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Chapter 906 - Cruel Things

"You want Xueluo to accept them? "What do you mean?"

Feng Xinglang asked coldly, "Also, are you holding the ball? What are you trying to do by abducting her? "

Faced with his son's violent actions, it was not suitable for him to persuade him to bring his granddaughter back to her original body.

Hetun let out a faint sigh, "Ah Lang, don't worry too much. Xueluo is just a little willful, she will come back soon after she thinks it through!"

Hetun did not realize in the slightest how cruel it was to make Xueluo accept his illegitimate daughter!

and actually blamed Xueluo and her son's disappearance, on Xueluo's willfulness!

"What exactly did you say to Xueluo?"

Feng Xinglang roared.

It looks like his guess was right: Xueluo going overboard and leaving him here once again was due to the words of the Hetun.

"Ah Lang... Calm down first! This question is a long story. Can we discuss it in peace? "

Hetun was not angry because of his son's stern roar, his tone was still gentle.

It was rare for father and son to communicate with each other. Even if Feng Xinglang had roared at him, Hetun would still be able to endure it.

"Who is your son? From the day you hurt my brother, we were destined to be enemies! "

Feng Xinglang sharply rebuked again as his entire person was ignited in anger.

The Hetun was silent. Just when would the relations.h.i.+p between father and son be resolved?

"Speak, what did you say to Xueluo last night? force her to disappear without a sound? "

Feng Xinglang only cared about the safety of his wife and son, and did not care about Hetun's sad and sad face.

Hetun exhaled a breath of impure air, then slowly said: "I only want Xueluo to accept the ball, and treat it as his own!"

Feng Xinglang frowned, "Hetun, is there something wrong with you? Why did you make Xueluo accept the group? They are the sons of our Feng Family, since when did you have the time to ask about the affairs of our Feng Family? "Is it really that much of a waste?"

"Ah Lang, it doesn't matter whether you admit that I'm your father or not! "But I definitely won't allow my granddaughter to become someone else's daughter!"

Hetun's att.i.tude suddenly became more forceful.

Hetun's nonsense made Feng Xinglang puzzled.

"My biological granddaughter? Who's your granddaughter? "

Could it be …

"Ah Lang, I know your relations.h.i.+p with Feng Lixin is deep! But no matter how deep he was, he couldn't let his own daughter become someone else's daughter, right? In any case, I am firmly opposed to it! You don't recognize your own daughter as yours, but I do! I recognize my own granddaughter! "

Feng Xinglang was finally able to catch the meaning behind Hetun's irrelevant words.

"Hetun, you idiot!"

The infuriated Feng Xinglang could not help but say in a dirty tone, "Let me tell you this right away: Pan is my big brother Feng Lixin's biological daughter! You're not stupid enough to believe those rumors, are you? "

"Ah Lang! Paper could not contain fire! I already gave you a paternity test. The results show that you are the biological biological biological father! "

Seeing that his son was not willing to admit it, Hetun decided to reveal his cards.

"Heh, heh!"

Feng Xinglang scoffed, "Hetun, oh Hetun, you also have times where you are so stupid that others use you!"

"What do you mean?" Hetun was slightly startled.

Feng Xinglang rolled his eyes and turned to Xing Ba: "Give me the dagger at your waist!"

"Feng Xinglang, what are you doing?"

Thinking that the angry Feng Xinglang wanted to attack the foster father Hetun, Xing Ba instinctively protected the dagger at his waist.

Seeing that Xing Ba was not willing to give him a dagger, Feng Xinglang started walking towards the kitchen.

When Xing Ba caught up, he already had a fruit knife in his hand.

In front of Hetun, Feng Xinglang used the fruit knife and cut a small cut on his thumb, then squeezed out a drop of blood and dripped it onto Hetun's arm. Then he put his thumb in his mouth for a moment.

"Ah Lang, what are you doing?"

Hetun was of course feeling sorry for himself and hurting his own son.

"The ball should be in your hands. You can use this drop of blood to find a reliable identification center to do another paternity test!"

Feng Xinglang coldly snorted, "Then you will realize just how foolish you are!"

After a slight pause, Feng Xinglang's eyes became sharp and ruthless, "If something were to happen to my wife and children because of your stupidity, I will make sure you die a horrible death!"

"Also, Bound Boat is my niece. If you dare to hurt her, you will not be able to live!"

After throwing those words, Feng Xinglang quickly turned and left.

The that was left behind looked at the drop of blood on his arm with a slightly stunned expression …

"Foster father, look at the situation … It seemed like Feng Xinglang really wasn't that girl's biological father! Could it be that we made a mistake? "

From Feng Xinglang's gaze, Xing Ba could see how incomparably resolute he was.

With Feng Tuantuan in their hands, it would be easy for them to make a paternity test. Feng Xinglang would probably not play tricks on them.

Because there was no need at all!

"Wrong? How is this possible!? Ah Lang, Feng Lixin and the girl's fur were personally retrieved by the Old Tweleve! Unless... Unless there was a problem with the appraisal segment? But Twelfth has always been waiting at the appraisal center! "

Hetun immediately jumped up from the sofa, "Pater Castle still has Ah Lang's blood sample, make Twelfth Night bring that girl to do it again!"

"Good foster father!" I will inform Old Tweleve right now. "


Hetun raised his arm, "Make another one. Use my blood sample to make a blood test with that girl!"

Pater Castle belonged to his own territory, so no one would ever have the chance to make a move again!

Feng Xinglang, who had just walked out of the Shallow Water Bay, felt a burst of anger rising.

How stupid was Hetun to have such a thing happen? How stupid was he to have a relations.h.i.+p with a bunch of people who were his biological parents?

I really don't know how the paternity test was done!

Was the Hetun fooled? Or did the Hetun want to fool their family of three?

Didn't he already explain it to the woman: Feng Tuantuan is the biological daughter of his big brother, Feng Lixin?

That idiot woman actually believed the Hetun's nonsense!

Why would she rather believe the nonsense invented by the Hetun than her husband?

He actually took the child and left him once again!

Feng Xinglang gasped for breath, he wished that he could pull the lady back and teach her a lesson.

Where would they go?

Shen City was big and small at the same time; if Xueluo and his mother really wanted to hide him, that was more than enough.

Feng Xinglang thought about Yuan Duoduo's little refuge.

When he called Yuan Duoduo, she was doing pregnancy yoga.

"Duo Duo, did Xueluo go to find you last night?"

"Xueluo? No! Oh yeah, I couldn't get through to Xueluo when I called him this morning … Have you quarreled again? "

Feng Xinglang was silent for a moment, "No! She listened to the rumors and said it was my own daughter. And then, she took Nuonuo along with her and left without saying a word. "

Feng Xinglang did not try to hide anything from Yuan Duoduo, but spoke to her straightforwardly. If Xueluo had really tried to look for her, she would definitely help him persuade him.

"Ah?" So it was like that. Then, is that Meng Quan the illegitimate daughter of you and Lan Youyou? "

Yuan Duoduo asked.

"Of course not! They are all my brother and Lan Youyou's test tube baby. "

Isn't this old? It was as if Xueluo had personally told Yuan Duoduo before that she was Feng Lixin's daughter!

How did Xueluo suddenly hear another rumor?

"Feng Xinglang, I believe you! I think you won't do anything that would let Xueluo and his mother down! "

These words of Yuan Duoduo, made Feng Xinglang feel extremely gratified.

"Duo Duo, thank you."

"Don't thank me yet. How about this, I'll visit the orphanage. I am familiar with that place! "

Yuan Duoduo volunteered.

"Is, is your body convenient? Do you need me to send a driver to Bai Family to pick you up? "

"No need! The Bai Family had already prepared drivers. Let's split up. Xueluo brought Nuonuo with her, and she viewed Nuonuo as her life.

Therefore, Yuan Duoduo felt that the possibility of Xueluo bringing his child to the orphanage was very high.

Actually, Feng Xinglang had already went to the orphanage and looked for her, but there was no news.

After a b.u.mpy journey of nearly 40 hours, they finally arrived at s.h.i.+zhu County.

The little guy slept and woke up in Mommy's arms. When he woke up, he would eat. When he ate, he would sleep again.

Xueluo was a little surprised: In the six years that had pa.s.sed in s.h.i.+ Zhu County, there wasn't much of a change.

The roads were still full of potholes. Apart from the school, which was still decent, the lives of the villagers there hadn't changed much.

Zuo An Yan explained that s.h.i.+ Zhu County was one of those semi-plateau and semi-mountainous areas. If they wanted to make the villagers richer, they would have to bear the brunt of the road construction. However, there weren't any projects to attract foreign capital in s.h.i.+ Zhu County. So, it was quite difficult to escape poverty by relying on the funds allocated from above.

"Mommy, is this where the Hobbits live? Why is there a hole in each of them? "

The little guy was stunned by the scene in front of him.

"..." Xueluo was on the verge of tears.

"Hahahaha, I like this kid!"

Zuo An Yan really liked this wild little shota.

It had been six years, but Xueluo had come here once again.

Perhaps her mood was still overcast, but the only difference was that she now had a six year old son by her side.

"Get out of the car, little thing. This time, you will be the deputy captain at the children's summer camp, okay?"

When Zuo An Yan first saw Linnuo, he felt that this little thing was filled with n.o.bility.

"No way! They're all just a bunch of random kids! "

The little fellow arrogantly said. That disdainful appearance was also extremely arrogant.

"Hahahaha," Zuo Anyan was amused by Lil 'Thing once again, "You yourself are only 6 years old, and you still think others are little kids?"

"Nuonuo, you have to be polite when you talk to Uncle Zuo, do you understand?"

Xueluo gently reprimanded him, saying that he did not treat himself as the son of an outsider.

"Mommy, can I go into that hole and take a look?"

The little guy pointed at the cave in front of him curiously. Could it be that some Hobbit lived inside?

Without waiting for Xueluo's permission, the little guy ran towards the cave with the door half open.

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