You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 723 - Best Actor Shen Slaps Himself! (3)

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Chapter 723: Best Actor Shen Slaps Himself! (3)

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Upon saying this, he held up the cell phone for Shen Liangchuan to have a look.

The latter read the screen and raised an eyebrow. He then held the phone out to Lu Nanze.

At a glance, he saw that Yuxiu Gardens had become a trending topic on Weibo’s property site.

Lu Nanze had made a big deal of the whole matter and today, it finally showed the outcome of his efforts.

Their small district would be turned into an upscale district.

They had just released the plans for the remodeled district on the Internet, and it would be an elegant neighbourhood. Besides, it had a convenient location, hence, if property prices were to go up, the location’s prices would skyrocket.

Real Estate was the country’s most renowned real estate company, and they had already signed an agreement.

They had also chosen the country’s most well-reputed factories to supply their building materials.

In addition, they had secured the services of the best construction teams of the area. There was no reason for concern in terms of the development’s quality.

Notwithstanding, they had even secured the services of a geomancy expert to survey the location.

The well-known geomancer announced that this piece of land was virtually a gold mine, but the disaster years ago had probably happened because the ‘yang’ energy of this place was too powerful.

Hence, they were advised to build a river through the district to put the energy under control.

The terrain and shape of the garden to be constructed eventually would resemble the auspicious shape of a cornucopia.

All at once, it refuted every fault that Lu Nanze had picked on the development project to make things difficult.

Best Actor Shen, being in the entertainment sector, on the other hand, was an expert in fielding difficult questions and sneaky attacks.

Lu Nanze had chosen to manipulate public opinion as an attack strategy, but he had all along been playing Shen Liangchuan’s game.

And now, most of the comments on Weibo showed interest in buying Shen Liangchuan’s properties. People wanted to know when the construction would begin.

From an abandoned site that no one wanted, Yuxiu Gardens had suddenly become a hot property that everyone became interested in.

The workers at the site were even calling to ask, “Mr. Song, when will the presales commence? Are there any news? A crowd turned up today and they were all asking about the presales.”

Song Cheng looked at Shen Liangchuan with a questioning expression.

Unhurriedly, Shen Liangchuan said, “In three months.”

Prices would be skyrocketing crazily in the next two months and it should stabilize after that.

In half a year, the real estate boom would die down.

Hence, if he started selling the property in three months, he would catch a golden opportunity in terms of timing.

However, what no one had expected was that the housing prices would rise this much.

In three months, it would be around 50% higher.

Those who returned the unit all came back, pleading to get back their properties at the original price, regretting every bit of the decision they had made back then.

As for Shen Liangchuan, the development project would pave the way to the highest echelons in the business world.

Of course, this was besides the point.

After dismissing a gloomy Lu Nanze, Qiao Lian felt as though justice had finally been served.

After feeling the frustration of being oppressed by the man all this time, they had succeeded at last.

Once all the matters were settled, things moved along as they should.

And this ended the saga in Suzhou.

The only remaining matter was the cause of Qiao Lian’s parents’ death years ago and the matter concerning those low-priced building materials. It was challenging to find an entry point for investigation.

The steel bars they had procured were problematic and had made the building collapse. The manufacturer of the steel bars, however, had gone broke at that time and the leaders of the company had all disappeared.

This would take time and effort to investigate.

So for now, the both of them had free time on their hands.

Suzhou was near Hengdian so, on this particular day, they both decided to visit the set of Ambition.

On the way there, Qiao Lian thought of s.h.i.+ Nianyao and gave her a call. “Are you in Hengdian?”

“Yes, I am,” s.h.i.+ Nianyao said with a lackl.u.s.ter tone.

Surprised by the lack of enthusiasm, Qiao Lian asked, “What’s the matter?”

Sighing, the girl replied, “Say, what do you think is wrong with my male idol? He’s been blowing hot and cold all this time.”

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