You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 505 - Liangchuan Is Zi Chuan! (5)

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Chapter 505: Liangchuan is Zi Chuan! (5)

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Qiao Lian paused for a moment and looked around. She noticed at once that… The G.o.dfather and The Deputy G.o.dfather both had tiny blisters on their scorched hands. There was no way they could continue taking part in the compet.i.tion.

Qiao Lian clenched her fingers into a tight fist with fury, her eyes reddened as well.

This Purple Fairy was downright evil!

She took a deep breath and said immediately, "We can't continue with the compet.i.tion. The G.o.dfather and The Deputy G.o.dfather, you have to go to the hospital immediately to get your injuries treated! Any more delay may result in an infection, and that could possibly affect the finger joints."

She immediately looked at Su Penghao. The back of his hands were red, but at least there was no blistering.

Although for sure, he would have been in great pain.

The G.o.dfather and The Deputy G.o.dfather were in so much agony that their faces had turned pale. The moment they heard Qiao Lian's words, they quickly protested, "But the match coming up…"

After this, they would be fighting the other team that lost in the first round, and if they lost the game again, they would be eliminated.

At this point, Qiao Lian clenched her fists tightly.

They must not lose.

This was only an urban district tournament; there was the national tournament and then the international tournament.

They had only just begun, how could they stop here?

But now they were two players down. And Su Penghao's hands were injured too, which would affect his playing…

It meant that for the rest of the match, Su Penghao could no longer use the critical champions.

Qiao Lian bit her lip and after a moment, she said, "I'll play!"

Upon hearing this, the team members simultaneously turned to look at her.

They wanted to speak but at this point of time, there wasn't much left to be said.

Once that decision had been made, Qiao Lian felt relieved.

She said as she warmed up her wrists with a little exercise, "I've watched you guys play often enough to understand your style. I'll try my best to fit in."

Lonely Peerless said, "But we're still missing one player."

Qiao Lian frowned.

That's right, they needed one more player.

As she was trying to figure out a solution for this, Su Penghao spoke. "Best Actor Shen, can you play?"

On this note, everyone turned simultaneously to look at Shen Liangchuan.

Although Shen Liangchuan had not yet recovered from his injury, his fingers' mobility hadn't been affected.

He narrowed his eyes on hearing Su Penghao's suggestion.

He had come a long way to resolve the problems caused by Song Yuanxi, so he thought that from then on, he could bury the incident from eight years ago forever. He thought that those worries were now behind him.

But if he were to play in this match… What if Xiao Qiao discovered he was Zi Chuan?

He turned to look at all these earnest faces in the room.

The G.o.dfather and The Deputy G.o.dfather had persisted in playing despite their injuries and pain.

And so many eSports fans… They all took him back to a time eight years ago, when he himself had been a pa.s.sionate youth.

They must not be eliminated.

Because this team carried the hopes and dreams that both he and Xiao Qiao had had.

He hung his head and nodded. "Okay."

The number of players was confirmed, so The G.o.dfather and The Deputy G.o.dfather then left for the hospital.

The next round of matches had begun.

All players were in their position.

Qiao Lian looked at her own hands as she practiced high-speed moves.

Although she had previously played with Shen Liangchuan on a mobile game, this time it was on the computer and it was very different.

She wondered about Shen Liangchuan's playing style.

As this thought crossed her mind, she s.h.i.+fted the screen display to Shen Liangchuan's champion.

While doing this, she saw one of the enemy's champions was about to descend from the tower to attack, and he was aggressive.

She had initially thought that Shen Liangchuan would be killed, but unexpectedly… there was a dramatic flash. He avoided the attack and immediately he turned around… to counter-attack.

Shen Liangchuan scored a kill!

Qiao Lian's hands froze and her pupils shrank immediately.

That playing style… It was Zi Chuan!

Shen Liangchuan… Zi Chuan… All of a sudden, her mind went blank.

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