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### Chapter 91 - Who was tormenting who?

"Yes, that's it!" Feng Xinglang used a practical method to enlighten Xueluo.

Only now did Xueluo realize that this man was playing with him again. He just didn't expect that this man would not hesitate to sacrifice his own body in order to reach his goal.

It was clearly her who was at a disadvantage, alright! This man really didn't know how to write the word 'shame'.

Xueluo immediately retracted his hands and panicked to the point that he didn't know where to put his hands. He wished he could chop it into pieces. The scream stopped right after, and Xueluo quietly moved down from the side of the bed and sat on the carpet beside the bed.

"Why aren't you shouting?" Feng Xinglang asked.

"Call your a.s.s! Feng Xinglang, when are you still playing? "Don't think of a way to get out of here!"

Xueluo pondered on how he could get out of this predicament. If he couldn't get out tonight, did that mean he would have to spend the whole night with this man who was sometimes violent and sometimes evil? Just thinking about it sent chills down his spine.

Sensing that the woman was no longer sitting on the side, Feng Xinglang asked casually, "Do you really want to go out?"

"Of course I want to go out! Don't you want to? " Xueluo asked in confusion.

"But if I were to tell you that the only way for us to get out would be to sleep in the same bed and then have s.e.x with a man and a woman, would you still want to get out?"

Feng Xinglang asked playfully. He wanted to see what choice this woman would make between what was called virginity and escape.

"..." Xueluo was startled, then was filled with anger: "Feng Xinglang, you think I will believe your words? If you want to take me lightly, you don't need to use such a c.r.a.ppy and vulgar excuse, right? "

After a long while, the man on C mumbled to himself, "Don't be so agitated!" "Actually, I don't really want to!"

"..." Xueluo was actually at a loss for words. What did it mean by 'not really'? And he spoke so arrogantly! As if she wanted him! What a shameless, rotten man!

He really couldn't understand how Feng Family, the elegant gentleman, could have such a wild brother like Feng Xinglang.

"Then, thank you!" Xueluo retorted back. Otherwise, he really would have been angered to death by this man.

Just because Feng Xinglang's voice didn't come from above didn't mean that the man didn't respond. He knew all of Bai Mo's dirty tricks and tricks. Now that he was in their hands, he would probably fall asleep even if he didn't sleep!

Was he really going to leave a descendant in this woman's body? Feng Xinglang did not seem to have any intentions in this regard. Big brother Feng Lixin's hatred was at hand, how could he have the mood to talk about matters of love!

However, this did not stop him from sealing this woman's seal. Cover with a seal that only belonged to him, Feng Xinglang!

A woman's body and mind are very clean. In these days, it was rare to see a woman who could protect that thing until she was in her twenties.

Feng Xinglang did not really care about the thing that signified her innocence, but this woman's thing must belong to him, Feng Xinglang. The tyranny of the Evil Realm, was just like Feng Xinglang's!

"Then I'll wait for you to beg me to sleep with you!" In the darkness, the man's voice was soft on Youyou, it rippled and rippled until it reached to the heart of the woman.

She would beg him to sleep … Sleep with me? This man was truly arrogant! Furthermore, he was a braggart with [S] s on his back! Her Lin Xueluo's brain wasn't broken, how could she beg him to sleep … Go f * cking to h.e.l.l!

Of course, Xueluo would not believe the man's words. With slight anger, he sat silently on the carpet beside the bed. The interior of the house was emitting the fragrance of Youyou's roses, a very warm and romantic scent. It smelled indescribably refres.h.i.+ng.

Because he had Feng Xinglang to accompany him, Xueluo no longer felt any fear. He was still depressed, thinking, "When can I leave this place?" She was worried about a lot of things: Feng Xinglang was currently the pillar of Feng Family, but he was trapped here with her and even brought people to Feng Family to create trouble, could Nanny An and Butler Mo stop them?

Also, if he and Feng Xinglang did not return home for a long time, Nanny An and Butler Mo would definitely be very worried.

In the darkness, Xueluo sighed lightly because of his worries.

"There's no way for sunlight to penetrate this place all year round. There might be c.o.c.kroach rats crawling around on the floor …" The way Feng Xinglang invited the woman was very special. The thrill of insinuations.

"Ah... Is there really a mouse here? " Xueluo crawled up from the floor with a speed that left no time for one to cover one's ears, and crawled up onto the bed as fast as he could. In this darkness, the existence of rodents and c.o.c.kroaches was even more eerie and terrifying.

Seeing that the lady had taken the initiative to climb onto the ground, Feng Xinglang rolled onto his chest, "Go to sleep! "Stop tormenting yourself!"

Who was tormenting who?

"Feng Xinglang, you, can you not hug me?" Xueluo was afraid of darkness, but she was more afraid of Feng Xinglang's intimate actions.

"You know: it's easy for me to sleep with you now! You can't fight back, and you can't escape! "

Feng Xinglang drew a outline of Xueluo's front with one arm, compressing her soft body into a beautiful abstract pattern. That feeling of being hit by soft bullets really made his arms enjoy it.

The young girl had an extremely soft and plump body, filling up Feng Xinglang's firm embrace. At this moment, both strength and softness existed together, and even the air had an intoxicating sense of love.

"You won't! Because you respect your big brother! " Xueluo obviously knew that he was in a dangerous situation. Plus, this man also had a wolf-like bad habit. Just as the man had said, he couldn't fight back, much less escape. Xueluo knew very well that his fate tonight was not good.

But she was wise. Knowing that Feng Xinglang had always respected Feng Lixin, he could only call Feng Lixin out to save him.

"I'll sleep with you … Does this have anything to do with being disrespectful to my big brother? "

Feng Xinglang's big palm wrapped around Xueluo's waist and squeezed her b.u.t.tocks. He liked the feel of her healthy hands.

The young girl was very clean and refres.h.i.+ng. The purity and beauty that has not yet been developed.

"Feng Xinglang, can you stop messing around? I know you have a good brain, how about you quickly think of a way to get out of here? " Xueluo diverted the man's attention and conversation. The pain from being pinched on his thigh caused a dense and small pain to grow on his body. It was so itchy that Xueluo wanted to reach out and scratch it.

She bent slightly, trying to avoid the man's sinful hand.

"I told you not to move! Why is he always disobedient! " Feng Xinglang smelled the faint fragrance in Xueluo's hair, and then he took a deep breath punitively on her lips. Like an eagle swooping down to catch its prey.

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