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Chapter 865 Come on, we're going to hurt each other!

Through his tears, Yuan Duoduo saw that Bai Mo seemed to be different from before.

Bai Mo had already been looking for Yuan Duoduo for ten days.

Perhaps, even Bai Mo himself was confused: What was it that supported him to continuously search for a pet like woman in this strange country!

After more than ten days of slovenly appearance, Bai Mo seemed to be somewhat disheveled. This was the first time Yuan Duoduo had seen Bai Mo with a beard.

Yuan Duoduo laughed.

This was because Bai Mo, who had grown a beard, had a kind of indescribably funny feeling.

Bai Mo looked down at Yuan Duoduo who was sitting on the stairs, crying and laughing at the same time.

But from the looks of it, the anger on Bai Mo's face was greater than his worry, so in Yuan Duoduo's eyes, it had become ferocious.

"Yuan Duoduo, are you f * cking an idiot? You actually want to give birth to a child that is not related to you by blood? "

Evidently, Bai Mo had already gotten all the information regarding Yuan Duoduo from him.

Towards Xueluo, the innocent messenger, Yuan Duoduo felt guilty! She did not want to lie to Xueluo, her only good friend.

"The child born from my stomach, is precisely my, Yuan Duoduo's, biological child! Can you control it!? "

Yuan Duoduo thought that she would be extremely nervous when she saw Bai Mo, perhaps she would be even more sad and depressed.

The current Bai Mo was like a bright ray of light s.h.i.+ning on Yuan Duoduo's heart, illuminating her entire life.

"You, you really did some embryo transfer?!"

"Hm!" They really did it! "

Yuan Duoduo nodded vigorously, "And you even transplanted two of them at once! I'm carrying twins! "

"What?" And you. And two at once? Yuan Duoduo, did you manage to think of something when you went out? "

"So what if I did? So what if he didn't bring it? In any case, I am already pregnant, they are my children, I will cherish them more than my own life! It's none of your business! "

The reason why Yuan Duoduo was giggling on the stairs just now was because the neuro-screening results showed that both babies were healthy.

In other words, there would be no genetic abnormalities.

At 16 weeks of age, one more large row of screening will reveal the appearance of the two babies, such as limbs, facial features, and other surface abnormalities or defects. These can be corrected the day after tomorrow.

That was why Yuan Duoduo was laughing and crying. At least it won't be so tragic as to have to stop the pregnancy like the previous baby.

Bai Mo stayed silent for a long time, before sighing out a mouthful of foul air.

"Duo Duo, is it because of the previous freak … … That's why you made such a stupid decision? "

Bai Mo was sad. The freak from last time was enough to make him engrave it into his memory.

Looking at the sad Bai Mo, Yuan Duoduo actually didn't feel good about it.

Even if the one she was carrying this time was two healthy babies, she still could not face Bai Mo's' responsibility '.

It was as if she could predict: If Grandfather Bai knew that she was once again pregnant with his grandson Bai Mo's child, he would definitely stand on 'righteous', 'fair' principles and force Bai Mo to take responsibility for himself!

And the thing that Yuan Duoduo did not need the most was for him to be 'responsible' for being forced like this!

Maybe Bai Mo would really marry her, but she really didn't want to get married.

Besides, it was not too fair to be pregnant with these two children!

"Bai Mo, don't think like that … I just want to have a child of my own. You don't have to blame yourself. "

Yuan Duoduo really did not want to see Bai Mo like this.

She didn't need anyone to say sorry to her. She wouldn't blame anyone.

All of this was Yuan Duoduo's own life!

Bai Mo squatted down, and looked at Yuan Duoduo even closer, "Duo Duo, the freak from last time, was my breed."

He raised his head and looked at the endless horizon before sighing.

"Little Strong Yuan, don't be too foolish … If you find a good man again, you'll be able to give birth to a healthy child! "

Bai Mo's words made Yuan Duoduo's heart ache.

"I don't want to harm any good men! I just want to live my life peacefully with the child in my belly. "

"How about... Are you going to harm me? We harm each other! Everyone said, you are handicapped! Yet, I am a cripple without a cripple! Actually, the two of us are quite compatible! "

Bai Mo's words made Yuan Duoduo even more worried.

"Bai Mo, what are you thinking! The n.o.ble young master of the Bai Family, was chasing after you like a crucian carp chasing a river... "Don't put on an act here and say such depressing things!"

"That's true..."

Bai Mo snorted, "There are so many women in Night Villa, I can pick any one of them to be my wife, it would be so beautiful that it would kill them!"

Yuan Duoduo fell silent and lowered his head.

"What list?" Show me! "

Bai Mo reached out his hand, wanting to take the test report from Yuan Duoduo.

But Yuan Duoduo ripped the test report into shreds.

"There's nothing to see! They are all introductions of the biological parents of children! "

The more Yuan Duoduo thought about it, the more he felt that his ability to fabricate lies had reached a level of perfection.

He did not even need to think about it.

"Yuan Duoduo, you are so f * * king stupid!"

Bai Mo still could not accept this fact, "You actually used your own stomach to give birth to someone else's child?! He had no blood relation at all with him! You're really thoughtless! "

Yuan Duoduo's heart once again hurt.

"At least the children of others are healthy! Besides, if I don't tell them, no one will know! "

"What a pity, now I know! I will tell them that you are not their biological mother! "You're just a 250 yuan with only a stomach!"

"Don't worry, you won't be able to distance yourself from the relations.h.i.+p between mother and son!"

"Mother and son?" You don't have any blood ties to them, do you?! "

Bai Mo made a sarcastic remark again.

"Bai Mo, you're done! I don't need you to meddle in my matters! "

"Who cares about an idiot like you!"


Yuan Duoduo glared at Bai Mo angrily, then stubbornly walked down the small path filled with trees.

Bai Mo left and followed behind Yuan Duoduo.

Even without turning his head, Yuan Duoduo could still feel Bai Mo's presence.

Babies, your daddy is right behind Mommy. He's with us three.

Mommy will give you everything she has. You must be strong!

On a tree-lined path in a foreign land, Bai Mo and Yuan Duoduo walked in this manner. Time seemed to have stopped for them at this moment. It was so slow, yet it was replaced with a warm feeling.

Yuan Duoduo who was in front stopped, turned, and quietly looked at Bai Mo who was patting the forest and shrubs.

"What do you want?"

Bai Mo glared at Yuan Duoduo fiercely, as if he had still not recovered from Yuan Duoduo's thoughtless actions.

Even after hearing his tone, he still felt a sense of panic!

"Why are you so fierce?" You came all the way here just to scold me? "

Yuan Duoduo looked at Bai Mo who was about to erupt in rage at any moment.

"Your father was really f * * king bewitched, that's why I ran over here and cared about your suicidal behavior!"

Bai Mo cursed again.

Yuan Duoduo pursed his lips, raised his starry eyes and snorted, "Bai Mo, you've already come. Invite us three to a delicious meal! It's been almost half a month, and I still haven't eaten my fill! "

"You deserve it! I can't even support myself, and you actually gave birth to two babies with your own belly. I can't even be bothered to talk about you! "

Bai Mo's anger came too suddenly. Maybe after getting along with Yuan Duoduo for the past few days, Bai Mo truly did not want to see Yuan Duoduo suffer a loss like a mute.

"Bai Mo, stop shouting at me, okay? I don't need you to feed the child in my womb, why are you so angry? "

An indescribable feeling of grievance arose in his heart, causing Yuan Duoduo to feel choked with sobs: If you don't want to invite him, then so be it, I'll go eat it myself!

In the end, Bai Mo still treated Yuan Duoduo to a big meal in the luxurious Western Restaurant.

It had already been 12 weeks, and almost three months, Yuan Duoduo had already pa.s.sed that wave of disgust, and was especially interested in eating it since it could be eaten.

Looking at Yuan Duoduo who was wolfing down his food, Bai Mo threw away the knife and fork in his hand.

"Yuan Duoduo, are you stupid? My species will cause you to be abnormal, but others' species might not? Can't you find a man to marry and have children? You want to get a test tube baby, and you don't even have a shred of a blood relation to yourself? "

Alright, Bai Mo still wasn't able to turn around from this matter.

This topic again!

It seemed that his plan had succeeded! In Bai Mo's eyes, the child in her stomach already had a bottle of a father.

Maybe in this life, Bai Mo would never think that the child in his womb was even his!

It's pretty good, isn't it?!

Yuan Duoduo placed a piece of beef into his mouth and slowly chewed it.

"Bai Mo, actually, I don't think I'm stupid … This result is pretty good for me! "

"What a P!" This is called selfis.h.!.+ Have you ever thought about the two little brats in your belly? They didn't hurt their father! Even if I were to meet a man who wishes to marry you in the future, after seeing you two brats who are not related by blood, I would still shrink back! "

They don't hurt their dads. Yuan Duoduo's heart was in great pain.

"It's enough for them to have a mother like me! Bai Mo, thank you for treating me to this meal, I was full. "

Yuan Duoduo stood up, wanting to leave.


Bai Mo said in a stern voice, "Yuan Duoduo, the embryo in your stomach should be dead soon … Do you want to think about it: Do you want to keep them, or do you want to get rid of them? Start again the normal life that belongs to your own married children! "

Bai Mo's extremely cruel words were like a knife, cutting through Yuan Duoduo's heart!

One piece after another, Yuan Duoduo was cut into pieces.

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