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Chapter 879 - Women's Intent


After pausing for a moment, Hetun nodded his head and replied, "Eighth brother, send Xueluo in."

Since Lan Youyou was locked inside the iron fence, he probably wouldn't be able to do anything that would harm his daughter-in-law, Lin Xueluo.

Going down to the bas.e.m.e.nt, there were two doors.

After a series of complicated operations, the last heavy, intelligent door was opened.

The narrow and long corridor was black in color. Under the dim light of the wall lamp, it appeared even more eerie and chilly.

The number of times Xueluo had been grounded here was something he couldn't even count with ten fingers.

However, now that he was here, he had a different feeling.

Vaguely, Xueluo saw a delicate figure lying on the side on the simple board.

That slim figure was like a trapped demon.

Even if he became a prisoner, Lan Youyou would still be able to make a scene.

"You're full of pride?"

Xing Ba spoke slowly towards Xueluo.


Xueluo was silent: Am I really proud?

I don't think so!

Xueluo couldn't say what kind of emotions she was currently feeling, but at this moment, she was unable to calm down.

"Eighth Brother, can you step aside for a moment? I want to talk to her alone. "

Xing Ba's eyebrows slightly rose, "Actually, you can treat me as a transparent person."

"Sorry, I can't do it!" Xueluo replied.

"Alright then …" Wait outside the Second Gate. "

Xing Ba glanced at Lan Youyou inside the iron fence, and brought out an electronic b.u.t.ton that looked like a remote control to Xueluo.

"This is for you. Is the start b.u.t.ton to activate the power supply! You can take revenge and complain. "

Xueluo did not pick up the electronic trigger in Xing Ba's hand, but only indifferently swept his gaze over Xing Ba.

"Xing Ba, Lan Youyou is still your Seventh Sister after all, you're adding insult to injury … Isn't it too heartless? "

Xueluo had seen the power of that electronic trigger before.

When Feng Xinglang was initially imprisoned inside, she had even smelled the smell of her husband's burnt flesh after being hit by the strong electric current.

The brutality of the Hetun was truly hard to imagine. He didn't even spare his own son.

"Every single one of my foster father's foster son have already made mental preparations that will never recover!"

Xing Ba replied indifferently, "Aside from fifteen!"

Xueluo was silent.

She could not understand. Hetun was clearly so cruel, but why was there still so many stupid and loyal foster son s who bowed their heads to him?

Especially for Xing Er and Xing s.h.i.+'er, they were even more filial to their own father than the Hetun.

"Remember to stay away from the fence. Although she did not break the possibility that this t.i.tanium alloy would rush out to hurt you, she might spit at you or something. "

Xing Ba's cold humour was really cold.

It wasn't funny at all.

As the heavy AI door closed, the dark s.p.a.ce turned deathly silent.

It was as if Xueluo could hear the sound of his own heart beating faster.

Lan Youyou maintained her enchanting lying posture, only drying Lin Xueluo's slim back.

But unfortunately, Lin Xueluo was unable to appreciate Lan Youyou's beauty.

"Lan Youyou, I've come to see you."

Xueluo took the initiative to greet the silent Lan Youyou.

Even if Lan Youyou was just a prisoner right now.

"You came because you wanted to see how battered and exhausted I am, right?"

Lan Youyou finally had a response. However, her att.i.tude was still as haughty as before.

From the bottom of his heart, Lan Youyou had probably never thought highly of Lin Xueluo.

She always felt that Lin Xueluo, this filthy sparrow, would never be able to become a n.o.ble phoenix.

"Ah, you're right! I really have such a heart of a commoner! "

Xueluo laughed lightly, and openly agreed with what Lan Youyou had in mind for her.

"Such a petty person like you, how disgusting!"

Lan Youyou hissed harshly, as if he was snorting disdainfully.

"Am I really as disgusting as you say?" Xueluo asked back calmly, "But I don't feel it myself at all!"

"Lin Xueluo, I really didn't know you were so smug about it. Just because you got Feng Xinglang? "

Lan Youyou activated her counterattack mode under the stimulation of Lin Xueluo's words.

"Her husband is a young and promising financial alligator of Shen City, and her son is so lively and cute. Isn't this what I, Lin Xueluo, am proud of?"

Xueluo asked back with a smile.

"Heh heh," Lan Youyou laughed coldly, "Do you really think you've obtained Feng Xinglang? Even if you did obtain it, you would only be able to obtain his body! "That's all!"

Xueluo went silent for a moment, and did not respond to Lan Youyou's provocative words. Instead, he turned his head over and used his hand to touch the pink hairpin on his head.

"Lan Youyou, do you think the hairpin I'm wearing today is pretty?" Xueluo asked.

Lan Youyou rolled his eyes at Xueluo, too lazy to reply.

"This hairpin is for me. It's for me."

Xueluo took the pink hairpin from his head and played with it in his hand.

Lan Youyou's gaze turned serious.

"Every time I hear a group of sweet and tender voices calling out to me, it makes my heart almost burst!"

Xueluo leisurely put the hairpin back on his head and continued to speak with ease, "Look at me, I'm so clumsy, I can't even put a hairpin on! No matter how you try, it's not as comfortable as my Ah Lang helping me put it on! "

Xueluo used the name Lan Youyou that Lan Youyou liked.

Lan Youyou's face slowly became ugly.

"Ah Lang said that in a few days, I will definitely change to 'Mommy'. I am really not mentally prepared for that!"

Xueluo put on the hairpin, "Tell me, am I going to hit someone else's child too hard …? People would say that I was a vicious stepmother; if I hit her lightly … Others will say that I don't see it as my own! Lan Youyou, do you think I should lighten it or focus it? Just thinking about it makes your head hurt! "

"Lin Xueluo!"

Lan Youyou finally lost control of her emotions under Xueluo's provocative words, "You dare hit my daughter, I won't forgive you!"

Xueluo gave a cold laugh, "If you can't even protect yourself, how can you not forgive me?"

Lan Youyou glared fiercely at Xueluo, her fierce gaze almost wanted to dig a few holes out of Xueluo's body.

"So it was you who wanted me dead?"

Lan Youyou taunted and sneered, "My life, is something that Feng Xinglang used his own life to redeem time and time again. Ah Lang wouldn't bear for you to kill me. "You can only sneak around and sow discord in front of my foster father."

Lan Youyou's words were like a sharp sword, directly piercing into Xueluo's most painful part.

It was indeed as Lan Youyou had said: Her husband was doing his utmost to save a woman who had once injured both her and her son.

This indisputable fact was the best blow and humiliation to Lin Xueluo.

"Also, if you dare hit my daughter, Ah Lang will definitely not let you off!"

Lan Youyou gnashed his teeth once more.

In that moment, Xueluo suddenly felt that he did not win, but had lost rather miserably.

Lan Youyou was right: he was indeed secretly trying to use the Hetun to solve this problem in his heart.

But even if she, Lin Xueluo, were to win on the surface, she would definitely lose in the depths of her heart.

Xueluo didn't know how he came out of the bas.e.m.e.nt.

He had obviously brought along a lot of scheming ideas in order to ridicule Lan Youyou, but he was accidentally opened up by Lan Youyou.

"Look at you …" You lost a war of words? "

As Xing Ba ate the chocolate bean, he asked in a lazy and playful voice.

"Xing Ba, are you trying to make the Lan Youyou inside hear your ridicule me like this?"

Xueluo asked a strange question in return.

"Don't worry, I won't hear a thing!" The seal and mute coefficient are both at the top of the world. "

Xing Ba then stuffed the chocolate beans into his mouth. It was hard for him, as a man, to enjoy the sweets of a child.

As soon as Xing Ba said this, Xueluo suddenly grabbed onto one of his arms and fiercely bit down on it in front of his mouth.

"Ah... Lin Xueluo, why are you biting me? I didn't provoke you! "

The innocent Xing Ba was bitten into a daze: Isn't this woman too terrifying? It was like a ticking time bomb. You didn't know when she had accidentally blown you up.

"Lan Youyou cannot die! Even if I have to die, I will make her convinced from the bottom of her heart! "

Xueluo heaved a sigh of relief, and said these words coldly.

"Heh, are you trying to fall into his trap?"

Xing Ba rubbed his arm that was in pain from being bitten. Luckily, his appearance was a bit uglier, so he didn't die.

Looks like Xueluo was lenient with his words.

"I guess I'll just fall for it then!" Otherwise, I won't be able to live for the rest of my life! "

Xueluo said angrily.

"Lin Xueluo, why do you have to go through so much trouble? Didn't you already have Feng Xinglang? If we continue to slay our predecessors, then everything will be a success! "

Xing Ba didn't really understand Xueluo's thoughts.

"Then tell me: does Feng Xinglang love me, or does he love Lan Youyou?"

Alright, even Xueluo himself felt that his question was very stupid and cheap.

"Of course I love you! Was there even a need to ask? You are the honorable Madame Feng! Every single day, Feng Xinglang would hug and sleep with you and the person he would kiss would also be you, your son's mother or you … "

"Then do you understand who he's thinking of?" Xueluo interrupted Xing Ba.

Xing Ba was startled, and asked back: "Isn't it you?!"

It was really too disgusting to ask such a question in return!

Before opening the first door, Xing Ba asked again.

"Feng Xinglang probably still doesn't know that Lan Youyou is in Shallow Water Bay, right? You'd better be careful before you deal with it. "

"Why should I be cautious? Not only must I tell Feng Xinglang that he is in Shallow Water Bay, I must also advise him to save Lan Youyou! "

"... Lin Xueluo, have you gone crazy from Lan Youyou's provocation? "

Xing Ba was even more confused now.

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