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Chapter 149.1 : Paladia Kingdom Castle And The Situation of The Village

The second afternoon after the night he fought Nidol in Proxia kingdom, Rio was making a visit to the royal castle of Paladia kingdom. if he were speaking frankly about the aspect of the castle town that spread around the lake, it's clearly prospering for a city of a big kingdom. From the roadside of the commercial district, one can see the usual bustling scenery of merchant and buyer raising their voice.

(It's………. Surprisingly normal)

Was Rio first impression about the capital of this kingdom. Following the information that he got from Nidol after the fight in Proxia empire royal castle, the first prince of this Paladia kingdom –The previous hirer of Lucius mercenary group– Might have the information about Lucius, but――
He have no choice but to trust and checking out the truth about the seemingly shady information as he have no other choice.

(Let's slip into the castle once the day turned into night)

(~'.')~To Be Continue In The Next Release Xp~(‘.'~)

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