Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Chapter 753 - : Started Shooting the Movie (3) – Part 2

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam -

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Chapter 753: Started Shooting the Movie (3) – Part 2

Gun-Ho had his lunch in the cafeteria located in the second factory. Many workers there were new, and many of them didn’t recognize Gun-Ho. Most of them were just looking at him vacantly.

There were a few management people who recognized Gun-Ho though, and when they spotted him in the cafeteria, they came to greet him. The kitchen lady, who was serving fish dishes, didn’t seem to recognize Gun-Ho either. She kept glancing at him.

“Thank you for your service here,” Gun-Ho said to her.

“Huh? Oh, okay.”

The lady seemed to think that Gun-Ho was just a visitor since he was not wearing the company uniform. Gun-Ho was wearing a neat and luxurious business suit with a dazzlingly white s.h.i.+rt. He could be an executive officer from a vendor company or the governmental office, who came to visit the factory. When someone recognized Gun-Ho and addressed him as Mr. President, the kitchen lady was startled. She quickly placed two grilled fish on a plate and brought it over to Gun-Ho’s table.

“Sir, I’m so sorry that I didn’t recognize you earlier.”

“Huh? Oh, that’s okay. No worries. Today’s soup is really good.”

When Gun-Ho talked to the kitchen lady with a smile, she looked happy, and she went back to the kitchen feeling relieved. There was a manager who came to the cafeteria for late lunch. When he saw Gun-Ho having lunch there, he came to join Gun-Ho at the table.

“Sir, you are having lunch here today?”

“Yes. I wanted to compare the food and place with the one at our first factory.”

“The food must be the same since the same nutritionist for the first factory gives instructions about the food selection here as well.”

“Hmm, I see.”

The words about Gun-Ho having his lunch at the cafeteria right now were spread out so quickly among the production workers at the second factory. A lady worker brought a cup of water to Gun-Ho’s table, and another worker brought him a paper tissue.

“Thank you.”

Gun-Ho thanked those people with a smile.

On the way back to the first factory in his car, Gun-Ho received a message through the KakaoTalk app from Director Woon-Hak Sim. He sent Gun-Ho a photo. It was a photo of Mori Aikko sitting under a banner during the press conference.

“I guess they are doing the movie production presentation.”

Mori Aikko was sitting with other actors and actresses. They must be the ones who would work with Mori Aikko for the movie. At that moment, Gun-Ho’s cell phone started ringing. It was Director Woon-Hak Sim.

“Did you receive my KakaoTalk message, sir?”

“Yes, I just saw it.”

“The press conference just ended. There were tons of journalists who came to see our movie production presentation. They all talked about how beautiful Mori Aikko is. It seems that Mori Aikko is now more popular than any Chinese top stars, at least in China.”

“Haha, you are exaggerating, but that sounds good.”

“The journalists actually showed more interest in Mori Aikko as an individual rather than the movie.”

“Why is that?”

“Maybe because she is a dancing geisha. Their questions addressed to Mori Aikko were all focused on that isolated topic. They asked questions such as what is required to be a geisha; how much a geisha is making; if geisha has to do things that a customer asks her to do; where did she learn how to dance, etc.”

“Hmm, really?”

“One of the journalists even prepared a j.a.panese music with a melody played with the j.a.panese traditional musical instrument— Shamisen, and requested Mori Aikko to show them her dancing along with the music. That journalist was so persistent in asking her to dance that Mori Aikko eventually demonstrated a geisha’s dance for almost three minutes.”

“Ha, really?”

“People loved her dance fervently. They let out a whoop and clapped indefinitely. I’m so waiting for the newspaper to come out this evening. It’s going to be very interesting.”


“Our movie depicts a beautiful j.a.panese girl falling in love with a Chinese man. I’m certain that it will make Chinese people feel great. Many Chinese people show a sense of inferiority over j.a.pan, and they will definitely like the story about a j.a.panese girl loving a Chinese man. I guarantee that this movie will be a huge success in China.”

“I see. Well, you did a great job today. So, they are going to start shooting the movie right away?”

“Yes, sir. Mori Aikko wants to go back to j.a.pan for a short period of time. Once she comes back, we will start shooting the movie.”

“Sounds good.”

Gun-Ho’s Bentley was pa.s.sing Eumbong Town, Cheonan City, heading to Youngin Town in Asan City where Dyeon Korea was located. At that moment, he received a call from Seukang Li in Shanghai City.

“President Goo? How have you been?”

“Oh, Director Li.”

“I went to the movie production presentation for Menghuan Yinghua today. Tons of journalists came to see the presentation.”

“I just received a report about it.”

“I just wanted to thank you for investing in this movie, and also for your investment in Antang City’s terminal project. Since you’ve invested so much in China, I feel like I have to give you an award or something on behalf of China.”

“Haha, don’t be silly. I’m just hoping that the movie is a jackpot.”

“I was told that you introduced that gorgeous j.a.panese actress to the production company. Where did you find that fairy?”

“I saw her dancing when I went to a public event in Kyoto. I recommended her for the movie because I knew her dance is really good.”

“That is it? Is there something that you are not telling me? Maybe she is in a close relations.h.i.+p with you, huh?”

“I’m just her Fensi (fan).”

“Is that right?”

Gun-Ho arrived at Dyeon Korea. There was a machine wrapped in a box in the front yard. Looking at the huge box, Gun-Ho thought that the machine probably came with a lot of accessories. At that moment, Manager Hee-Yeol Yoo came out to the yard and greeted Gun-Ho.

“Huh? Mr. Manager Yoo! When did you come back from China?”

“I arrived in Korea yesterday, sir.”

“What’s inside that box?”

“The machine no. 3 and no. 4 are in the box. We dismantled them into pieces to pack them in a box.”

“Why did we do that?”

“We are sending those two machines to India.”

“I thought we would send the newly built machines by GH Mobile.”

“We just wanted to make sure that India location receives perfectly working machines. We are sending two machines that were originally from Lymondell Dyeon and another two machines that are built by GH Mobile, just like we did for our China location.”

“Hmm, I see.”

“And, two newly built machines by GH Mobile will be installed in the locations where the machine no. 3 and no. 4 previously were.”

“Hmm, sounds good.”

“And, I wanted to ask you about this, sir. Once we s.h.i.+p these machines to our factory in India, we will need to send someone to the location to train the local workers. Are you thinking of sending me and Manager Ahn from the maintenance team again, as we did in China?”

“That’s the plan. I believe you two are the perfect people for the job.”

“The thing is that Manager Ahn’s mother is in a nursing home, and she is seriously ill right now. They are not sure how long she would live. So, I was thinking that we should let Manager Ahn stay in Korea, so he could be close to his mother. Instead, what if we send Director Jong-Suk Park to India with me?”

“Director Jong-Suk Park? But, Director Park is an employee of GH Mobile, not Dyeon Korea.”

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