The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 2039 - Fish Soup

The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy -

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Chapter 2039: Fish Soup

Just as Ding Junqi was thinking this, another call came in.

“Master Ding, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. My face was too big, and I accidentally hung up the phone,” Xin Ya explained anxiously.

Ding Junqi seemed to have heard a man’s soft laughter in the background, but he continued to speak without batting an eyelid, “Alright, I’ll get Sis Cat to look for you later. That’s all for now.”

Ding Junqi placed his phone on the table. There was someone in Xin Ya’s room?

Moreover, a man?

Based on his understanding of Xin Ya, she was not the kind of girl commonly found in the entertainment industry. That was strange.

“Come, come, come. These are all the specialties from my hometown. Master Ding, try some.” The director smiled and invited everyone to eat.

“Director, are you from around here?” Sis Cat asked curiously.

“Don’t tell me you’re clueless to where a director as famous as him is from?” Yu Dong peered at Sis Cat. His words were dripping with venom.

Sis Cat looked at him coldly. “Definitely not as much as you do. Mr. Yu, who don’t you know? You know everyone from the greatest directors, major producers, and even the lowliest group of people.”

Le Tian, “…”

During the few days that Le Tian was on set, she realized that Sis Cat and Brother Yu Dong were definitely a pair of frenemies. Wherever they met, it would definitely be very lively.

Ding Junqi whispered into Le Tian’s ear, “Both of them graduated from the Communication University. You know, the kind that broke up after graduation.”

Le Tian looked at Ding Junqi. It felt like she just found out something incredible.

Ding Junqi was originally speaking into Le Tian’s ear, but when he straightened up, he saw a sneaky figure at the door. Coincidentally, it happened to reflect on the gla.s.s on the door.

Then, Ding Junqi saw the waiter who delivered the next dish.

Ding Junqi sat upright without as much as a twitch and looked at the dish on the table.

“Come, come, come. Master Ding, you must try this. This is our best dish—chuanxiong Dahurian angelica fish head soup. It has a cold-dispelling and pain-relieving effect. I’ve ordered it especially for you.” As the director spoke, he pushed the bowl of soup in front of Ding Junqi.

Ding Junqi looked down at the soup and smiled lightly.

“I appreciate the director’s kindness, but the main thing is that I’m allergic to fish,” Ding Junqi said as he pushed the soup aside.

Le Tian, “…”

That was a joke, right?

In the past, did he not simply gobble up spicy mala fish or the sweet and sour fish before?

The director’s expression clearly faltered. “I see. My bad for not asking you beforehand. Then, should I get someone to cook up something that can help with blood circulation?”

“Please don’t trouble yourself,” Ding Junqi declined politely and then let everyone eat.

Apart from Ding Junqi, who was the male lead, there were also two other male supporting actors. They were all C-list actors to who Gu Juexi had taken a fancy on.

Right now, none of them dared to speak up during the dinner.

“Why don’t you drink it, Miss Le? Otherwise, it’ll be a waste,” the director offered again.

Le Tian did not speak. Ding Junqi held her wrist under the table. “Her? Forget it. She’s already fat. If she eats any more, she’ll be so fat that she won’t be able to walk.”

Everyone, “…”

Best Actor, were you blind?

“Master Ding sure knows how to joke. I think Le Tian needs more nourishment,” Mu Qi said with a hint of jealousy in her voice.

Ding Junqi looked at Mu Qi coldly. “If Miss Mu wants to drink it, I’ll give it to you.”

Mu Qi was even more displeased by Ding Junqi’s reb.u.t.tal. “Le Tian, you didn’t say a word. That’s very unlike you. Are you going to fully rely on men now?”

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