The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 1498 - Do You Like Him?

The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy -

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Chapter 1498: Do You Like Him?

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“The whole of B City knows that, but no one knows who the mother of his child is. He never revealed it to the public,” Ye Yuwei replied. She suddenly felt curious too. “That child should be around Xicheng’s age.”

“Is the child really Ding Junqi’s?” Wen Shan asked hopefully.

“Why are you asking me like that?” Ye Yuwei asked Wen Shan suspiciously.

She couldn’t say ‘the child looks like me’, could she?

“It’s nothing. It’s just that I saw the kid when I went to Le Tian’s place today. He’s quite cute,” Wen Shan replied, feigning calm.

“He should be. After all, how can the wealthy Ding family make a mistake like that?”

That was precisely why Wen Shan felt so unsettled. It was impossible to have made a mistake in such a serious matter.

Ye Yuwei dropped Wen Shan at her campus entrance. When Wen Shan got down from the car, Ye Yuwei asked her bluntly, “Wen Shan, does my brother still have a chance?”

Wen Shan blinked in shock and finally closed the car door, “Sister-in-law, I am leaving now.”

Ye Yuwei looked at the person who ran away. Fine, at least it was not a direct rejection. There was still hope for him so she didn’t need to worry.

Wen Shan ran back to her dormitory. She was still thinking about the boy when she walked upstairs.

She froze when she saw Nalan Chunbo standing at her door.

Nalan Chunbo was leaning against the wall and playing with his phone. He looked up when he heard her.

“I didn’t get any reply from you so I was worried,” Nalan Chunbo explained honestly.

It was fake to deny that you did not feel touched when someone you liked worried about you, but everything was still so messy. Nalan Chunbo’s concern only made her feel even more guilty.

Nalan Chunbo noticed Wen Shan’s expression change and felt uneasy. She was fine when he left this afternoon. What had happened?

Nalan Chunbo put away his phone and walked up to her. “What happened?”

His words were gentle and full of concern, impossible to be ignored.

Wen Shan finally stood before him but she couldn’t find a way to express her thoughts. She opened her mouth to speak but finally said nothing. She just pushed Nalan Chunbo aside to open the door and went in.

She had not closed the door behind her, so Nalan Chunbo entered, following her into the living room.

After Wen Shan went in, she sat on the sofa, hugging a pillow, and turned on the TV, looking for news on Ding Junqi.

Nalan Chunbo did not sit down next to her, perhaps to avoid making her even more nervous, and sat on the single sofa nearby. It was just the right distance away to ensure she didn’t feel overwhelmed, providing her a sense of security instead.

It was exactly how people felt about Nalan Chunbo all the time.

The man on the TV carried himself in a calm manner, judging by the way he talked and laughed. He had similar eyebrows as that boy, so it was clear that the child was definitely related to him.

Wen Shan was completely sure that she had never lost her memory, nor had she ever done anything like ovum donation.

Nalan Chunbo observed Wen Shan’s complicated facial expressions then stared at the man on TV again. After a while, he asked, “Do you like him?”

“How is that possible?” Wen Shan shrieked in disbelief. Immediately, she saw Nalan Chunbo smile, gaze softened.

Wen Shan covered her face with the pillow in embarra.s.sment. Why did she react like that?

And what did his gaze mean?

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