You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 640 - Sowing Seeds of Discord (10)

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Chapter 640: Sowing Seeds of Discord (10)

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Shen Zihao was still sitting in the garden when Xia Nuannuan arrived. He sat alone, shrouded by the darkness around him, as though abandoned by the world.

It was a cold night.

He hadn’t realized that it had started to snow.

His hair and eyebrows were dusted with a thin layer of white powder.

Like a frozen snowman.

She remembered the man who had once been insufferably arrogant, who had carried her out of the Glitter Club and had also told the general manager not to make things difficult for her. As she looked at this same man, who was before her now, Xia Nuannuan felt a sort of pain in her heart.

She walked closer and called quietly, “Mr. Shen?”

At the sound of her voice, he snapped out of his dazed state and came back to his senses. Slowly, he moved his frozen neck and his gaze focused when he saw her. “You’re here.”

Xia Nuannuan nodded.

As a medical staff, she was good at taking care of people.

She walked up to him and reached out to touch the back of his hands. They were icy cold and must have stiffened due to it.

She looked at him again.

He must have left the business function without his jacket.

He was wearing a s.h.i.+rt and a woolen pullover in this chilly wind. Moreover, he had been up and having a tough time all night.

His whole body was freezing, without a trace of warmth.

Her pupils shrank after she felt how cold his hands were. “Mr. Shen, you have to drink some hot water quickly.”

Fortunately, she had bought some hot soy milk when she saw a stall opening for breakfast on her way to the hospital.

She placed the hot soy milk on the stone table by the side. As she reached out to insert the straw into the cup, something tightened around her waist.

She froze and then felt someone leaning up against her.

Her body stiffened and she turned her head slowly.

She saw that Shen Zihao was embracing her waist, like a drowning person holding onto the last piece of wood that could keep him afloat. He had rested his head against her waist, so she wasn’t able to turn around.

She heard his voice, which was weak and thin. He asked, “Is she going to die?”

Xia Nuannuan’s eyes suddenly stung when she heard those words. At once, her eyes were watery.

She bit her lip and said, “No, she won’t, Mr. Shen—”

“What would happen to me if she died?”

His question caused her to choke with emotions. “Where is Aunt Xia?”

“In the intensive care unit.”

“Let’s go and see her, ok?” she tried to convince him.

Shen Zihao paused. Perhaps he had been sitting out for too long and had lost his clarity—or perhaps he just needed to talk to someone badly. He made no attempt to hide his vulnerability and said, “I don’t dare to go in.”


He had no courage to go.

The moment the Critical State Form was issued, he had been overcome by fear.

When the doctor had walked out of the operating room, he had thought that his heart was going to stop.

Shen Xiu had made Xia Yehua angry many times and nothing had happened to her then.

But tonight, Xia Yehua had been this angry and upset because of Shen Zihao.

He had brought this upon his mother.

And this thought kept springing in and filling his head like wild gra.s.s, making him feel terribly lost and helpless.

Xia Nuannuan frowned as she looked at him. After a moment, she continued, “Come with me. I’ll go and see them. After that, I’ll update you. Ok?”

Shen Zihao nodded.

She heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she immediately removed her down jacket and draped it over him, covering his heart-breaking figure.

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