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Chapter 894 - Feng Xinglang becoming a father by blood once again

At this moment, Linnuo's little friend was completely confused.

He turned his head over and looked at Feng Tuantuan who was screaming at him. He never thought that a little slug who only cried normally would dare to p.r.i.c.k his hand with a fruit fork! And it really got hit by her!


Xueluo cried out in alarm, and immediately rushed forward to check the back of his son's hand;

Feng Xinglang quickly pulled his son Linnuo into his embrace.

The fork wasn't too deep, it was just the surface of the skin.

But two holes had been pierced, and red blood was leaking out.

Feng Xinglang directly brought the back of his son's bleeding hand to his lips and sucked.

"Old Mo, get the medicine box! "Faster!"

Feng Xinglang roared at Butler Mo, then carried his son and walked towards the washroom.

He sent the little fellow's bleeding hand into the flowing water and continued was.h.i.+ng it.

Linnuo's little friend looked at his father, Feng Xinglang, without crying at all. He felt that his father, who was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, was extremely nervous and distressed because he had been p.r.i.c.ked and bled profusely.

"Nuonuo, is it painful?"

Feng Xinglang asked gently, her voice slightly hoa.r.s.e from the pain.

The little guy pursed his lips, "It's almost time!"

At this moment, he was enjoying being doted upon and doted upon by his father like it was nothing.

For small injuries like this, the little guy was already a common occurrence in Pater Castle. The Hetun nurtured this little fellow with the purpose of nurturing the Slaughterer, so naturally, there would be many injuries and injuries on his body. Bleeding is a common occurrence.

Fortunately, the little fellow had always been able to endure pain.

The most important thing was that he couldn't bear to kiss his mother!

"Nuonuo, are you alright? Show Mommy your hand. "

Xueluo's heart ached so much that her eyes turned red.

"It's okay, Mommy. It doesn't hurt at all! Do you see that? They don't bleed anymore! Less blood than a mosquito bite! "

The little guy had gotten used to pretending to be a little man in front of his own mother, Lin Xueluo.

When he was in Pater Castle, he had always been like this.

He also wanted to act like a spoiled child, but what could he do in the face of Mummy's tears?

They could only choose to be strong and not let Mommy feel sad.

Feng Xinglang then shoved his son, who was still bleeding, into his wife Xueluo's arms. "Let Old Mo disinfect and bandage him!"

With that, Feng Xinglang walked out of the bathroom with a gloomy and cold face.

Xueluo immediately carried his son Linnuo and followed him out.

It struck someone, and even caused big brother Nuonuo to bleed on the back of his hand. Feng Tuantuan himself also seemed to have been scared senseless.

After feeling nervous, Xueluo realized: Did this little thing inherit her mother's vicious genes?

Although using these words to describe a four year old child was a little inappropriate, the hostility that Feng Tuantuan had was truly very unexpected!

Probably no one would have thought that a cute little girl that could only cry would actually use a fruit fork to stab them!

Feng Lixin half squatted on the carpet, teaching his daughter something.

Seeing Feng Xinglang walking out of the bathroom with a cold face, Feng Lixin immediately asked, "Xinglang, is Nuonuo alright?"

Feng Xinglang did not respond to Feng Lixin's question. Instead, he walked towards Feng Tuantuan who was occasionally sobbing.

"Man Man, quickly apologize to Uncle."

Seeing the anger and coldness on Feng Xinglang's face, Feng Lixin immediately reminded his daughter.

Feng Tuantuan should have been scared, but he looked stupefied and lifeless.

Maybe she just wanted to stop Big Brother Nuonuo from continuing to call her mother 'big witch', and didn't want to p.r.i.c.k Big Brother Nuonuo until he bled.

Feng Xinglang did not give Feng Tuantuan the chance to apologize, immediately lifting her up and walking towards the wall.


Being suddenly lifted up in the air, Feng Tuantuan was frightened to the point of crying.

"Xinglang, don't … You're still just a kid, let's see if she can apologize to Nuonuo … "

Feng Lixin immediately followed, wanting to s.n.a.t.c.h the terrified daughter from Feng Xinglang's hands. However, facing the tall and st.u.r.dy Feng Xinglang, Feng Lixin's actions were undoubtedly like an ant trying to shake a tree.

"Feng Tuantuan, stand here and face the wall for me for ten minutes! If you dare to take a random step, Uncle will beat you up! "

Feng Xinglang threw the crying Feng Tuantuan against the wall so that she could face the wall.

"Xinglang, don't scare me …"

Ever since Feng Tuantuan came out, Feng Lixin had always been afraid in his mouth, afraid that he would fall down.

Seeing her daughter crying in fear, Feng Lixin's heart ached.

"I have the final say in this family, it doesn't matter who tries to persuade me!"

Feng Xinglang was really angry, that thunderous roar was simply deafening.

Even the little hand holding his son's hand was startled by Butler Mo Xiao Yan's bandage.

She rarely saw her husband, Feng Xinglang, lose control of his emotions like this!

Originally, she wanted to wait until her son had finished bandaging his hands to comfort Feng Tuantuan, who was crying in fear.

Although the back of his son's hand was p.r.i.c.ked, which was only a small wound in pain, Feng Tuantuan's act of stabbing a person with a fruit fork could still be considered small.

"Uncle... Wrong, wrong... Big Brother Nuonuo is sorry … "I won't dare to do that again!"

Little Thing was quite smart. Seeing that Uncle Feng Xinglang was truly angered, she immediately apologized while crying.

Although Feng Lixin pitied his daughter, he was still critical of her actions. Seeing that Feng Xinglang was really angry, he kept quiet and looked at his daughter who was deep in thought with tears in her eyes.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, big brother Nuonuo is not your enemy, he's your big brother! Your brother! How can you p.r.i.c.k him with a fruit fork? "

Feng Xinglang hissed softly, "Stand still and think to the walls of Uncle! Ten minutes, not a second less! "

Seeing that her begging was not able to move's heart, the little cutie looked towards her father Feng Lixin with tears and sobs.

"Papa, quick, save them …" "I don't want to stand here."

Feng Lixin's heart was already in pain from the woman's crying.

"If you do something wrong, you must be punished! Listen to your Uncle, stand here and think carefully! "

However, no matter how much he doted on his daughter, he couldn't encourage his daughter to be so vicious.

"Wow..." I want Mommy. "I want my mommy too …"

Seeing that everyone was defending Big Brother Nuonuo, the little guy couldn't help but wail out.

This cry made Feng Lixin's father's heart hurt even more.

Ten minutes, not a long time. Maybe just breakfast and a cup of tea.

But from Feng Tuantuan's crying, Xueluo felt that it was extremely long.

Feng Lixin and Feng Xinglang sat on the sofa in the living room, "listening" to the little thing's tears.

The atmosphere in the living room was so heavy that it was suffocating!

Feng Brothers's relations.h.i.+p was deep enough that they could depend on each other for life and death; thus, she could not allow the next generation to meet in this way.

Feng Lixin did his best to suppress the pain in his heart, and avoided looking at his daughter's tear-stained face which would occasionally turn around.

Fighting between two children was a normal thing, but in a special objective environment, there was an unusual depth to it.

After around ten minutes, Xueluo pushed his son who was in his embrace and whispered, "Nuonuo, quickly go and comfort my little sister. Your uncle's health is not good, don't let him be so anxious. "

Linnuo nodded.

Feng Xinglang did not stop his son from comforting Feng Tuantuan.

When Linnuo walked over, the little thing was still sobbing uncontrollably. Her pretty little face was already a mess: sticky with snot and tears, with her hair and sweat.

"Nope …" Big Brother Nuonuo, I'm sorry … Wrong, wrong... "I won't dare to do that again."

The little thing sobbed, unable to even speak properly.

"Feng Tuantuan, this time, Big Brother Nuonuo will not let this lowly one go! But there won't be a next time! Because next time I will fight back! You need to know, if Big Brother Nuonuo really wanted to retaliate, killing a punk like you would be as easy as stepping on an ant! "

When the little guy spoke, he was extremely fierce, very much like his biological grandfather or Hetun.

Feng Tuantuan hurriedly nodded his head, "I, Tie Ta, dare not! Big Brother Nuonuo, I'm sorry … "

As she spoke, the little thing began to cry again.

Glancing at the two men who were quietly sitting on the sofa, Xueluo hurriedly got up and hugged the crying Feng Tuantuan.

"I don't want to cry anymore. I believe I didn't do it on purpose!" You and Big Brother Nuonuo are siblings, so you must love each other from now on, don't you know? "

This was the only way to comfort her.


He couldn't beat up a four year old child, right? That would take Feng Lixin's life!

Even when she was back in Feng Lixin's embrace, the little thing would occasionally glance timidly at, the Uncle.

It was as if the little thing couldn't believe that Feng Xinglang, the Uncle, could actually be this fierce towards her!

During the entire day, little friend Linnuo spent most of his time 'pa.s.sively' in his father's arms.

Actually, it was just a superficial wound. Even though the b.a.s.t.a.r.d's father forbade him to play in the water, he also forbade him to walk for sixteen years. He wasn't even allowed to touch the wound.

Even the lunch was personally fed by Feng Xinglang.

Even Xueluo could not take it anymore.

He was born with a son, not a daughter. Such a pampering method would inevitably make people feel that he was too spoiled!

Feng Lixin brought his daughter out early in the morning.

Firstly, he avoided the conflict between the two children, and secondly, he was pestered by his daughter to go find his mother, Lan Youyou.

It was simply too easy for Xing s.h.i.+'er to pull a strand of hair that had a hair on it from the father and daughter pair for paternity testing.

It could be said that it was an easy task.

The cute little girl was held by Feng Lixin's little hand as they walked through the crowd, searching for Lan Youyou's figure.

"Papa, someone pulled on a ball of hair. It hurts."

The little cutie stopped and covered her head with her hands.

Due to the ponytail, when Xing s.h.i.+'er pulled on the little adorable hair, it was only slightly harder than pulling on her father's hair.

Feng Lixin looked at his daughter's head, then looked at the people rus.h.i.+ng around him, and did not notice anything strange.

"There are a lot of people here, it's better to just hug them tightly."

Two hairs with hair follicles were sent to an identification agency for paternity testing.

Six hours later, Hetun received the news …

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