The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 1499 - Even My First Kiss is Still—

The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy -

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Chapter 1499: Even My First Kiss is Still—

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Nalan Chunbo got up and moved closer to Wen Shan. When Wen Shan instinctively moved away, he put both hands against the back of the sofa behind Wen Shan, trapping her.

It was a typical sofa kabe-don—she was trapped.

Wen Shan gaped at him, speechless.

Wasn’t he sitting like a gentleman there just now?

How had the situation escalated to this?!

“What… What are you doing?” Wen Shan stammered. Although her mind was fuzzy, she tried to duck under Nalan Chunbo’s arm and escape.

Before Wen Shan could escape, Nalan Chunbo pulled her wrist and pushed her back against the sofa. This time he moved forward, pressing his body against hers and trapping her completely.

Wen Shan’s eyes widened and she swallowed nervously.

Nalan Chunbo s.h.i.+fted his weight to his legs as he knelt down, trying to avoid putting pressure on Wen Shan.

“Wen Shan, to be honest, I don’t like what happened today.” Nalan Chunbo held her wrist tightly, his forehead pressed to hers. Even their lips were almost brus.h.i.+ng.

He didn’t like the uneasiness he felt when he couldn’t find the person he was looking for. He couldn’t control himself earlier and returned to her place to wait for her even though he had already left the campus.

Wen Shan’s heart was pounding so loudly she vaguely wondered if he could hear it.

She didn’t like today’s incident as well, but she was still in the dark about the truth.

Why did the little brat look like her? Why was his birthmark the same as hers? The boy’s father was Ding Junqi, but she had not been in contact with the man at all.

Most importantly, she had never had a baby!

“Do you think a person who is not related to you at all may look like you?”

“According to the probability theory, the probability is very high that you may into anyone who looks similar to you at any time when you walk down the street.” Although Nalan Chunbo didn’t know why she asked, he still answered her patiently.

Therefore, similarity may be a coincidence.

“So, what about birthmarks?” Wen Shan asked again carefully.

“Birthmarks?” Nalan Chunbo put Wen Shan on the sofa, then sat beside her.

Wen Shan wanted to move away from him but Nalan Chunbo was sitting so close that he would notice even the slightest movement.

Wen Shan nodded vigorously.

Le Tian said the birthmarks were the same so it should be true. After all, she had seen her birthmark before.

“This probability is small, but it’s not like there is no such case.” Nalan Chunbo frowned, then finally gave in and asked, “Why are you asking this suddenly?”

The uneasiness in Wen Shan’s heart faded a little. Finally, she raised one finger slowly. “One last question, how about people who look similar and have the same birthmark?”


“No, an adult and a kid.”

“Parent and child?”

Wen Shan’s shock was clear on her face. This relations.h.i.+p was the one she was afraid of.

Nalan Chunbo narrowed his eyes at Wen Shan’s expression and moved closer to her. “What’s wrong?”

“You might not believe me if I tell you,” Wen Shan said seriously, “but I must make it clear that I have never lost my memory, nor have I ever had a man. Even my first kiss is still—”

1Before Wen Shan could finish speaking, Nalan Chunbo leaned forward and kissed her.

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