You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 345 - Mrs Shen’s Identity has Been Exposed! (5)

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Chapter 345: Mrs Shen’s Ident.i.ty has Been Exposed! (5)

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The members of Team One were exhilarated. Of course, the news report didn’t cover all the details, they had only written that the suspected Mrs Shen had made an appearance.

They did not even mention Shen Liangchuan’s name.

As reporters, they had done this to protect themselves—should there be any errors in the article, it would leave them room to evade full responsibility.


Hence Shen Liangchuan took a pa.s.sive approach to this matter.

Because if he attempted to post any message on Weibo clarifying that Song Yuanxi wasn’t Mrs Shen, then he would be making a mountain out of a molehill. And on top of that, it would embarra.s.s Song Yuanxi, who was trying to make an entry into the entertainment industry.

But if he just left it…

Ultimately, the ideal solution to this matter would probably be getting Song Yuanxi herself to register for a Weibo account and then post a public message clarifying that she was Shen Liangchuan’s sister.

“The necessary checks and approval by Weibo will take a day or two. So we’ll have to wait until then before we can do anything.” Shen Liangchuan added quietly, “I’m sorry if it causes you any sort of grievance for now.”

Qiao Lian kept silent.

Why would she have any grievances about it?

Then she pursed her lips and laughed. “So are you going to compensate me?”

“What do you want?”

Qiao Lian’s gaze roamed around the room as she contemplated what she wanted. Then he whispered into the phone, “How about I pay with my body?”


Qiao Lian was stunned for a moment.

Was Best Actor Shen joking?

In the late afternoon, Shen Liangchuan came by to wait for her as she got out of work.

Coincidentally, she and Su Meimei were sharing the same elevator going down the office building.

Su Meimei asked full of sarcasm, “Qiao Lian, now that Mrs Shen’s ident.i.ty has come to light, I wonder how you feel as a third party?”

Qiao Lian said light-heartedly, “How do you think I should feel?”

Su Meimei sneered, “I pity you, looking at you trying to pretend things are fine. You must be very scared? That Mrs Shen doesn’t look like she comes from an ordinary family.”

Then she bent forward to close the distance between Qiao Lian and herself and said in a venomous whisper, “You’re. Dead. Meat.”

Qiao Lian raised an eyebrow. “Su Meimei, I do have a piece of advice for you: you should worry about yourself more. If you continue poking your nose into others’ business, your Managing Editor might just fly away!”

Su Meimei’s expression changed when she heard this. “What do you mean?”

“What I just said. Literally.”



The elevator chimed and the door slid open. As Qiao Lian walked out of the elevator, she spotted Shen Liangchuan’s car parked by the road.

She walked briskly towards him and got into the car.

When the pa.s.senger seat door was swung open, Su Meimei caught a glimpse of Shen Liangchuan in the driver seat.

At once, anger rose within her and she felt sorry for this Mrs Shen. She narrowed her eyes and clenched her fists.

Qiao Lian, let’s see how long you can keep up your gloating!

When Qiao Lian and Shen Liangchuan got back to the villa, they saw that Xia Yehua and Song Yuanxi were both there.

Song Yuanxi’s eyes and nose were red, apparently from crying.

When Xia Yehua saw Qiao Lian and Shen Liangchuan enter, she was relieved and said helplessly, “You’re finally home, thank goodness. Please come and talk to Yuanxi. The child’s been crying all afternoon.”

The she went on angrily, “G.o.d knows which unethical new agency it was that reported on Yuanxi and Liangchuan! Yuanxi is an innocent victim. This is ridiculous!”

Qiao Lian kept silent.

Song Yuanxi sniffed softly and then sobbed. “Sister-in-law, I didn’t think this would happen. I was too nervous about meeting the film director that day and tripped going up the stairs. Brother Liangchuan merely helped to stop me from falling. And these people are now making groundless accusations…”

As she spoke, she started to cry again.

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