The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy Chapter 1224 - Plausible Speculation

The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy -

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Chapter 1224: Plausible Speculation

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Gu Juexi looked back at Ye Yuwei who was frozen in shock. He unwrapped himself and tossed the towel at Ye Yuwei in a swift backhand motion. Like a perfect hole-in-one, the towel landed directly on Ye Yuwei’s head.

Ye Yuwei squeaked in surprise. She frantically removed the towel off her head just in time to see that Gu Juexi had already put his pants on. He reached over to take his s.h.i.+rt and put it on too.

When he was dressed, Ye Yuwei tossed the towel back at Gu Juexi furiously. He caught it and smirked. “To prevent you from peeking at my naked body.”

“Pfft, as if I haven’t seen it before,” Ye Yuwei cursed as her face blushed a bright red. She composed herself and returned to the main topic. “Since you know, why are you letting it happen?”

“Didn’t you see how miserable my mom was over the years? What’s wrong with letting him be sick for a month?” Gu Juexi said casually.

So, this was Mr. Gu’s conspicuous revenge against his own father.

Another reason being that Gu Tianmu hated Ye Yuwei. He cared nothing about his father who disliked his darling wife.

Ye Yuwei could only blink at his remark. She had learned a new lesson today: the father-son relations.h.i.+p was highly unpredictable.

She suddenly realized her son’s behavior toward Gu Juexi was much more humane. She concluded that Gu Juexi’s relations.h.i.+p with his father was truly toxic.

“We haven’t located Ai Mijia yet and the person who hurt you the other day has disappeared. The first thing we have to do is find Ai Mijia, then we can discuss other matters,” Gu Juexi said, sitting by the bedside.

Ye Yuwei went to the bathroom and put Gu Juexi’s clothes into the basket at the corner, then asked, “Do you think this matter has something to do with past incidents? Is it related to the man who impersonated your dad?”

Gu Juexi laid down on the bed and put his hands under his neck. “It’s a plausible speculation. Everything had been answered on the s.h.i.+p, the only unanswered mystery was the man. No one knew who he was or where he is now. The only person who knew about his ident.i.ty was Ai Mijia, but she just disappeared in the middle of the ocean. I have every reason to believe that this matter is not resolved yet.”

Additionally, something might go wrong somewhere, hence the warning.

However, he couldn’t find any gap in the speculation. Ye Shu personally acknowledged that Ye Di was behind all this. What went wrong and where?

After tidying up the bathroom, Ye Yuwei exited, pulled a stool out and sat down beside the bed. Before Gu Juexi could ask why she sat there, Xixi pushed their door open.

Gu Juexi ignored his wife and stretched out his arms to pick up his daughter and pull her into his embrace. He planted light kisses on her chubby cheeks and asked gently, “Where did you go with Uncle today?”

Xixi giggled and hid in Gu Juexi’s arms. “We went to pick a present for Brother Yuan Mo, a very big and beautiful s.h.i.+p, and, and—” Xixi hooked her little hands over Gu Juexi’s neck and said in her childish squeak, “Auntie Wen was there too, the auntie who stood behind G.o.dmother that day.”

Auntie Wen?

Did she mean Wen Shan?

So my brother really did meet Wen Shan today?

Was B City really that small?

“What did your uncle and Auntie Wen talk about?” Ye Yuwei asked, sounding rather excited.

Xixi tilted her little head to think. She rolled around their bed mischievously and climbed onto Gu Juexi before answering, “They didn’t talk. Oh yes! Auntie Wen brought some snacks for me, but Uncle didn’t let me eat and scolded me very loudly. I hate Uncle.” Xixi pouted.

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