You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 219 - We Will Eventually Be Separated (9)

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Chapter 219: We Will Eventually Be Separated (9)

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After the compet.i.tion ended, there was a long silence in the group.

No one spoke, as everyone was shocked by their opponents’ teamwork and control.

Next, they saw the provocative messages sent by the enemy team on the game’s interface.

[“How was it? It was such an unexpected loss, wasn’t it?”]

[“You are too weak to go on bragging about how powerful you are as an opponent!”]

[“Are all the gamers from your country only at this level?”]

Qiao Lian caught the opponent’s last line quick-wittedly. Reaching out her hands to type a few words, she asked,

[“All of you are foreigners?”]

As soon as she sent this, Zi Chuan’s message also popped up on the screen.

[“You are ‘King’ team.”]

There was certainty in that statement.

Qiao Lian froze immediately.

‘King’ was a famous eSports team from Country H. They were all veterans, they had even clinched the top five at this year’s world ranked match!

They were a group of scary people. Each member’s skills were comparable to Zi Chuan’s, and their teamwork and rapport were excellent. It felt like they were playing against one person instead of five people!

On the other hand, Qiao Lian and the others only played games as a recreational activity. How could they be their match?

However, every gamer had his or her own idol.

King was the team that Qiao Lian had used to admire.

Hence, even though they had just been defeated, she became excited instantly.

She did not feel any injustice about having lost to King.

As soon as she thought of this, another message popped up on the screen.

[“We heard that you are the best. But if we are a huge dragon, you are in the end only a small snake at best.”]

Those words had obviously been translated by a professional software. The grammar was awkward, yet full of mockery.

Qiao Lian clenched her fist all of a sudden as a strong surge of unknown humiliation filled her heart.

After remaining silent for a full five seconds, she said,

[ “How can all of you be like this?!”]

The in-game voice chat was open, so everyone was still in the chat.

The team replied to Qiao Lian immediately, “I agree, they are veterans. How are we supposed to be their match?”

“What did he mean by that? Is he looking down on us?”

“Sh*t, that’s too much! …”

Qiao Lian was going to say something, but she realized Zi Chuan was already offline.

Suddenly she was not interested in the conversation anymore, so she left the voice chat, took off her headphones and stared blankly at the computer without saying anything.

The joy when she found out that Zi Chuan had received his acceptance letter had vanished completely now. What was left was a sense of emptiness and helplessness.

Initially, games had been a form of recreation to them.

However at this moment, she suddenly thought of other ideas.

She picked up her phone instantly and called Zi Chuan.

After two rings, he picked up the call.

Soon after she said, “Zi Chuan, let’s form an eSports club!”

Eight years ago, the eSports scene had still not been highly-regarded in the country.

Therefore, this idea was way too wild and bold for them. It was simply beyond anyone’s imagination.

She had only said it casually out of spike, but unexpectedly the next moment he replied, “Ok.”

Humans are all equal.

Zi Chuan was very smart, but his physical development was behind others. His voice was still changing even though he was already 19 years-old. His screeching voice was not appealing to the ears at all.

However, one word settled her down.

She had thought that they would finally get to meet if they formed the eSports club, but who would have imagined…

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