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Chapter 361: She is My Wife! (1)

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Qiao Lian had come with the intention to try and see how the woman felt.

From Fan Lu's reaction, Qiao Lian realized that she wouldn't get very far.

Since this was the case, there was no point in staying any longer.

She lowered her gaze and turned to leave.

When she had only taken a couple of steps, she heard Fan Lu speak, “If you dare leave, I'll take your news agency to court tomorrow. I'll be asking for a compensation of 2 million dollars! Also, someone's head will roll. You have the guts to write about Lu Shao, you must be out of your mind!”

Every word she said was a threat.

Qiao Lian turned back to look at them and smiled sarcastically. “You're wrong. My article was about you, not Lu Shao. Miss Fan, please don't let public opinion confuse you.”

Even if Su Meimei had dared to make some changes in the draft, she wouldn't have dared to include Lu Shao's name.

Fan Lu frowned and retorted, “How unreasonable can you get? You—”

At this point she turned to look at her lover, stomping her foot. “Lu Shao, look at that! Someone's insulting me right in front of you.”

Lu Shao was calm and stood up as he glanced at Qiao Lian. Following this, he cast his gaze down as though thinking. “This matter—”

Before he could continue, someone came to the door and softly said, “Lu Shao, Mr Shen is here.”

As soon as Lu Shao heard this, he looked up and quickly glanced at the doorway.

Even Fan Lu looked up excitedly and looked in the same direction.

Qiao Lian was stunned for a moment as she turned and saw Shen Liangchuan stride into the private room. He was dressed in a light grey suit and leather shoes.

His large frame was naturally intimidating and the moment he stepped in, his presence was felt.

However it was obvious that when he saw Qiao Lian, he hated briefly. He raised his eyebrows and looked very surprised. Before he could say a word, Lu Shao had dashed over to him, exclaiming, “Brother Shen!”

His voice was full of emotion and excitement, as though he had just spotted his idol. He was entirely different from the calm person he had just been a moment ago.

Shen Liangchuan somehow decided to hold back what he had been about to say before. He looked at Lu Shao and calmly acknowledged him with a mumble.

Lu Shao's eyes were turning slightly red now. “Brother Shen, so many years have pa.s.sed since you last contacted me, I was so sad! When you left just like that, without a word, you didn't you care about the rest of us anymore? We're brothers!”

When Shen Liangchuan heard this, he pursed his lips for a moment and then asked, “So why did you ask me to come here?”

His att.i.tude was a little withdrawn and he kept a distance.

Lu Shao paused for a moment and then sighed heavily. He turned to take a glance at Fan Lu, who looked as though she couldn't wait for her presence to be noticed, and said, “Let me introduce you two. This is—”

“Best Actor Shen, I'm Fan Lu! I'm a supporting actress in the film Ambition. Very soon I'll be working with you, what an honour! I have a lot to learn from you.”

As she said this, she extended her hand to Shen Liangchuan.

Shen Liangchuan did not reply and instead looked at Qiao Lian. “Why are you here?”

At this point, Qiao Lian wanted to laugh.

She had initially thought that there would be no easy solution for the matter between herself and Fan Lu. But who would have guessed that Shen Liangchuan was going to make an appearance?

In addition, it seemed that Lu Shao somehow knew Shen Liangchuan.

Still… Lu Shao was the owner of Lu Enterprise and Shen Liangchuan was only an actor.

Normally, someone like Lu Shao wouldn't bother with celebrities. However, his respectful att.i.tude towards Shen Liangchuan puzzled Qiao Lian.

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