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Chapter 1512: ‘Hiring’ Helpers

“Oh? You have an idea?”

w.a.n.g Yu’s eyes lit up as he asked.

“En!” Meng Xi replied, “Look for others for help!”


w.a.n.g Yu sent a middle finger emoji and said, “Can you tell me something that is actually useful? Where am I supposed to get help in this foreign land? Unless you want me to head over to Twilight City now to get you reinforcements?”

Meng Xi responded faintly, “Distant water does not cure present thirst! If we need help, we naturally have to find the closest ones we can get!”

“The closest?” w.a.n.g Yu pondered for a moment, “You’re talking about Ancient Empire?”

Even though this Wild City was much larger than Forgotten City, it remained extremely hard for smaller guilds to develop with a ma.s.sive figure like Ancient Empire around. Therefore, the only one which could help w.a.n.g Yu had to be Ancient Empire.

However, the Quan Zhen Sect was not friends with Ancient Empire. In fact, they even had some enmity from a long time ago so why would they help him at a time like this?

For money?

Not likely! Why would the number one guild in the country care about an insignificant sum like this?

“That’s right!” Meng Xi continued, “You can invite them over now.”

“Stop fooling around! I can kill them easily but how am I supposed to invite them over?”

“Hehe!” Meng Xi smiled wickedly, “You’ve already suggested the idea yourself! Kill a few of them and the rest of them will chase after you!”

“I…” w.a.n.g Yu was speechless.

Why was this lady’s character so familiar? It was no wonder the Sacred Hall Squad could match the Quan Zhen Sect so well when he wasn’t around. Evidently, this lady was just as treacherous as Fearless. The only difference was that this lady constantly maintained her elegance and grace in everything that she did. On the other hand, Fearless was much more shameless and despicable than her.

“And they will obediently follow me across the country’s border?” w.a.n.g Yu continued questioning her.

The country’s boundary was not just the boundary between Forgotten City and Wild City but also the border between two countries. The players from Ancient Empire had never been the most enthusiastic about killing people in their country, let alone crossing the country’s border to kill someone in Forgotten City.

Even though the two cities were merely one border apart, starting a fight there could be considered starting an international fight.

International war was not a small matter. Losing the war would not only cause the players to lose their city as they would be required to pay compensation as well. The greater tragedy was that it would be announced across the entire country’s server.

In this day and age, the national pride of these players were incredibly strong.

It would be great if they won the war because they would become national heroes. If they lost, it didn’t matter if they tried their best because they would, ultimately, be ridiculed by other experts as useless and incompetent.

Ancient Empire had always been the gold standard of a guild in the Chinese gaming world and they were an iconic guild of the country.

The greater the reputation, the greater the pressure. The consequence of losing was simply too horrible to contemplate.

It wasn’t as though the two parties had some deep-rooted rivalry of any sorts. Why should they risk starting an international war?

Meng Xi replied confidently, “Don’t worry about that! Just do all you can to lure them over and I’ll take care of the rest!”


A person who could think of such a plan must have thought through it properly. Even though w.a.n.g Yu was not exactly a.s.sured with this plan, he chose to trust Meng Xi.

After closing the chat, w.a.n.g Yu headed straight towards the country’s border.

A full-speed w.a.n.g Yu was pretty frightening as it didn’t take long for him to cross the border. He arrived at a fork in the road.

After a few seconds of deep thinking, w.a.n.g Yu did not return to Wild City. Instead, he went to Ethel Mountain Ridge.

Conventionally thinking, equipment were more valuable than a person’s life. Even if w.a.n.g Yu went back to Wild City to kill some people, n.o.body would be bothered with him.

But it was different for Ethel Mountain Ridge.

According to A Thousand Old Blossoms, Ethel Mountain Ridge was the place where Ancient Empire grind for equipment. Naturally, there were going to be a decent number of players there. If he killed people there and s.n.a.t.c.hed their equipment, he was bound to be chased to the ends of the world.

Moments later, w.a.n.g Yu arrived at Ethel Mountain Ridge.

Indeed, this was the treasured land of equipment for the Ancient Empire’s players just like A Thousand Old Blossoms mentioned. In this piece of mountain ridge alone, there were over three-four hundred players.

A size like that was equivalent to a small guild.

Presently, the Ancient Empire’s players were surrounding an enormously white ape BOSS. A few hundred of them were attacking the BOSS orderly and they worked incredibly well together.

The white ape BOSS was crying out helplessly as it was unable to fight back at all.

Under the attack of a few hundred players, the BOSS’s health decreased gradually and was eventually left with a thin layer of HP.

“It seems like this is where I intervene! I’m sorry, brothers, but please do not blame me for doing so.”

w.a.n.g Yu muttered to himself before flying towards the top of the white ape.

Ancient Empire was indeed a peak grade guild in the country. The way they took on a BOSS was extremely professional. Not only were they proficient in their attacks, they even had players on sentry duties by the side.

Just when the majority of players were attacking the BOSS, some spotted a black figure flying towards it and shouted, “Not good! Someone is trying to s.n.a.t.c.h the BOSS!”

Before everyone could react to the words of the sentry, w.a.n.g Yu’s [Shadows Chain Kick] already landed firmly on the white ape BOSS’s face.


A ma.s.sive red damage number appeared and the BOSS’s HP decreased significantly.

At the sight of this, the Ancient Empire’s players were stunned. The leader even pointed at w.a.n.g Yu and said, “F*ck! Where did this thief come from? And how dare he s.n.a.t.c.h our BOSS? Does he not know we are the Ancient Empire! Everyone, quickly start attacking! Do not let him get the final blow!”

After a few major updates, the mechanism of a BOSS in <> had changed.

For wild BOSSes, the person who landed the final blow would not only obtain 50% of the experience and would even be rewarded with all authority and access to the items dropped by the BOSS.

Everyone worked hard throughout the day and finally tortured this BOSS to death so how could they be willing to give it up to someone else?

After hearing the command, everyone increased the speed and frequency of their attacks.


At this moment, w.a.n.g Yu snapped his finger and sounded, “Break!”


The white ape BOSS’s head exploded and turned into white light.


A pile of sparkling equipment dropped from the air onto the ground.

Timing himself perfectly, w.a.n.g Yu charged forward and grabbed everything on the ground with both his hands.


The Ancient Empire’s players were truly infuriated when they saw this.

Because everyone was so focused on killing the BOSS, they weren’t paying attention to w.a.n.g Yu which gave him the opportunity to do what he did. If he merely took away the 50% experience, that was still forgivable. After all, 50% experience split with so many players around was certainly not significant. However, s.n.a.t.c.hing and keeping all the equipment to himself in front of so many of them was simply not right.

One must know that w.a.n.g Yu was s.n.a.t.c.hing the equipment in front of so many players from the number one guild in the country. It was simply a joke to think that they would let him off just like that.

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