You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 846 - Trip to Hainan (10)

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Chapter 846: Trip to Hainan (10)

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There was no suspense, this game was theirs to win.

Any ordinary player would look merely decorative next to an outstanding gamer like Shen Liangchuan.

In the end, when the huge announcement that they had won flashed across the screen, even Shen Zihao felt the exhilaration and ecstasy. There was already pa.s.sion flowing in his blood.

He saw the light in Shen Liangchuan’s eyes.

It felt like years ago, when he would go to school with his big brother. Walking beside him would always, without fail, give him a sense of pride.

He still remembered that every time the teacher in school mentioned outstanding students who had graduated, his big brother’s name would inevitably come up.

His pride came from being Shen Liangchuan’s little brother, and all his cla.s.smates envied him for having such a great big brother.

Their family…

He, his big brother and Mom… they had once been so happy together.

Actually, it wasn’t like he had thought.

Mom and Big Brother hadn’t really abandoned him.

Like just now.

Big Brother had not intended to attack, but because he had shouted “Kill him!,” Shen Liangchuan had charged at the opponents, which had been a slight error. Or it would also be right to say that if the opponents had been a little quicker, he wouldn’t have been able to escape.

The truth was that his big brother still doted on him, like he did when they were young.

He seldom rejected his little brother’s requests.

Shen Zihao fell silent as these thoughts played in his mind. He lowered his gaze.

On the other hand, the cousin had already tossed his cell phone aside. “Hahahaha! They have admitted defeat! That Warm My Heart has changed his id. Brother Shen Liangchuan, you’re too awesome! Not only are you a celebrity, you’re a star gamer.”

Shen Liangchuan’s smile was barely visible and he kept silent.

That look… It was as though he was some expert from out of this world.


Shen Zihao snorted icily to himself.

That annoying smug look that his big brother had since they were young… he may look indifferent, but deep down inside he liked being praised.

Wasn’t that a slight smile on his face?

But Shen Zihao didn’t realize that his own lips had turned upwards, in a barely visible smile as well.

It was obvious from the expression on his face, as he looked at his big brother, that he no longer held any hostility towards the man.

As though the chasm between them for the last eight years had finally narrowed a little.

After lunch, all of them stayed to chat till night time, and they were again invited to stay for dinner.

It was already around 10 p.m. when Shen Liangchuan and Qiao Lian left.

But the nightlife was full of life in Hainan.

Hence at this hour of the night, there was still a bustling crowd out on the streets.

As they were about to leave, Qiao Lian glanced at Shen Zihao and Xia Nuannuan, and then also at Xia Yehua. She said, “Zihao, Nuannuan, we’ve planned to go to the beach tomorrow. Why don’t you come along?”

In the past, Shen Zihao would have snorted coldly at that idea and given a disdainful expression.

Or he would have even felt abandoned by the three of them.

But now, before he could say a word, Xia Nuannuan quickly agreed, “Sure! As your local host, I’ll make sure you enjoy.”

After saying this, she shot Shen Zihao a look and asked, “Would that be okay?”

Shen Zihao looked at all of them and said to Xia Nuannuan, “You’ve already agreed, what else can I say?”

Although his tone was gruff, everyone found his arrogant expression funny.

After a long and enjoyable day with the Xia family, the three headed back to the hotel.

As they were on their way, Xia Yehua remarked, “Nuannuan’s parents are really understanding people. No wonder they brought up their child to be such a pleasing young lady. Zihao is a lucky man!”

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