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Chapter 997: Two w.a.n.g Yu

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n.o.body needed to further explain how impressive w.a.n.g Yu’s attacking skills were. As w.a.n.g Yu’s signature ultimate move, the attributes of [Thunder G.o.d’s Stomp] was already maximised. As for the level of familiarity, it had already reached an unfathomable level.

Even Guardians and Holy Knights suffered a great hit to their HP, let alone the weaker Archers.

As the lightning ray spread across the crowd, w.a.n.g Yu caused a dazzling white light which shocked those further away.

Everyone had heard rumours of how extraordinary w.a.n.g Yu was and that he was capable of killing people in an instant. When they witnessed it in real life, it was actually more shocking and frightening than the rumours.

There were close to a thousand players below and this fella just jumped down like that. Without mentioning any other points, just his guts alone was not something ordinary people could even dream of having.

Of course, none of the people here were weaklings and everyone’s main objective was still w.a.n.g Yu. Now that they saw who they came for, why would they turn away and run just like War Is Peace did?

“Get out of the way! Get out of the way!”

At this moment, n.o.body knew who shouted what as the agile Archers started spreading out in an attempt to open up their distance with w.a.n.g Yu.

“Trying to run?”

w.a.n.g Yu smiled as he jumped up and executed his [Flaming Tornado Leg].

Hu… Flames flew from w.a.n.g Yu as all Archers within five hundred metres of w.a.n.g Yu was sucked back to his side and kicked into white light.

All the other Archers were busy running away so they didn’t manage to catch how devastating the scene behind them was. However, watching the fight from outside were s.h.i.+vering from their core.

It had only been seconds since w.a.n.g Yu appeared and w.a.n.g Yu only attacked twice… In two moves, he was actually able to take so many lives.

Even though these people kind of looked down on each other, they were still outstanding individuals from each of the major guilds. These people were elite experts whose abilities were not very far from each other.

Even so, w.a.n.g Yu was able to kill so many players in just two moves. This resulted in unprecedented pressure and stress in the hearts of everyone on the scene.

F*ck! Although most of them had weak defences, they refused to die so easily…

They wouldn’t be in such a pathetic state even if they were facing a BOSS, right?

No wonder he is the City Lord of Twilight City… He was indeed as frightening as to how the rumours described.

At this moment, the Archers on the periphery took their chance to attack w.a.n.g Yu. After escaping w.a.n.g Yu’s attack range, they quickly turned around to fire at w.a.n.g Yu.

Earlier on, w.a.n.g Yu was on the roof while all the Archers were below. Therefore, they only had one spot to aim at. Now that all the Archers were surrounding w.a.n.g Yu, arrows flew from all directions towards w.a.n.g Yu.

At a specific timing, w.a.n.g Yu lifted his left hand as his fist set turned into a round s.h.i.+eld. He used it to protect his back while his right hand protected himself by hitting down all the arrows using his sword.

“Dang, dang, dang!”

The sound of arrows. .h.i.tting the s.h.i.+eld never stopped and when people heard this sound, they were pleasantly surprised.

However, when the number of arrows slowly died down, everyone saw how w.a.n.g Yu stood up his s.h.i.+eld and sword and a ground full of arrows. He looked incredibly awe-inspiring!

Looking at a scene like that, everyone’s pleasant surprise turned into daze and then fear.

“What?! He isn’t human!”

Presently, there was only one thought in everyone’s mind.

Besides the ten-plus people who were killed by w.a.n.g Yu’s stomp, there were over hundreds of Archers at the scene. Even though the level of coordination between everyone wasn’t the highest, which human could actually take on the attacks of so many players from all directions?!

One had to admit that sometimes, a powerful display of skills would have a more intimidating effect than actually winning a war.

Fearless planned ahead and managed to deploy an army to obstruct these players but everyone was still eager to give it a try without fear in their hearts. w.a.n.g Yu merely exchanged two blows with these people and everyone was on the verge of having a mental breakdown.

Why wasn’t there a World War 3? It was because of how fearful people were as well as the fact that no one would really emerge victorious in a war. Once the nuclear weapons were brought out, it would ensure destruction.

Seeing how fierce and powerful w.a.n.g Yu was, the fear in the hearts of these players were comparable to those j.a.panese who survived the atomic bomb…

A single w.a.n.g Yu was able to make one thousand enemies swallow their saliva nervously and broke out in cold sweat.

This was especially true for Archers who no longer knew why they were there. made things worse by commenting, “F*ck! Archers can just stop trying… This fella is clearly not afraid of long-ranged attacks!”

“Tsk! If you’re so capable, why don’t you go and try?!” the Archers argued.

“Useless!” The insulted them as they entered [Stealth] mode one after the other.


w.a.n.g Yu smiled as he saw this as he jumped up. While he was in the sky, both his palms faced downwards as a ma.s.sive wave descended from above towards the crowd of players.

At this present moment, everyone thought of the palm art which looked like this…


As the ma.s.sive wave landed on the ground, rays of white light could be seen from the ground.

w.a.n.g Yu flipped as he jumped up once more. He smiled wickedly at the players below him.

“Are you guys still trying to fight him? Hurry up and run!” War Is Peace shouted from across the streets.

If they had a complete set of players with varying jobs here, everyone might be hopeful that they could defeat w.a.n.g Yu. However, they only sent jobs of low health here because they needed to sneak into the city. There were no players in the crowd who could use control skills… w.a.n.g Yu was capable of killing from a distance as well as from close range. Every move from w.a.n.g Yu had the power to kill anyone of them instantly so how could they possibly think of defeating him?

Looking at the way w.a.n.g Yu smiled, the fear in everyone’s heart reached the maximum. Everyone turned and ran away when they heard War Is Peace’s comments without caring about anything else. and Archers were all nimble jobs so they were not going to lose to anyone on a foot race. It was indeed a rare sight to see so many players running off the streets like wild dogs on the loose.

Just when they ran towards the corner of the streets, they heard an ‘Eh’ from War Is Peace.

Everyone turned to look at the same direction and they almost fell to the ground when they saw what happened.

w.a.n.g Yu was leaning against the wall right in front of War Is Peace and even digging his nose as if he had been waiting for him for a long time.

“No… No way… Isn’t he a Pugilist? How can he run so fast?”

As they saw w.a.n.g Yu in front of them, there was no longer a need to talk about their current state of mind.

In terms of running capabilities, and Archers were better than anyone else. However, this person in front of them had basically undermined the system’s settings!

Just when everyone was in shock, War Is Peace sized w.a.n.g Yu up before staring at w.a.n.g Yu’s chest. He furrowed his brows and suddenly pointed at w.a.n.g Yu, who wasn’t far away, “Everyone, don’t be afraid! This is a fake!”

“Eh?” ‘w.a.n.g Yu’ was slightly taken aback as he smiled and said, “Hey, hey, you are quite a genius!”

“Slaughter him!”

War Is Peace couldn’t be bothered with the fake w.a.n.g Yu’s ridicule as he shouted and charged right towards him.

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