You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 390 - Do You Believe In Me? (20)

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Chapter 390: Do You Believe In Me? (20)

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As Li Rui looked at Shen Liangchuan’s serious expression, reminding him of someone about to charge onto a battlefield, he couldn’t hold back his laughter.

He stood up from his seat and patted Shen Liangchuan on his arm. “I had no idea that this matter had troubled you so deeply.”

Shen Liangchuan lifted his gaze.

Li Rui waved his hand and said, “Let’s sit down and talk.”

Looking uncertain, Shen Liangchuan sat down.

Li Rui said after a deep sigh, “At the time, I didn’t tell you because you were very young… Actually, I never blamed the reporter. In fact, I should thank her.”

His words stunned Shen Liangchuan, who looked at Li Rui, not quite understanding the situation.

Li Rui smiled and just at this point, his current wife walked in with a plate of sliced fruits.

Pointing at the woman, Li Rui said, “Actually, I was the one who purposely gave the information to the young reporter.”

Shen Liangchuan raised an eyebrow and stared at Li Rui in surprise.

He was greatly astounded by this turn of events.

He had it done on purpose?

But why?

As all sorts of questions plagued his mind, Li Rui started explaining, “I had been divorced for three or four years by then, but my ex-wife had insisted on not making it public. As a result, I had to be secretive whenever I was with my wife—we couldn’t even go shopping openly! It was a real burden in our daily lives, to be honest.”

“What’s more, at the time, my agency had disregarded my wishes and signed me up for a role in an idol drama. I was an old man playing the role of an overbearing CEO—it was so inappropriate and affected my image! But my agency just wouldn’t give in.”

Li Rui continued, “These two issues triggered my desire to retire from the scene back them. I took a look at the junior reporter and I could tell at once that the silly young girl was a greenhorn! My girlfriend at the time and I had managed to bluff our way through with so many experienced paparazzi, what was this rookie to us? So I gave her the information on purpose. I also took the chance to retire from the show business and lead a more ordinary life.”

After hearing Li Rui’s explanation, Shen Liangchuan was stunned.

He wanted to give himself a tight slap at this point.

If all this was true, then all the agony of the past two days had been for nothing?

He thought of the harsh words he had said to Qiao Lian, causing her so much guilt and self-blame. Shen Liangchuan started to feel like a sc.u.mbag.

He widened his eyes and stood up with a jolt, frowning deeply.

Then Li Rui added, “Actually, I did come across that young girl again afterwards. Do you remember that incident when you were a supporting actor and the leading actor was jealous of your better acting skills? He had been repeatedly provoking you, so eventually you retaliated and beat him up in the Club. Although the director managed to keep the matter under wraps, you thought that someone had snapped a picture and all of us were prepared for the matter to blow up. However, things went quiet after that and it never surfaced again. Eventually, I recalled seeing that junior reporter at the Club! It’s a very reasonable guess that she had a lot of information about you on hand. However in the last few years, I’ve hardly come across any negative reports written about you.”

Shen Liangchuan froze when he heard this.

He looked up in disbelief.

Five to six years ago, when that male lead had made things difficult for him, Qiao Lian would have been even poorer.

Even though he had not been that popular then, a sensational piece of news like that would have sold without a problem.

But why had she not sold the information about him?

He immediately stood up, as a warm feeling welled up in his heart. “Teacher, I need to leave now.”

He had grossly misunderstood Qiao Lian and he had to look for her.

But unexpectedly as he walked out of the small villa, he saw Qiao Lian at the entrance, surveying the compound.

She was stunned to see him. Then her expression darkened. She turned and started running away.

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