The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife Chapter 1516 - Return 1

The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife -

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1516 Return 1

Dongfang Liuyun’s tone was still as cold as usual. There was not much reaction on her dazzling, gorgeous face that was still calm.

These few words of hers burst in Dongfang Rouer’s head like thunder, making Dongfang Rouer’s beautiful eyes flicker. She looked at Dongfang Liuyun faintly and took a breath.

“Are you coming back to the Dongfang Group?” Dongfang Rouer asked.

Dongfang Liuyun put the cup in her hand on the table next to her and stood up indifferently. “I’m offering you a chance. As long as you obey the orders and do your job, you’ll naturally be rewarded, but if your raging ambitions burn me, then don’t blame me for neglecting our kins.h.i.+p. I like to speak bluntly, and of course, you can convey this message to your father. The Dongfang Group didn’t reach its current achievements due to a person’s ability. It’s the result of everyone’s joint effort. I don’t care about these things, but at the same time, I’m not someone who will stand to lose and place herself at a disadvantage.”

“Those are some strong words, Fourth Sister. We’re all loyal to the family,” Dongfang Rouer spoke softly.

Loyal to the family, huh?

The eyes of Dongfang Liuyun dimmed, and her slender eyelashes fluttered. She flicked her slender eyelashes to hide the coldness in her eyes. “It’s best if it’s as you said. You know me, the rules are my code. Next weekend is Uncle’s birthday . Do you have any plans for him?”

“Actually, I came here today just to tell you about that. It’s Father’s 60th birthday. Mother plans to throw him a fabulous birthday party, and knowing that you’re back, I was thinking of telling you about it. You’ll be there in person, won’t you?” A sense of expectation could be seen in Dongfang Rouer’s gentle eyes, and Dongfang Liuyun had gotten used to this look of hers.

“Of course, it’s his 60th birthday, and it’s a good day. It’s wrong to not show up.”

“Great to hear that, Fourth Sister, then I shall go home and let Father know about that. I hope to see you there in person that day. It’s been a long time since many of us last met each other. After all, we’re still a family, aren’t we?”

The corner of Dongfang Liuyun’s lips twitched and curved slightly. She then gave her an unconcerned sidelong glance as she responded, “If you insist on saying so.”

In Dongfang Rouer’s recollection, it seemed that Dongfang Liuyun had always been like this. She could only describe the latter as an unfathomable and inscrutable person. Dongfang Rouer rarely caught any of Dongfang Liuyun’s thoughts because she was never someone who easily showcased her emotions or thoughts on her expressions. In Dongfang Rouer’s eyes, she had always been a very sensitive and enigmatic person. It was not an exaggeration to say that she was sophisticated, sleek, and very capable. Above all, she was the person that Dongfang Rouer feared the most.

“Missus, I heard that the Fourth Lady has resigned from her school. Last night, Attorney Song rushed to Beach Villa in the night and only came back after around half an hour. I think the Fourth Lady should be going to work in the Dongfang Group this time, I also heard the President mention her a while ago.” On their way back, Ah Kang could not help but tell Dongfang Rouer, who was sitting behind in the car.

Ah Kang was Dongfang Rouer’s a.s.sistant and bodyguard, who was in his thirties. Tall and attractive, he had once been Dongfang Ren’s a.s.sistant, but after being transferred to Dongfang Rouer, he was still a very loyal subordinate.

Dongfang Rouer frowned her slender brows again, and after giving it a thought for a while, she said, “Don’t let my father know about this first. I’ll discuss this with my brothers later and we’ll see how it goes.”

“Yes, Missus.”

“Grandma’s body is receding day by day. She’s lost much of her vitality especially after her last collapse, and now she’s almost only lingering. Given the frequent trips that Third Uncle’s been making recently, my father’s been feeling a little agitated by all these matters.” Dongfang Rouer’s eyes were beaming with anxiousness as she said so.

“Don’t worry, Missus, as soon as you’re engaged to Young Master Jin, your momentum will overwhelm theirs. Plus, the Fourth Lady has never come into contact with any of the company’s matters, so it’s not so easy for her to get started. ”

“Don’t forget that the young master of the Fujiwara family has a thing for her. This is also one of the reasons why Father is worried. She has always been lucky.”

“Yeah, I feel that she has always been blessed with all the good things, but, Missus, you can rest a.s.sured that the Fourth Lady has no feeling for Mr. Fujiwara. Because of this, things went slightly sideways between the Fourth Lady and Attorney Song. I think she might have some other plans brewing,” Ah Kang advised after thinking about it for a second.

“Grandpa used to favor her and he said that she has a good mentality. However…” Thinking of this, Dongfang Rouer could not help but feel a little bitter and astringent deep down. Nonetheless, the second half of the sentence did not escape her mouth.

“The old president does appreciate the Fourth Lady quite a bit, but your ability is nowhere near inferior to hers. However, with all due respect, the Fourth Lady must’ve also invested a lot of effort to achieve the status and fame that she has today, especially when Attorney Song’s high-stress parenting policy is brought into the equation.” Dongfang Rouer nodded after being reminded by Ah Kang. Her pretty eyes flashed when she replied, “What you just said makes sense too. Let’s just monitor the situation first since they’re still not that dominant in the company.”

“Of course, after all, the Dongfang Group belongs to the Dongfang family. How could someone who would become an outsider be in charge?” Ah Kang said with a smile.

“Yeah, most of the candidates are only inserted into the list for consideration’s sake, so now, I look forward to the position that Third Uncle will arrange for Fourth Sister.”

“Let’s wait and see!” Ah Kang chuckled and responded.

“By the way, Missus, I heard someone said before this that Mr. Fujiwara is coming over. I think Song Siting won’t let the opportunity slip this time. So, shall we…”

“Don’t act rashly. It’s a critical period, so let’s take a step back and monitor the situation first. Fujiwara is also not someone with whom we can afford to go head to head, so let’s take a look first. I’m more inclined to know more about Fourth Sister’s life in the past two years.”

“The Fourth Lady has either been teaching at university or went abroad for some archeological excursions. There doesn’t seem to be much action. Furthermore, she had a very indifferent relations.h.i.+p with the family originally, so…” Ah Kang had never paid much attention to Dongfang Liuyun, but now that she was back, he looked into her a little bit more naturally.

Inhaling, Dongfang Rouer thought about it. “You don’t know her. I grew up with her since I was a child, so I know her abilities too well. I heard that she has quite a relations.h.i.+p with President Qi of Tai Yu Corporation. You should know that South River Project No. 1 and 2 are now in the hands of the Glory World Corporation and Tai Yu Corporation, so Qi Lei plays a very important role in those projects. My father has always wanted to secure the interior decorating project of these two undertakings, but now it’s obviously a little difficult as we don’t have a deep connection with them.”

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