has a true love who might be his parent, spouse or child. And love that’s carefully cared for by someone is their purest and softest love.”

Tang Xi smiled as she took hold of Yang Jingxian’s arm to walk outside and chuckled, saying, “I think it’s not certain. Some people never have any soft part in their hearts, let alone the softest love. Take Lin Jiao for example.”

Tang Xi looked at Yang Jingxian and smiled, but her eyes were cold as she continued, “If my guess is right that Xiao Jinning is Lin Jiao’s daughter, then Lin Jiao just wanted to use Xiao Jinning to get benefits. If her softest and sincere love was Xiao Jinning, she wouldn’t have given Xiao Jinning to my mommy, so your words are only partly true.”

“But Rourou, I know your softest love is your family, right?” Yang Jingxian looked at Tang Xi and smiled. “I can see it.”

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