You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 37 - An Inexplicable Sense of Frustration

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Chapter 37: An Inexplicable Sense of Frustration

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She was not back yet?

Could it be that… w.a.n.g Wenhao had discovered her ident.i.ty and she was now in some sort of danger now?

Once the idea popped into his mind, a sense of confusion flashed across the bottom of his heart. He frowned and hurriedly put his half-removed jacket back on. Then, he immediately stepped outside.

He had only taken two steps when he heard his caretaker say, “Sir, where are you going?”

He puckered his lips. Since he did not wish for anyone else to guess his intentions, he said, “I have something to do now.”

Caretaker Li nodded and continued saying, “Oh, Sir, there is something I need to report to you first. Ms. Qiao placed a call to the mansion, saying—”

As Caretaker Li paused for a while, he saw Shen Liangchuan’s harried steps immediately stop. In an unprecedented move, Shen Liangchuan asked the caretaker of his own accord, “What did she say?”

Caretaker Li organised his thoughts and then said, “Ms. Qiao said that her menstrual cycle ended today. So, during this period, she will temporarily stay outside. If she is not pregnant by next month, she will move back here during her ovulation period, just in case…”

Caretaker Li raised his head and snuck a peek at Shen Liangchuan. He then lowered his head again and coughed once.

Shen Liangchuan frowned and said, “Speak up.”

Only then did Caretaker Li feel a.s.sured enough to say, “Just in case you found looking at her vexing.”

Shen Liangchuan coldly swept his eyes across Caretaker Li and said, “Tell me what she said word for word.”

Caretaker Li braced himself and coughed, before saying, “Just in case Mr. Shen would feel like I’m constantly invading his privacy. Given that I am a degenerate that should belong in h.e.l.l, I will not bother him anymore.”

Caretaker Li mimicked her vividly and imitated the cynical tone underlying her words almost to perfection.

Shen Liangchuan didn’t comment.

He had originally thought that she would take things too hard. However, she was clearly well enough to call back and mock him at this moment.

Shen Liangchuan was unable to restrain himself from stroking his forehead.

That’s right, with her stubborn personality, how could she get depressed just because of his words?

Shen Liangchuan took off his jacket and casually pa.s.sed it to Caretaker Li. Then, he turned around and began walking upstairs again.

Caretaker Li asked with uncertainty, “You are no longer going out, Sir?”

Shen Liangchuan softly harrumphed affirmingly and went upstairs.

After he entered the master bedroom, he looked at the tiny gift box in his hand. He threw the gift box into the dressing table’s cabinet only after looking at it for a while.

After he showered, he casually took out a script from his bag and intended to look at it seriously for a bit.

However, for some baffling reason, his head was filled with images of her obstinately lowering her head today and staring at the tattered white dress…

Shen Liangchuan placed his script down and was about to loosen his tie subconsciously, when he realized that he was only wearing a bathing towel after raising his fingers to his neck.

He was clearly not wearing any clothes, yet what could be the cause of this constricted feeling he had?

He slowly looked back at his king-sized bed.

She had only stayed in this room for a couple of days, but at this moment in time, he could actually feel her scent fill the entire room.

The delicate fragrance that could only belong to a young woman floated into his nostrils and made him suddenly realize that his heart was feeling even more stifled.

He turned and entered the bathroom, only coming out of it after taking a cold shower.

He had been affected by sleeping gas today. Shen Liangchuan told himself that the reason why he was unable to relax had to be that the effects of the drug hadn’t subsided yet.

Shen Liangchuan walked over to his bed and laid down. The room became quiet.

However, after a while, he rolled around and pulled out a long strand of hair, which was sitting on top of the bed. It was hers.

Shen Liangchuan suddenly got up, took his cell phone, and placed a call.

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