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Published at 21st of July 2019 02:55:06 AM Chapter 110: 110

Shortly after Xiao Hongli left, Xiao Hongyi and Xiao Yan came over . Tang Xi greeted the two of them . Xiao Yan had some work to do, so he quickly left after inquiring after her health . Xiao Hongyi didn't know what to say to Tang Xi . After awkwardly sitting in the ward for a while, he told Tang Xi to have a good rest, said he had to attend a company in his company, and left .

Xiao Jing and Xiao Sa stared at Tang Xi, giggling as they said, “Great . ”

Tang Xi asked with a chuckle, “What's great?”

“It's great that you woke up . ” Xiao Sa handed an orange to Tang Xi . “You don't know how we got through when you were unconscious . We were in a terrible mood and didn't even smile . Now that you've finally woken up, it's like we're seeing the sun again . ”

Tang Xi smiled . They were seeing the suns.h.i.+ne again, but what about Qiao Liang? In his world, Tang Xi was dead, his suns.h.i.+ne gone .

She had to find a way to call Qiao Liang, to let him know that she was still alive . She couldn't let him remain so dejected all the time .

“I don't need to stay in the hospital now that I've woken up . I want to go home . ” Only when she was home could she call Qiao Liang .

Xiao Yao could go home to recuperate as well . He was still in the hospital because he had wanted to accompany Xiao Rou, but since she had woken up, he also wanted to be discharged .

Hearing that she was going out of the hospital, Xiao Hongli and his family were very excited, while Lin Ru was a bit sad . She looked at her daughter, who was asking to go home excitedly, and felt her heart aching . She was able to come visit her every day while she was in the hospital, but once she returned to Xiao Hongli's home, she would have no reason to go there and visit her as frequently—she wouldn't be able to see her daughter every day!

Looking at her weak daughter, Lin Ru felt sorry for her . She was so skinny and looked ill-nourished . If she didn't eat or sleep properly, her body would be greatly impacted . How could she feel at ease if she didn't stay with her?

Lin Ru's gaze was too eager to be ignored, so Tang Xi could only lower her head to eat an orange, avoiding her eyes .

Seeing her reaction, Lin Ru felt very sad, but she was simply suffering from the consequences of her own actions and couldn't blame anyone else . She had been so stupid and made her daughter suffer so much, so she could only blame herself .

Tang Xi pursed her lips and began, “Aun… Thank you for coming to visit me all these days . I'm awake now, but I'm not used to living in the hospital so I want to go home . If you…” Tang Xi paused, and then continued, “You can come visit me in my home if you don't mind . ”

Standing to the side, Yang Jingxian said, “Yes . If you miss Rourou, you can come to our home . If Rourou doesn't mind, we don't mind either . We used to live together in the Xiao Family's mansion, didn't we?”

Xiao Jing and Xiao Sa curled their lips but didn't speak, while Xiao Yao rubbed at Tang Xi's hair lovingly . Tang Xi smiled at him and said, “Yao, are you also going to be discharged from the hospital?”

“Yes . Thanks to Rourou, I'm recovering quickly and can be discharged now,” Xiao Yao replied, giving her one of his rare smiles .

Lin Ru gave a hard nod and said, “Okay, then can I send Rourou home with you?”

Tang Xi looked at Yang Jingxian, who was going to ask for her opinion . Seeing Tang Xi look at her, Yang Jingxian answered with a smile, “Okay . ” Then she looked at Xiao Jing and Xiao Sa, saying, “Go handle the discharge formalities for your brother and sister . We're going home . ”

Tang Xi smiled . Finally, she could go home and call Qiao Liang . She tried to imagine Qiao Liang's face when he received her call . Would he believe her? She herself couldn't believe that she had the nerve to call him . When she arrived home, Tang Xi felt she was really back . She ran upstairs very fast, causing the other five to worry, especially Lin Ru . She thought her daughter had fallen into a coma because she fell down the stairs, so she was greatly worried that she would fall down again . She rushed over to protect Tang Xi . “Rourou, don't rush . What if you fall down again?”

As she said this, she followed Tang Xi up the stairs and escorted her into the room .

Seeing the princess-style bedroom, Lin Ru felt a lump come into her throat . Now she finally knew why Rourou liked Yang Jingxian and her family so much; they really treated her like a little princess . Look at the decoration and furniture of the room . These things were for a real princess . There was everything in the room . She unknowingly walked into the cloakroom, where clothes were hung clean and tidy, a variety of small accessories were put in transparent boxes neatly and rows of shoes were tidily placed .

While the clothes and pants were of ordinary brands, the shoes were of famous brands, and some of them were even global limited editions . They really doted on Rourou .

Without noticing Lin Ru, Tang Xi went into her room and turned on her computer .

Lin Ru came out of the cloakroom and saw Tang Xi sitting in front of her computer . She walked up to her with a smile and remarked, “Rourou, was the cloakroom cleaned up by you? It's really neat . ”

“Mom cleaned it up…” Tang Xi suddenly paused and looked up at Lin Ru who had suddenly appeared in her room . Seeing Lin Ru turn pale at her words, Tang Xi smiled awkwardly and finished, “I have to go to school and do homework on weekends . I don't have time to clean it up, so…”

Lin Ru smiled . “They're so nice to you . ”

“Yes, they're really nice to me . Only… two people are nicer than them in the world . ” While she was still Tang Xi, her grandpa loved her so much and would almost give her anything she wanted . He had literally spoiled her . Then she met Qiao Liang . Although they weren't together for long and Qiao Liang was not a romantic man, he was very nice to her, and then…

Lin Ru's eyes grew dimmer at her words . She forced a smile, led Tang Xi to her bed to sit and whispered, “Rourou, would you please give Mom a chance to make it up to you?”

Tang Xi was surprised . Why did Lin Ru suddenly make such a request?

But the person that she needed to make it up to was Xiao Rou . Should she enjoy the motherly love that was supposed to belong to Xiao Rou?

She was lucky to be loved by Xiao Hongli and his family . How could she also take the love of Xiao Rou's mom?

“Well, President Lin…”

“You still won't call me Mom?” Lin Ru's eyes were red . “I know it was our fault and I almost got you killed, but now I know I was wrong . Can't you forgive me?”

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