You Are My Unforgettable Love Chapter 102 - Why Are You so Good to Me? (2)

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Chapter 102: Why Are You so Good to Me? (2)

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At that moment, a single thought flashed across her mind.

Song Cheng and his group of people were simply too slow, which had resulted in them b.u.mping into the policemen.

No, they absolutely could not be seen by these two policemen.

As this thought flashed across her mind, Qiao Lian threw herself at the two policemen without thinking.

She grabbed the policemen and forced them back into the elevator shouting, “You can’t go out!”

When she finished speaking, the two policemen stood in stunned silence and looked at her dumbfoundedly.

Qiao Lian: …

Qiao Lian’s mind was moving a mile a minute, trying to think of a reason or an excuse. She was close to breaking out in tears.

Both policemen were already holding her wrist in caution. As one of them looked outwards, the other asked, “Why are you not allowing us to exit?”

His hand was hovering around his waist.

That was a… gun!

Qiao Lian was so scared that her legs started trembling. She stammered out, “Si- Sir, that- you can’t go out- I- I need to go downstairs.”

“Why are you blocking our way from getting out just because you need to go downstairs?”

“Ah yes, yes, why am I not letting you out?” Qiao Lian stammered. After a while, she wrenched her mouth open and said, “Ah, yes, I’ve remembered!”

She widened her eyes and swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock. “Sir, are you not aware of this? There are… ghosts in this elevator!”

Policemen: …!

Qiao Lian blocked the stairway by gesturing wildly, thereby preventing the both of them from exiting. “I want to go downstairs but don’t dare to do so, because I’m afraid of ghosts. My mom said that if I run into any issue, I should approach the police. Thus, can the both of you escort me downstairs?”

She blinked, her heart beating wildly.

She could not think of any other excuse in such a critical moment.

However, this excuse would only have worked if she had been a little girl of around seven or eight years old. Qiao Lian was twenty years old, so her expression… just made her seem as though she was intellectually disabled.

Ah… Intellectually disabled!

Qiao Lian’s eyes brightened and she immediately smiled sweetly again. “Sir, I’m afraid! Ooh, I need to find my mother! Can you come with me to search for my mom?”

She was willing to do anything for Shen Liangchuan. Thus, she was going to pretend that she was crazy for a while today.

The two policemen looked at each other. One of them said, “This… Is she intellectually disabled or did she become stupid due to the drugs?”

Qiao Lian’s heart thumped once. She was in trouble.

People usually spout nonsense after taking drugs. Could these people actually think that she had taken drugs?

Could it be that she would need to go to the police station as well today?

As she thought about this, she heard another person say, “This lady’s eyes are clear. She does not look like she has taken drugs.”

Qiao Lian immediately blinked, trying hard to make her gaze even clearer.

Song Cheng walked over in the middle of the confrontation and said, “Xiao Lian, what are you doing here?”

Qiao Lian turned her head and saw Song Cheng. However, because Shen Liangchuan was not there as well, she could tell that Song Cheng had approached them to try to diffuse the situation.

She immediately became overjoyed and shouted loudly, “Dad!”

Song Cheng immediately thought, “You idiot! I can be the father of an eight-year-old daughter, but not the father of a twenty-year-old daughter!”

When she glanced at Song Cheng’s expression, Qiao Lian reacted as well. Darn it, she had been too immersed in her acting and had unexpectedly yelled the wrong thing.

The two policemen looked at Song Cheng with expressions of dumbfoundedness.

Song Cheng was not in the public eye that often. As such, they did not recognize him.

One of the policemen had already noticed something fishy and pushed Qiao Lian away with a shove before running directly to room 888. The other policeman gripped Qiao Lian’s hand tightly to stop her from leaving.

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