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Chapter 749 - Enjoy Just thinking about it!

He knew that women suffered a lot for their children, but he didn't expect it to be so subtle that it could even be a small part of their lives.

It was not hard to imagine that every day a woman lived in the Pater Castle, she lived with caution. Even if it was just a meal.

"Alright Nuonuo, eat your meal obediently. Mommy knows you're a good, filial boy. "

Xueluo did not want to recall her sorrowful past. She still yearned for a beautiful future, and would not choke on her food.

"Wife... I made you suffer. "

Feng Xinglang's voice was hoa.r.s.e, as though he felt guilty from the depths of his soul. He reached out his long arm and put his arm around the woman's thin shoulders, staying silent for a long time.

The woman's shoulders were delicate, but she had propped up a peaceful day for him and her children.

"Enough, don't lament. Eat quickly, the food is cold! Nuonuo is also my child, this is what a mother should do. "

Xueluo felt the man's hand on her shoulder tremble slightly. He rubbed her shoulders gently with his palm, over and over again. She could feel his presence, his warmth.

"Feng Xinglang, you are playing a trick again! But no matter what, I won't fall for your trick again! "Mummy has told me that she loves her own son the most in her life, me!"

The little guy proudly said. It looked like Feng Xinglang was the type of person who loved me the most, no matter how hard he tried, and kissed me the most.

"Also, stop trying to please me by kissing my mother. It's useless!"

The little guy quickly climbed down from the chair, and while gnawing on the ribs in his hand, he used his greasy little hands to pull away the hand that his father Feng Xinglang had placed on Mommy's shoulder.

The situation was warm, but just as Xueluo was worried about, the warm moment was always so short.

Feng Xinglang's phone rang, the call was from Feng Family.

Feng Xinglang frowned slightly. After pausing for a second, he connected the call.

"Second Young Master... Oh no... "Something big has happened..."

Nanny An's wailing voice came out of the phone, she was so anxious that she could not speak anymore.

"What happened? Slow down! The sky will not collapse! "

Feng Xinglang comforted the incoherent Nanny An.

"Just now, just now, Yan Bang, he … He took his wife away. Surrounding her … "She …"

"What happened to the group?"

Feng Xinglang asked coldly.

"While chasing after him, he rolled down the stairs and his head was smashed … First Young Master and Butler Mo had just sent her to the hospital. "Woo woo …"

The crying of the Nanny An drowned out the sounds that came from the back.

Feng Xinglang had kidnapped Lan Youyou from Feng Family, and Feng Tuantuan, who had been chasing after him, had been hospitalized with his head smashed on the ground.

"I know." Amidst Nanny An's weeping, Feng Xinglang slowly hung up the phone.

Yan Bang had finally investigated Lan Youyou, this woman who overestimated her own strength; Feng Xinglang just did not expect Yan Bang to move so quickly.

The crying sound of the Nanny An on the phone was so loud, Xueluo also heard what happened in the Feng Family.

Seeing that the man was just sitting there silently, deep in thought, Xueluo still tried to urge him on.

"Xinglang, quickly go to Feng Family and take a look. No matter how wrong the adults were, the children were always innocent! Yan Bang is so vicious, he must have scared the whole group. "

A woman was even more beautiful because of her kindness. Maybe Xueluo also hated Lan Youyou, but she could not bear for the three and a half year old Feng Tuantuan to follow her mother and be terrified.

Feng Xinglang's thin lips moved, and she nodded her head, "Then I'll go to Feng Family, you sleep with your son first!"

"Nuonuo, take good care of your mother!" After giving his son another reminder, Feng Xinglang then left with vigorous strides.

Watching as the b.a.s.t.a.r.d's father left, little friend Linnuo lowered his eyes and looked towards the dejected Mommy, Xueluo.

"Mommy, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's biological father is always so busy …" You don't even have time to have dinner with your wife and children! "

Xueluo was slightly startled by his son's discontent.

"Nuonuo, don't say that. Your uncle's child, your sister. As your big brother, you have the responsibility to protect your little sister. "

The little fellow pursed its lips but didn't say anything.


Just as Feng Xinglang's Porsche flew out of the district, Feng Lixin called.

"Xinglang, Yan Bang took Youyou away, go to the Yulong City and save Youyou …"

Feng Lixin's anxious voice was already filled with a sobbing tone.

On one side was her injured daughter, while on the other was the beloved girl that had been kidnapped.

"What happened to the team?"

Feng Xinglang skipped over the topic and asked Feng Lixin.

"b.a.l.l.s' forehead is cracked. They're having a brain exam right now."

Feng Lixin's voice trembled with panic. He was really afraid that his daughter, Feng Tuantuan, would be in trouble.

"Which hospital?" Feng Xinglang asked again.

"In the children's hospital..."

Aware of something, Feng Lixin immediately said anxiously: "Xinglang, don't come over here for now. Go to the Yulong City and save Lan-Lun! I was afraid that Yan Bang would … He had insulted Youyou! You know Yan Bang's methods! "

Feng Xinglang stayed silent for a while, before replying with a light snort, "Okay … Then I'll rush to the Yulong City first! After the brain exam is completed, you can give me a call! "" No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Feng Tuantuan had watched as he grew up, so how could he not feel pain and love Feng Tuantuan? As long as Lil Thing cried out in grievance, his heart would also be thrown into disarray.

Outside the Yulong City's door, the Porsche had stopped. He did not charge in recklessly.

The well-defined fingers dryly tapped on the steering wheel.

Was he going in? Or not to go in?

Or maybe he would wait a while before he went in.

An inexplicable sense of dryness. .h.i.t him, but Feng Xinglang still fiercely stepped on the gas pedal. Before the Yulong City's intelligent electric gate was completely opened, Feng Xinglang had already ran in.


"You like to see men naked?"

In the secret room of the Yulong City, Lan Youyou was bound to a dome shaped metal beam by iron chains. His clothes were all messed up.

"Speak, who else do you want to see other than me? There are many men in my Yulong City! "

"I'll show it to you!" You disgusting monster! "

Lan Youyou coldly glared at Yan Bang. She had always looked down on Yan Bang.

"You reckless fool!"

Yan Bang's kicks landed on the iron chains, causing Lan Youyou's delicate body to sway from the kicks.

"Yan Bang, don't be too arrogant! Your time of death is almost up! Hetun will take my life for you! You will die even more miserably than I do! "

Lan Youyou hissed, and laughed sinisterly:

"With the means of Hetun, he will definitely castrate you! Hehehehe... Just the thought of it makes it fun! "

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