Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 1901 - Going on a Killing Spree

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Chapter 1901: Going on a Killing Spree

A warm and boundless divine essence directly rushed into Jiang Haitang’s divine sea through her meridians.

That layer of seal was destroyed like crus.h.i.+ng dead leaves.

Divine essence instantly filled her four limbs and bones once more.

Jiang Haitang looked at Ye Yuan, full of surprise.

“This … This is Carefree Grove’s unique seal. Even if a Ninth Firmament Celestial Deity powerhouse came, he can’t dispel this seal too. How did you do it?”

Places of pleasure like Carefree Grove, what they acquired were mostly very high realm female cultivators.

As for how to control these female cultivators, they had their own methods.

This seal, it was naturally impossible for ordinary people to crack it.

Even if a Ninth Firmament Celestial Deity guest came, it was also impossible to want to crack their seal.

But Ye Yuan destroyed it like crus.h.i.+ng a dead branch.

“Just a seal. It’s no big deal, come on,” Ye Yuan smiled and said.

Jiang Haitang was stunned, but shook her head and said, “We can’t walk out! The City Lord Manor is behind Carefree Grove, and this place has a peak Ninth Firmament Celestial Deity holding down the fort! No one can bring people away from this place.”

In imperial capitals, True G.o.d powerhouses were all very aloof existences.

For this kind of mundane task, there naturally would not be True G.o.d powerhouses to take care of it.

In reality, peak Ninth Firmament Celestial Deities could already suppress the vast majority of the people.

Moreover, it was the City Lord Manor behind Carefree Grove, how many dared to be insolent here?

But Ye Yuan smiled and said, “If I want to bring you away, no one can stop it.”

Done talking, he did not care whether Jiang Haitang was willing or not, pulling her out of the door.


The moment the door opened, five burly men already blocked outside the door.

The madam looked at Ye Yuan and said with a smug look, “I knew that Sir definitely didn’t have good intentions finding this s.l.u.t. If you have fun here, our Carefree Grove welcomes it greatly. But if you want to bring people away, that’s a big no no. Sir, please be prudent.”

Ye Yuan gave the madam a glance and said coolly, “I want to redeem Miss Haitang’s freedom, state a price.”

The moment the madam heard, she chuckled and said, “Sir, sorry about it, upstairs have informed, this wh.o.r.e isn’t selling! Sir, I urge that you’d better put her down, you guys … can’t walk out of here. You look at them, each and every one ferocious looking. If they were to hurt Sir, that wouldn’t be nice.”

Seeing these burly men, Jiang Haitang’s complexion also turned deathly pale.

“Ye Yuan, you … you go by yourself!”

These few burly men all had uncommon strength, all having middle-stage Celestial Deity Realm cultivation.

Being able to look after the house and courtyard here, one’s strength was naturally not ordinary.

Ye Yuan had a calm look and slowly said, “Is that so? Since not selling, then I can only forcefully bring her away.”

As he said, Ye Yuan dragged Jiang Haitang and was going to walk outside.

The madam’s patience was also whittled away completely at this moment, and said in a fierce voice, “Refusing a toast only to drink to a forfeit, beat for me!”

The five burly men rushed forward together, directly rus.h.i.+ng into the room.


A clear slap sounded out, the madam’s entire person flew down from the second floor.

But those five burly men hit thin air and did not even catch the corners of Ye Yuan’s sleeves.

“Goodness gracious! This heaven-d.a.m.ned fellow! Quickly go and call Lord Fang Kun here! Someone is causing trouble!”

Below came the madam’s miserable howl like a pig being slaughtered.

Ye Yuan was neither too fast nor too slow, bringing Jiang Haitang and walking downstairs.

The entire Carefree Grove had a large-scale array formation set up, locking s.p.a.ce.

Even a True G.o.d powerhouse could forget about teleporting out of here too.

Otherwise, wouldn’t anyone be able to bring people away, or eat a free meal?

Hence, even though Ye Yuan was skilled in spatial law, he could not possibly directly teleport out of this place too.

However, this did not hinder him from displaying spatial law.

Tossing and turning about within a small area, that was no problem at all.

Jiang Haitang followed Ye Yuan, staring at his back view in a daze as if she was dreaming.

Numerous strong guards rushed over, but she only saw one cold light after another shoot out.

Middle-stage Celestial Deity Realm powerhouses were killed with one sword without any exception!

Even peak Sixth Firmament Celestial Deities would not do as well.

Jiang Haitang originally thought that Ye Yuan was just a Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity, being not much stronger than her.

But now, she knew that she was gravely mistaken.

Ye Yuan’s might already exceeded her imagination.

No matter how powerful the opponent, they simply could not withstand a single blow in front of him.

The current Ye Yuan seemed to be a hero of the era in her eyes.

Everything was so calm and collected, everything was so casual and effortless as if nothing in this world could stump him.

At this moment, Jiang Haitang’s eyes revealed a hint of hope.

Perhaps her father could really be saved!

Before long, there was already no one who dared to step forward.

Those guards were all frightened until their faces turned pale. Places that Ye Yuan pa.s.sed by, they immediately kept a wide berth, fearful that a ray of sword light from Ye Yuan would dismember them.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Several figures flashed past, blocking in front of Ye Yuan.

The one in the front was actually an Eighth Firmament Celestial Deity powerhouse.

Among these four people, the weakest was also Seventh Firmament Celestial Deity!

“Hehehe! Great four protectors, you guys came right on time. Hurry up and kill this kid …”

The madam was currently pleased with herself when a streak of sword light suddenly flew over, her figure abruptly stopped.

Turns out that her head was already separated from her body.

That Eighth Firmament Celestial Deity’s pupils constricted. He actually did not see clearly how Ye Yuan struck!

Ye Yuan looked at him and lightly spat out two words, “Get lost!”

As he said, Ye Yuan brought Jiang Haitang and moved forward again.

Learning what Jiang Haitang met with, Ye Yuan seemed calm, but actually, he was already furious to the extreme in his heart.

He was currently just finding some people to vent his anger.

And the Carefree Grove that had its back resting against the City Lord Manor was just right.

Being compelled by Ye Yuan’s imposing momentum, the four great protectors actually took a step back without prior agreement.

Ye Yuan advanced again, and they retreated again.

Finally, that Eighth Firmament Celestial Deity could not stand it anymore and roared furiously, “Attack together! Kill him!”

Four streaks of sword light suddenly erupted. Four surges of world power formed a strange domain, surrounding Ye Yuan and Jiang Haitang tightly.

This strike was a certain-kill move!

The four great protectors had clearly received special training before, the four people’s cooperation was very tacit.

Furthermore, their world power was even able to produce a resonance. Working together, the power multiplied.

“Where did this young man appear from? Such formidable strength!”

“Isn’t that so? Clearly only at the Fifth Firmament Celestial Deity Realm, but middle-stage Celestial Deity Realm powerhouses are like paper paste in front of him.”

“But he’s too reckless, the four great protectors aren’t to be trifled with! The four of them combining forces, it was said that they had once killed a Ninth Firmament Celestial Deity powerhouse! Let alone that there’s a Lord Fang Kun who hasn’t taken action yet!”

“Heh heh, becoming enraged to the extreme for a woman, I like this kid!”

The combat strength that Ye Yuan displayed made everyone sigh with admiration.

But facing these four great protectors, they did not feel optimistic about him.

Many minor realms away, furthermore, fighting one-versus-four, and these four people even had good teamwork.

No matter how one looked at it, Ye Yuan did not have chances of victory either.

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