You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 680 - Public Display of Love: Forget Chuan is Mrs. Shen (25)

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Chapter 680: Public Display of Love: Forget Chuan is Mrs. Shen (25)

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Lu Nanze squinted his eyes and stared at the livestreaming screen.

The camera focused on Qiao Lian and her countenance appeared on the screen clearly.

Compared to eight years ago, her face had become even more beautiful as she grew up.

At this moment, her smile was poised and dignified. However, it also carried along a reserved femininity.

She smiled to the reporters every time they asked her a question.

Yet Lu Nanze could tell that she was nervous.

Her hands were at her sides and she was clutching onto the lower hem of her jacket.

This was something she always did when she is nervous.

All of a sudden, Lu Nanze recalled the past…

They were around 15 years old then. They were requested to perform an act when they were in high school.

As everyone else came from rich families, they tend to be talented and gifted.

Qiao Lian was the only one who didn’t have any skills, as she had been spoiled since young.

Their small group gathered to discuss what they should perform, and the spoiled girl declared loudly, “I don’t care, but I want to be in the limelight!”

Hence, the boys modestly gave in to her and let her be in the limelight.

Qiao Lian was very talented in dancing. She was actually very smart and could pick up new skills easily.

It didn’t take long for them to prepare the performance. However, during the last rehearsal, Qiao Lian, who had been all along fearless, felt slightly nervous.

Lu Nanze asked her, “Why are you feeling nervous?”

Qiao Lian replied, “There are so many people seated down there that will watch me, how can I not feel nervous?”

Lu Nanze smiled and comforted her, “Just picture the audience as cabbages and smile when you are dancing. When you feel nervous, smiling can not only make you feel calmer and more composed, but can also show your graciousness.”

It suddenly dawned on Qiao Lian.

From then onwards, Qiao Lian never forgot to smile when she faced the media.

However, after a while, Lu Nanze realized she did this when she was nervous.

At this thought, Lu Nanze could not help but curve his lips upward.

After so many years of not seeing each other, Qiao Lian had not changed at all—it was her old self.

As he was thinking of this, he saw from the live streaming screen that Sheng Liangchuan seemed to have realized that Qiao Lian was nervous. Thus, he suddenly reached out his hand and held Qiao Lian’s shoulder.

This display of affection triggered a buzz in the reporters.

One after another, they raised their cameras and started taking pictures rapidly.

But his Qiao Lian…. slowly calmed down under Shen Liangchuan’s protective gesture.

Her smile became more genuine and relaxed.

Lu Nanze’s irises shrunk and he clenched his fist.

He stared at Sheng Liangchuan’s hand on Qiao Lian’s shoulder, eyes s.h.i.+ning with bloodthirst.

After which, a crack was heard. The gla.s.s cup he was holding in his hand had shattered loudly into pieces.

He did not complain or respond, even though the gla.s.s shards had pierced into his skin.

“Second Brother!”

At that moment, Qiao Yiyi had entered the room carrying tea. Upon noticing his state, she was shocked and rushed to his side. She kneeled down beside him, and her heart ached when she looked at his bleeding hand. She immediately opened his hands with utmost care and realized that many of the gla.s.s shards had already pierced into his skin.

Qiao Yiyi bit her lips and her eyes reddened. However, her eye irises shrunk suddenly when she saw Qiao Lian on the screen.

Qiao Lian, it was her again.

It wasn’t surprising, though. It seemed that in this world, Qiao Lian was the only person who could cause her Second Brother to lose control of his emotions.

Qiao Yiyi clenched her teeth tightly with anger.

It had been so many years. She was the one who had stayed by her Second Brother’s side, she was the one who had never stopped thinking about him!

Yet why was she still not worth any s.p.a.ce in her Second Brother’s heart?

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