You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 350 - Mrs Shen’s Identity Has Been Exposed! (10)

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Chapter 350: Mrs Shen’s Ident.i.ty Has Been Exposed! (10)

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As Qiao Lian rushed to the news agency, she still wondered what could have happened.

How had she gotten in trouble?

She frowned as she entered the managing editor’s office. Someone threw a news report directly at her face..

Qiao Lian dodged it and then she saw Liu Zhixing staring at her with exasperation. “You take a look… take a look now. What have you written?!”

Qiao Lian frowned and lowered her head.

It was the article that she had published yesterday. The t.i.tle was “Actress F Suspected To Be Mistress”.

The t.i.tle was not wrong though.

She raised her head in doubt once again and saw that Liu Zhixing was fuming. “You take a look at the content! Starting from the beginning to the end!”

With no other choice, Qiao Lian had to pick up the article and read it. As she was reading it, she suddenly widened her eyes.

In disbelief, she stared intently at the name ‘Fan Lu’.

Fan Lu.

How could this be true?

“It looks as if you don’t even know basic literacy and etiquette as a reporter!! Since when do we include the real name of the person when we post negative articles? You are smearing the reputation of the other party, are you aware of that?!”

Although as a star, one would often be involved in scandals that get leaked, generally speaking reporters would use the first letter of the star’s surname to imply it, instead of using the real name.

Even if there was direct evidence, it could also not be directly spelt out, as this would mean damaging the others’ reputation.

This was the basic etiquette rule that every reporter should know.

So how could she have made such a blunder!?

They had to check the articles they wrote thoroughly after an interview with the other party, before they could post it.


If Fan Lu’s name had only appeared once in the news report, she could probably justify it by saying that it was her mistake. But the whole article was filled with Fan Lu’s name instead!

She frowned and said, “This isn’t—”

Before she could finish her words, Su Meimei’s voice could be heard from the door, “Qiao Lian, what have you done? Do you actually know what the basic literacy and etiquette rules of a reporter are?! Fan Lu’s lawyer came knocking on our door. He wants us to withdraw the article, admit the mistake and apologize publicly. Furthermore, he asked us to pay two million as compensation for the damage caused.”

“Do you know two million means? You are fully held accountable for this matter! What a terrible mistake you’ve made!”

Qiao Lian stared at Su Meimei and then turned around to look at the managing editor.

She suddenly asked, “Su Meimei, is it you who changed the name?”

Only the managing editor had access to the pa.s.sword of the account that she had used to publish the article. Thus if the news report had been tampered with, the only person who would have done could be Su Meimei.

Su Meimei’s pupils shrank immediately. This reaction gave Qiao Lian the certainty that it had been her who had done it.

But instead she said, “Don’t make malicious accusations carelessly! You are the one who made the blunder, and you still want to put the blame on others. What a joke! Say something, Managing Editor.”

Liu Zhixing nodded. “That’s enough! The most important thing now is to salvage the situation. I’ve just contacted Fan Lu’s manager. She said that they will be having dinner at ‘l.u.s.trous’ tonight and they want you to apologize personally at their private room. If she is willing to forgive you and decline the two million compensation, then we shall put this matter aside. However, if she were to insist that you have to pay for the damages, then you will have to shoulder the responsibility yourself! The news agency will definitely not help you pay for the two million.”

When Qiao Lian heard that Liu Zhixing was siding with Su Meimei, she got insanely furious.

She clenched her fists and stood rooted to the spot.

Meanwhile, in another side of the city, Shen Liangchuan received a phone call from Young Master Lu. “Brother Shen, see you at ‘l.u.s.trous’ tonight. I will introduce you to Fan Lu.”

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