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Chapter 362: She is My Wife! (2)

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So who was Shen Liangchuan really?

Before Qiao Lian could figure this out, Fan Lu started diminis.h.i.+ng her, “What else? She's just a reporter who writes irresponsibly! The article with my name on it was written by her. She's here to ask for my forgiveness. Best Actor Shen, you're a veteran and I'm sure you have a lot of experience in dealing with these liars. What do you say I should do?”

Fan Lu had a smug smile on her face as she said this.

Everyone in the entertainment circle knew that Best Actor Shen hated the paparazzi.

As she didn't want to seem too ruthless in front of Young Master Lu, she conveniently pushed the matter to Best Actor Shen so that he would play the bad guy instead.

She smiled triumphantly at her own brilliant scheme and then gave Qiao Lian a fierce glare. “I was going to let the matter go initially, but what do you know? This reporter has got some guts, even her apology is half-hearted.”

“Best Actor Shen, I know that you and Young Master Lu are good friends. If someone were to write rubbish about me, I wouldn't mind. But because the news report has implications for Young Master Lu, it's a different story. What do you think, Best Actor Shen?”

Fan Lu leaned back and waited to watch the situation unfold.

Young Master Lu quickly interrupted her, “Brother Shen has never liked to get himself involved in such things, why bother him about such a small matter? Let's just ask this junior reporter to leave. Brother Shen, let's sit and have a chat.”

However the next moment, Shen Liangchuan spoke up, “I think…”

The moment he spoke, Young Master Lu paused and suddenly looked pleasantly surprised.

Ever since Shen Liangchuan had left eight years ago, he had not contacted them. But now he seemed to care enough to intervene in this matter.

Fan Lu looked pleasantly surprised as well, completely expecting that Shen Liangchuan was going to give her some suggestions on how to best punish this reporter. However, he said instead, “She didn't write anything untrue.”

As he said this, both Fan Lu and Young Master Lu were stunned and exclaimed, “What?!”

Shen Liangchuan squinted and asked Young Master Lu, “You're not married?”

Failing to see the light, he replied, “Of course I am!”

“So she's not your lover?”

Young Master Lu was flabbergasted.

Fan Lu remained silent.

This whole situation felt a little wrong somehow.

Fan Lu blinked and smiled forcefully. “Best Actor Shen, you can't really put it that way, this is private. How could she put my name in the article? This has serious implications on my reputation. For this reason, I can't be tolerate this matter! But I am a generous person and if she kneels and bows to me to apologize, I'll let it go. What do you think?”

Shen Liangchuan frowned and a cold expression crossed his face.

She wanted Qiao Lian to kneel and bow to her?

In her dreams!

Young Master Lu gulped awkwardly and took a step forward. “Let's not talk about her, she's just a junior reporter. Brother Shen, did you come here alone? You didn't bring Sister-in-law with you? How could you?! You didn't even inform us when you got married and so far, we haven't been introduced to Sister-in-law.”

Young Master Lu said all of this in an attempt to change the topic.

But after he had said this, Shen Liangchuan gave an icy and unexpected reply, “You already know her.”

Young Master Lu was stunned for a moment.

Shen Liangchuan walked up to Qiao Lian and placed his hand on her arm with an expression that made the couple tremble. “Allow me to introduce my wife, Qiao Lian.”

Then to Qiao Lian, he said, “Lu Ming.”

After this simple introduction was made, the room fell completely silent.

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