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Chapter 763 You only like secondhand smoke?

After leaving the Shallow Water Bay, Feng Xinglang's heart was heavy.

A wave of suffocation hit him, making him unable to breathe!

The cool evening wind blew through the open window. That force was enough to cause pain to one's face.

The man knew that if the woman stayed in Shallow Water Bay, both mother and son would be safe.

To a man, not only did his woman and child not choose him, they chose to be under someone else's protection. This was even more unbearable than slapping him, Feng Xinglang's, face.

However, at the moment, it seemed that this was the only option.

The look of the woman holding the chopper and pressing it against his neck shocked the man's heart.

Lin Xueluo had his own grievances; rather, Feng Xinglang had his own helplessness.

It was not as if Feng Xinglang didn't know that it was unfair to that woman, Lin Xueluo, that he was always a slave and biased towards his big brother.

Feng Xinglang also knew that Lan Youyou had used his weakness, which was being his brother's servant, to cause trouble.

But the person Lan Youyou wanted to deal with this time, was Yan Bang; and she also received the punishment that she deserved.

However, Xueluo and her son became the victims of the conflict between Lan Youyou and her.

From the two risks his son had taken: one was an attempt, the other was an attempt without any danger; Feng Xinglang realized that there was a pair of invisible hands controlling and fermenting the nasty effects of his photo with Yan Bang.

Feng Xinglang thought of a person.

A person who had been so quiet recently that it was hard to notice him, but who had suddenly thought of him when he was cold.

The Porsche SuperStar was running as fast as a tornado as it headed towards the waist of the mountain.

This was Cong Gang's place of residence. The day was desolate and the night was strange.

There were still barricades, but Feng Xinglang forced his way through the bushes at the side. Even if one of them were to fall apart, it wouldn't be able to stop Feng Xinglang from coming forward to denounce them.

This night had been tormented for the greater part of the night. It was almost two in the morning, and the night was already dark and quiet.

With a beautiful flick of its tail, Feng Xinglang stopped in front of the entrance of Cong Gang's Ghost Hut.

The haunted house was quiet.

In the darkness of the night, it was even more mysterious and creepy.

Feng Xinglang had been to Cong Gang's Ghost Hut more than once, so he was not surprised.

With a 'bang bang,' Feng Xinglang smashed his fist against the door of intelligence. In the quiet night, it was especially ear-piercing.

No matter if it was a human or a ghost, they were all awakened by Feng Xinglang's barbaric banging on the door.

Perhaps the people in the room had long known that someone had barged into his territory, but they were too lazy to pay attention to the savagery and brutality of the intruder.

Not only did he smash the door with his fist, Feng Xinglang had already started to kick it with his leg. The entire AI door let out a dissatisfied buzzing sound.

'Click! 'was the sound of a lock being unlocked.

This meant that the person in the room had woken up. This also meant that the person in the room knew who the person was.

The lights in the living room were not bright, but rather dim. It blended very well with the dark night, making people's eyes very comfortable.

In the living room, Feng Xinglang did not see Cong Gang; most of the s.p.a.ce was still occupied by the pots, pots, and flowers.

It allowed him to feel the ethereal energy.

Feng Xinglang was not in the mood to admire the beautiful flowers and plants. He walked towards the bedroom where Cong Gang was likely to be.

A dim light shone from the master bedroom on the second floor. A terrifying aura rose from the dark corridor.

Feng Xinglang walked towards the door of the master bedroom without hesitation. He knew that there would be no beasts inside.

There will only be that b.i.t.c.h Cong Gang!

Until Feng Xinglang stood proudly to the side, it was as if Cong Gang had just woken up from his dream.

The sleepy Cong Gang looked like she was living in another house.

Unfortunately, not a single trace of a woman could be found in his bedroom, or even in the entire villa.

Sometimes, even the curious Feng Xinglang would suspect: Could this Cong Gang be an alien beast? He was clearly a man living at home, but he had the skills and methods of a ghost.

"It's so late. "Why are you here?"

Cong Gang glanced at Feng Xinglang sleepily, and then got up from the bed.

Feng Xinglang handed over a cigarette. It seemed to be trying to use smoke to stimulate Cong Gang's sleepiness.

"I never smoke! Have you forgotten? "

After a slight pause, Cong Gang's eyelids drooped down, "Of course, you have no obligation to remember this."

Feng Xinglang moved the cigarette between his fingers to his lips, picked it up, and lit it.

Handsome men, the actions of a ruffian.

After a series of puffs and puffs, his handsome face, which was shrouded in smoke, became even more secretive.

"All I remember is that you liked smoking secondhand cigarettes!" Feng Xinglang said with a cold humour.

"..." Cong Gang was silent for a moment: It seems like there was nothing he could do against such a vile Feng Xinglang.

"You came to my place so late at night just to let me smoke your second-hand smoke?"

Cong Gang leaned his thin upper body backwards, as if he could see the displeasure on Feng Xinglang's handsome face more clearly from a distance.

"Haven't you been out for a walk?" It's bustling with noise and excitement outside! "

Feng Xinglang stared closely into Cong Gang's eyes. Sharp eyes watched his every move.

Cong Gang and Yan Bang were practically two people with extreme personalities.

One was furious and fierce, while the other was calm in the face of danger.

"I'm not feeling too well recently. I'm currently resting." Cong Gang remained calm and collected.

"Bad health? What disease is it? " Feng Xinglang asked leisurely.

"The heart attack that has been on the verge of death!"

Cong Gang replied very seriously, he did not have any intention of teasing Feng Xinglang at all.

"Heart attack?" Feng Xinglang snorted, "I guess your problem is to get rid of Yan Bang right?"

Cong Gang silently raised his head and met Feng Xinglang's gaze that was sizing him up. He pursed his lips and laughed coldly.

"You flatter Yan Bang! At least until now, he has not been able to be added to my list! "

"What list?" You want people to die quickly? "

Feng Xinglang raised his voice, "Excuse me, but do you have me on your list?"

"No!" Not now, and not in the future! "

Cong Gang replied to Feng Xinglang's provocative question with a gentle voice. He was always quiet.

"Is that my honor?" Feng Xinglang asked with a smile.

"Tell me who's on your list!"

Feng Xinglang brought a chair over and sat down, as if he was all ears.

Cong Gang quietly stared at Feng Xinglang who was just inches away from him, and watched him exhale smoke from his lips.

Cong Gang himself didn't smoke, but he also hated it when people smoked!

However, every time he smoked Feng Xinglang's second-hand smoke, he would always accept his fate.

"Feng Xinglang, you can do whatever I want! He didn't have the ability to control it either! One Feng Lixin, one Feng Tuantuan, and one Lan Youyou, that is already enough for you to handle! "

Cong Gang's voice was indifferent, as usual, without any ripples.

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