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### Chapter 78 - It hurts so much, this man better die!]

In the treatment room, Feng Xinglang sat quietly in front of his brother Feng Lixin's sickbed. The two brothers were silent, as they heard the various sounds made by the life detector. It was a suffocating feeling.

After a few minutes of silence, Feng Xinglang opened his mouth once again and asked: "Big bro, are you defending the person who called you to find me in the underground warehouse because, that person … that is Lan Youyou? "

With Feng Xinglang's words, Feng Lixin's reaction became more intense, his originally lying down body, almost sat up straight on the sickbed.

"No, it's not Youyou … It wasn't her! Xinglang, Youyou is already dead, why are you still pursuing her? " Feng Lixin did his best to protect Lan Youyou, even if it was the dead Lan Youyou.

"I don't blame anyone! Xinglang, don't feel pressured anymore! I was so badly hurt that I couldn't escape. I didn't mean to save you … Xinglang, don't think that I have sacrificed myself for you, I am not that n.o.ble! "

The words were said in a rush, causing Feng Lixin to cough twice, "Xinglang, don't pursue the matter anymore … I really don't blame anyone, and I don't hate anyone either! "

"I can't possibly not pursue this matter!" Feng Xinglang muttered softly. Seeing Feng Lixin doing his best to protect Lan Youyou, his heart was fiercely wrung by pain.

Even the 'dead' Lan Youyou still held many of his feelings, and was trapped by them. At that moment, Feng Xinglang suddenly did not want to tell his brother about the news that Feng Lixin was still alive.

Lan Youyou died in Feng Lixin's heart, so it would only be better. Because if Lan Youyou was still alive, he might only be hurt even more. The truth of the matter was often shockingly cruel.

"Xinglang... Don't pursue the matter any further! Even if this brother begs you! " Feng Lixin placed his own hand that was filled with scars onto Feng Xinglang's.

"Then live well! "Healthy!" Feng Xinglang held Feng Lixin's hand tightly.


After was.h.i.+ng Yuan Duoduo's warm water bath, when Xueluo just finished was.h.i.+ng up and came out of the washroom, he saw that the Nanny An was already waiting in the guest room.

"Nanny An, are you looking for me?" Xueluo saw that the Nanny An's face looked sad.

"Madam, you should go to the third floor to take a look at Second Young Master! He was drinking by himself … He has a bad stomach, and I'm afraid he's drunk! I'm going to have a stomachache again. " Nanny An said with tears in his eyes and pain in his heart.

"Oh, okay …" Worried about the man's safety, Xueluo put down the towel that was used to wipe her hair and walked out of the room, but just as she walked two steps she stopped again, "Nanny An, you should go and advise Butler Mo. I... I'm not in the mood! "

It was indeed inconvenient! Thinking about how he had been shamelessly treated by that angry man more than an hour ago, even his belt had been taken off and he was only missing the last line of defense to invade her … If she went upstairs now to persuade him, and the man was drinking wine, if he acted like he was drunk or something, would he be able to live?

"Sigh, Butler Mo and Doctor Jin are comforting First Young Master. I heard that the First Young Master and the Second Young Master had a fight. " Nanny An sighed.

"What?" Feng Xinglang and Lixin fought? Was he about to go crazy? He's actually arguing with his brother? Could Lixin's body withstand his excitement? Why is this Feng Xinglang like this? "

Xueluo was anxious and indignant at first, but she suddenly thought of something and asked anxiously, "Nanny An, did Lixin and Feng Xinglang quarrel because of me?"

"No... It seems to be because of Miss Lan Youyou's matter. " Nanny An sighed again.

"Oh," Xueluo heaved a sigh of relief. It wasn't because she went to the Night Villa to dance that kind of dance. Then what about Lixin? I have to see him. "

Without waiting for Nanny An's reply, Xueluo ran towards the medical treatment room on the second floor in his pajamas. However, he was stopped by Butler Mo who just came out of the medical room, "Madam, it's better if you don't go in. Doctor Jin was giving the First Young Master a ventilator! No one in First Young Master wanted to see him! "Even I was chased out!"

"This Feng Xinglang is really something! She knew that her brother's health was not good, yet she still had a quarrel with Lixin? What's he crazy about? " Xueluo started to blame himself anxiously.

"This time, we can't blame Second Young Master … and I can't blame First Young Master … Blame it on the relations.h.i.+p between men and women that was the most hurtful! The First Young Master did not forget Miss Lan Youyou, but the fact that Second Young Master found out about her injuries had something to do with Miss Lan Youyou! "One won't let us track them down, while the other wants us to track them down."

Housekeeper Mo lowered his voice, "First Young Master almost lost his life, how can you not investigate! This case of the First Young Master, it is most likely related to Miss Lan Youyou! "

"Feng Xinglang is r.e.t.a.r.ded, wouldn't he be secretly tracking us down? Why do you insist on letting Lixin know? " Xueluo questioned.

"I think the Second Young Master obtained some clues, and he just wanted to get it verified from the First Young Master. How could the First Young Master stand up to his schemes! " Butler Mo looked towards the third floor. Madam, Second Young Master is not in a good mood, you should go upstairs and take a look. "

Xueluo was startled, and instinctively took a big step back. "I'm not going! Feng Xinglang, he … He … Always. Always. Don't respect me! Butler Mo, may I trouble you to head upstairs for a moment? "

"Ma'am, if you don't want to go, then forget it! Then let Second Young Master's stomach ache to death. " After saying this, Butler Mo hurried downstairs.

He left Xueluo standing where he was, not knowing whether he should go upstairs or downstairs.

However, Butler Mo's words' let Second Young Master's stomach ache to death 'made Xueluo even more conflicted. Should he go up to the third floor to take a look at Feng Xinglang who was drinking?

He was really depressed: The Nanny An did not care, and Housekeeper Mo did not care, why should he care? Aren't they worried that Feng Xinglang's stomach will ache? Why did it feel like Nanny An and Butler Mo had deliberately pushed her towards Feng Xinglang?

Every time he cared about that man, what he got in return was the contempt and humiliation of that man. Why should I care about him? Xueluo gritted his teeth: Fine, Nanny An and Butler Mo will not care, nor will she!

After listening outside the medical treatment room for a while, it was quiet inside. Feng Lixin should be time to rest.

Xueluo turned and walked down the stairs resolutely. There was still the injured Yuan Duoduo to take care of in the guest room downstairs. But when Xueluo reached the stairs on the second floor and was about to go downstairs, there was a loud clanging sound, which should have been the sound of the wine bottle hitting the floor, and then the sound of furniture falling to the ground.

Xueluo's heart suddenly leapt into her throat, and without even thinking, she ran upstairs at a brisk pace.

"Xinglang... Feng Xinglang, are you alright? " Xueluo rushed into the semi-open sun room on the third floor and saw Feng Xinglang's robust body lying on the floor. A few empty red bottles were strewn all around.

Xueluo knelt on one knee, using all his strength to try and help Feng Xinglang, who was lying on the ground, up. With a flip of his body, he brought Xueluo down to the ground, and then pressed her down under him …

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