You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 770 - He Is Soul Fighter (4)

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Chapter 770: He Is Soul Fighter (4)

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After hearing his words, Shen Liangchuan finally reacted and he introduced her to Senior Master, “Her name is Qiao Lian.”

Then he turned to Qiao Lian and said, “Please, greet Grandad.”

Qiao Lian immediately addressed him obediently, “Happy New Year Grandad. We’re here to pay a New Year visit to you.”

Senior Master smiled and said, “Good, good.”

Then he looked at Butler Cai. “Why are you still standing here? Hurry up and invite Elder Young Master into the room to wait. It’s so cold here!”

Butler Cai smiled and obeyed. “Elder Young Master, please come in with me.”

Old Master spoke, “Let me change my clothes and I’ll come over in a bit. Let’s have a chat.”

His att.i.tude was so nice that it made those present feel like the stern Senior Master was an illusion.

The better Senior Master had treated Shen Liangchuan, the worse Shen Xiu’s expression had become.

Shen Xiu clenched his teeth and said, “Dad—”

Before he could finish his words, Senior Master didn’t bother with him at all and directly walked into the courtyard.

Shen Xiu’s face immediately turned pale.

He had received a completely different treatment.

Even as his blood-related son and Shen Liangchuan’s father, Senior Master never said anything about the outdoors being cold and asking him to wait inside when he arrived.

This place was clearly his house, the place where he had grown up.

But every time he came, he was treated like a guest. He had to listen to the instructions of others.

And Shen Liangchuan?

Shen Xiu frowned.

Butler Cai didn’t bother about him as well. He looked at Shen Liangchuan and Qiao Lian and said, “We knew that you were coming, so we prepared the Rolling Donkey sweets that you loved to eat when you were young. Young Madam isn’t from Beijing, right? Have you eaten the traditional Rolling Donkey before? Do you want to try it?”

His words moved Shen Liangchuan slightly. Shen Liangchuan took a glance at Qiao Lian before nodding and saying, “Ok.”

Then they entered the room.

Although it was a single-storey house, it was really warm inside as the heater was really strong.

Qiao Lian and Shen Liangchuan sat on the sofa in the living room and looked around.

The furnis.h.i.+ng in this room was very different from the outside.

She thought that it would have an ancient vibe, but instead the furniture inside was really modernized.

In no time, Butler Cai entered with the Rolling Donkey sweets.

Shen Liangchuan picked up a piece and pa.s.sed it to Qiao Lian, saying, “Try it. It tastes different from the ones they sell outside.”

Rolling Donkey was a famous dessert in Beijing, but it actually didn’t taste very nice when eating it.

However, the Rolling Donkey the Shen family had was crystal clear and it made people want to eat it.

She immediately praised it after eating a mouthful.

After she had eaten two pieces of the Rolling Donkey, Senior Master had finished changing and he walked in with Shen Xiu and a bunch of people.

Shen Liangchuan and Qiao Lian hurriedly stood up.

Senior Master took a glance at them and immediately spoke, “Yes, actually my purpose of asking you to come today is because I wanted to say that, since Liangchuan has already grown up, let bygones be bygones. Liangchuan, you can return home.”

After hearing his words, Shen Xiu immediately shouted, “No way!”

Senior Master’s gaze turned to him at once..

The other words Shen Xiu wanted to say got stuck in his throat as he inhaled deeply and said, “Dad, he is my son and I should have the power to decide. Eight years ago, this guy went against his seniors in the family. And he is actually an actor now! It will make the Shen family lose face if we allow him back.”

Shen Xiu kept repeating the fact that he was an actor and even Qiao Lian got annoyed from hearing it. She was so angry that she clenched her fist. Artists now were obviously different from the actors back in the days. He was just putting Shen Liangchuan down on purpose!

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