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Chapter 845 - Blood Soaked Family

When the last number came out of Cong Gang's mouth, the two ropes on his arms were chopped off at the same time.

The two of them, one big and one small, fell down freely and crashed into the ground.

Although the spike was only two to three centimeters long, it was capable of piercing a person into countless holes and causing them to be badly mutilated.

Feng Xinglang never thought that Cong Gang would still have his own son as his bargaining chip!

If he had known this earlier, he would have risked his life to fight Cong Gang. He would not have let Cong Gang come up with this choice.


The moment he fell, Feng Xinglang screamed out his son's name.

It was also signalling to the Hetun that she must catch Nuonuo!

The little guy used his own experience to prove that the falling speed of two objects of different weights was the same.

It would fall even faster if it weighed just a little bit more.

Hetun soared into the air, and without hesitation, she pounced in the direction of where Feng Xinglang had fallen.

The sharp spike pierced the leather shoes on his feet first, then stabbed into his flesh. Facing his son Feng Xinglang's robust body that was smashed down from the sky, the only thing Hetun could do was to act as a cus.h.i.+on for his child.

The Earth Spike stabbed into the Hetun's muscular back, immediately leaking out fresh red blood. On the s.h.i.+ny Earth Spike panel, it was especially shocking.

Because after Feng Xinglang fell down, his body had curved; therefore, Feng Xinglang smashed down from the side.

Smas.h.i.+ng into the Hetun's embrace, the th.o.r.n.y ground that had stabbed into her back became even deeper.

"... "Ugh!"

The Hetun let out a low and deep roar, and almost couldn't release any breath of air.

He could even hear the sound of his blood rolling in his throat!

He used both arms to tightly wrap around Feng Xinglang's waist, preventing him from being stabbed and injured.

More blood flowed out, dyeing his body in a strange bright red color.

They gathered together and flowed out from the lowest part of the spike, outlining a b.l.o.o.d.y and miserable scene.

Perhaps from the moment he rushed over to Yulong City's Heavenly Gate Alley Room, Hetun had already made a choice in the depths of his heart.

He knew that when the Hetun abducts his son and grandson, they will do as they were in the past: give them back what they did!

Hetun made a choice!

He had chosen his own son, Feng Xinglang!

In theory, he should have chosen grandson 15.

This was because this little fellow was only five years old. His life would still be long!

But Hetun chose her son Feng Xinglang.

Not to mention how ruthless the Hetun was. If she could: he would give his life in exchange for his children!

It's just that Cong Gang did not give him the chance! Cong Gang wanted to force him to make the same choice as what he did back then, that was so painful that he wished he was dead!

A cruel fact was laid in front of Hetun: From a grandfather's body, choosing grandson fifteen would mean that his Hetun would forever lose his own son, and his grandson fifteen would forever lose his father.

This kind of pain would accompany him and his grandson for the rest of their lives!

If he chose his son, Xing Lang …

Maybe their sons, Xing Lang and Lin Xueluo, would only suffer short term pains! They would also have a second child that belonged to them …

That was why the Hetun was rational.

Yet in the moment that he made the decision to choose his son, Xing Lang, his rational heart shed blood and wept for his grandson!


Feng Xinglang could not care about his own calf that was in pain, he used the sharp thorns on the ground to cut the rope tied around his wrist.

But Feng Xinglang did not care about all that. At this moment, all he had in his eyes and heart was his own son, Feng Linnuo.

There were bloodstains on his wrist. After his hands were freed, Feng Xinglang immediately ripped off the aluminum foil tape around his mouth.

"Nuonuo... Nuonuo... Promise me your father... Nuonuo... "

With the help of Hetun's body, Feng Xinglang pa.s.sed through the Earth Thrust and rolled sideways until he reached her son Linnuo's side.

It was unknown when Linnuo's little friend's Earth Spike had retreated, but many prismatic holes had appeared on the ground.

Directly below the rope was a square hidden compartment filled with ocean b.a.l.l.s.

A small body was flopping around inside.

It was probably because the pool was too deep, so the little thing was unable to reach the surface. It could only try its best to poke its head out of the water.

"Feng Xinglang... I'm down there. "I'm below …"

Feng Xinglang immediately jumped into the pond, and started fis.h.i.+ng at the place where his son was flopping towards.

"Feng Xinglang... I'm here. I'm fine, I'm still alive! "

Finally, his son's head popped out of the pond.

When he saw his lively son, Feng Xinglang's eyes became misty. He immediately scooped out the little thing from the Ocean Sphere Pool and hugged it as he sobbed.

"Darling … You're scaring your b.a.s.t.a.r.d father! "

Feng Xinglang couldn't help but cry out. He really couldn't afford to lose his own child again! That would be more painful than killing him.

"Feng Xinglang, you're bleeding … Does it hurt? "

The little guy noticed the sticky, b.l.o.o.d.y scar on Feng Xinglang's face.

"It's fine... Nothing will happen to my father! "

Feng Xinglang messily kissed the little guy's cheeks, sticking and kissing, kissing and kissing again; wis.h.i.+ng that he could embed the little thing into his own life.

"Where's father?" Where's my foster father? "

Thinking of something, the little fellow looked around; the little thing that stuck its head out of the sea ball pool saw the foster father Hetun who was lying on the thorns on the ground, with blood flowing everywhere, almost to the point of death.

"Feng Xinglang! Hurry and save my foster father! He lost a lot of blood. He will die! "

The little fellow anxiously pushed at Feng Xinglang's shoulder, begging him to save foster father Hetun who was riddled with holes.

Feng Xinglang turned his head, and silently stared at the Hetun that was used as a cus.h.i.+on and covered in blood!

All of a sudden, all the grudges slowly dissipated at this moment, like drifting clouds and mist.

Feng Xinglang thought that he would never forgive Hetun again in his life. and even more so, would not accept the existence of a Hetun!

However, at this moment, the thorn that was stuck in his heart was no longer as sharp!

Feng Xinglang just stared silently at the Hetun in the pool of blood, tightly hugging his child!

"Ah Lang... My child. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to you, mother and son. And even more so, to let Ah He down … The next life … "Don't be my child."

Hetun's voice was no longer coherent. It was broken and broken, as if he could lose his breath at any time.

"Foster father... Don't die! Stop talking! "

The little child began to sob loudly, "Feng Xinglang, hurry up and think of a way to save my foster father!"

The little guy pushed at Feng Xinglang's motionless body, trying to step on the ground to save foster father Hetun, but was pulled back due to the p.r.i.c.king pain.

"He's not worth it for me to save him at all! He deserves it! "

Feng Xinglang's voice was solemn, filled with the anger that had acc.u.mulated in his heart. However, before he could finish his sentence, his eyes turned red again.

"You're not saving my foster father! I will save myself! "

The little guy got rid of Feng Xinglang's embrace, and looked around anxiously. He picked up a chair, a sofa cus.h.i.+on, and a small round table that he could move and threw it all onto the ground.

"Fifteen... Good child … Stop fooling around. "Call me grandpa …"

"NO!" I won't scream! You have to survive before I call you! "

The little fellow who couldn't move the sofa, was so anxious that his eyes were filled with tears, "Feng Xinglang, come and help us quickly! If my foster father were to die … I will not forgive you! "

"Fifteen... You are such a filial child. Father didn't … I didn't love you for nothing. If my foster father were to die … Remember to help your foster father. Take good care of your father... He … He loves you very much. "

"Foster father... You don't want to talk anymore! You won't die. Fifteen will not allow you to die … You can't die! "

The little fellow was already in tears.

Struggling with her small shoulders, she pushed against the heavy sofa.

Feng Xinglang stood in place, he did not seem to understand the deep feelings his son Nuonuo had for the Hetun.

Looking at the little thing's small face that was covered in sweat and tears, Feng Xinglang's heart ached for a period of time.

He didn't know if he should help.

To save an enemy who had put him to death again and again?

However, he couldn't bear to let his son eat so much. The little guy's every grunt and growl made his heart ache!

In the end, Feng Xinglang's leg moved!

He walked over to his son and helped him push on the sofa to level the spikes on the floor.

Feng Xinglang clearly knew that he was only helping his child!

That's all!

Cong Gang silently looked at the love and hatred between their ancestors and their grandchildren.

The love that was thicker than water and the hatred that could not be resolved seemed to have been explained to a certain extent at this moment.

Perhaps only when they were on the verge of death could they clearly see each other's hearts and feel each other's feelings.

"Boss, Xing Er is here!" There are a total of six fast boats leading the way, and behind them is a large cruise s.h.i.+p! "

Wei Kang walked over to Cong Gang's side and reported. Seeing that Cong Gang was only silently staring at the Hetun's three generations of ancestors, he added: "They should be able to arrive in half an hour!"

"Bring Old Third and the Old Four away first!"

After a long while, Cong Gang finally answered back indifferently.

"What about you?"

"Me? Heh! If I leave, you won't be able to escape! I will stay behind and go to h.e.l.l with Hetun! "

Cong Gang took in a deep breath, but could only exhale half of it slowly.

"Boss, I'll stay!" You should go with third brother Old Four first! "

"Cut the c.r.a.p!" Run! If you don't leave now, no one will! "

Cong Gang slowly raised his spear towards Hetun who was about to be pierced through the ground.

He knew very well that for someone like the Hetun, even if they took the initiative to stab the ground, they would still avoid the fatal spots and vital points of their body.

Therefore, Hetun who had lost a lot of blood would not die that quickly!

He could definitely endure until Xing Er hurried over to save him!

Cong Gang had already sensed that the Hetun was beginning to slow down and adjust his breathing, in order to reduce the amount of blood flowing out of his body.

"Giant caterpillar, you are not allowed to harm my foster father!"

The little fellow let out a fierce roar.

But Feng Xinglang did not move. It was as if Cong Gang was pointing his gun at an unfamiliar pa.s.serby.

Or perhaps, in Feng Xinglang's eyes, the Hetun was not even equal to a pa.s.serby!

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