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It felt like he was not criticizing his own daughter, but looking down on the dirt on her hands?

Feng Xinglang, who had failed to touch Xiao An's face, seemed to be a little unresigned, and once again reached out his hand …

When Little An An saw the bad uncle reaching out his unwashed hand again, she immediately tilted her head to the side.

"Dad, don't you dare touch her! Ann doesn't like people touching her! "

The little bug sealing child immediately came forward to cover An An's face. As if he had become a competent and sincere escort. His hand had already reached out, if he did not touch anything, president would lose a lot of face. Seeing that his little son was against him, Feng Xinglang changed his direction and touched Cong Gang's face. It was also a form of revenge in his eyes …

He pinched his cheeks hard!

He had a vengeful heart that said, "If you allow your daughter to bite me, I'll pinch you."

Cong Gang really did not expect Feng Xinglang to pinch his cheeks in retaliation.

Every time this happened, he would uncontrollably cras.h.!.+


After saying that word, Xiao An immediately stretched out his hand to push Feng Xinglang's hand away. His other hand was tightly hugging Cong Gang's cheek, preventing Feng Xinglang from continuing to pinch it.

"You don't want me to pinch it, right? I have to pinch. He had to pinch! If you don't let me touch your hands, I will pinch your father's face... It's up to you! "

Feng Xinglang used a roundabout way to pinch Cong Gang's face with his other hand. He was so busy that he hit Cong Gang's face to protect it.

Thus, Feng Xinglang won against a sixteen month old little milk baby, and once again successfully pinched Cong Gang's cheek.

"Bad father, you don't have to tease An An! Anthea will cry! " It also made the little envoy of the Flower Protector, Feng Bujue's little friend, very anxious.

Crying was impossible, and while Feng Xinglang's evil smile was still plastered on her handsome face, she immediately threw herself forward and hugged his hand, and once again fiercely bit down … This time, the little thing used all its strength!

"Hiss, hmm!" He didn't want to squeeze anymore … He didn't want to squeeze anymore … Cong Gang... Cong Gang... Quick, let your daughter let go! "

Feng Xinglang was convinced of this little thing's ability to bite people easily.

It was obvious that this little thing was very protective of her father.

Not only did he fail to gain an advantage, he even got bitten twice by his future daughter-in-law … Feng Xinglang hopelessly sat in the carriage heading towards the company.

"Oh, President Feng, how did you do that? It looks like he was bitten, right? Who dares to bite you? "

Basong saw from the rearview mirror that the President Feng was inspecting his bitten finger.

"The little girl from your family! Cong Gang simply gave birth to a little Tyrannosaurus Rex! "

Feng Xinglang gasped from the pain. This time, he finally felt how much pain his wife felt from being bitten by his daughter late at night.

Just as he thought about his wife, Xueluo's phone call came in.

"Xinglang, Xinglang, have you seen Cong Gang's daughter yet?"

Xueluo who was on the phone was excited and excited, "Isn't it very beautiful, very cute?"

"What's cute about it?" A little girl who liked to bite people! "Not cute at all!" Feng Xinglang snorted and replied.

"Hahaha, have you been bitten by An An? Then you must have touched her first, which is why you got bitten, right? "

A husband shouldn't be a wife, Xueluo still knew his husband well. "He probably saw that An'an was very cute, and decided to take action the moment he disagreed with her." How could you possibly touch Cong Gang's daughter just because you wanted to?! A tiger father doesn't have a dog daughter, little An An is definitely a powerful character! " Even if he didn't see An'an's people, Xueluo felt that An'an's personality was definitely aloof and aloof.

"Right, right, our little daughter-in-law doesn't look like Cong Gang?" Thinking of something, Xueluo anxiously asked again.

"Just thirty to forty percent! [That little girl bit me, her father-in-law, for the first time in our meeting …] What would happen in the future? We really have to consider this daughter-in-law of ours carefully! "

Before rus.h.i.+ng to the Qibei Mountain City, Feng Xinglang's emotions were all complicated. Perhaps he had selfishly thought: that Cong Gang's life should revolve around him, Feng Xinglang! Because he, Feng Xinglang, had bestowed Cong Gang with a second life!

However, when he saw An An, he felt that Cong Gang would not be lonely anymore with her daughter as a spiritual Legacy.

However, something that should have belonged entirely to him now belonged to someone else … He couldn't help feeling a little disappointed in his heart!

The crucial point was that he, Feng Xinglang, could not fight over him! He had to give Cong Gang up!

How could someone as loyal as Feng Xinglang be willing to fight over a person like him, who drank milk?

Feng Xinglang had thought of many ways to lose Cong Gang, whether it be death or disability, but he really hadn't thought of this way!

It didn't matter if An An's mother was a Lia or not; she was now Cong Gang's one and only child!

"Haha, you really got bitten by An An?" Xueluo was amused. " Xueluo, I think, this daughter that Cong Gang raised … … It was very likely he had a strange personality! To put it harshly, it was just that his body and mind were unhealthy! You definitely didn't expect that Cong Gang would actually let a sixteen month old infant change his urine! And …

Furthermore, the child had actually changed his urine for him! You said that it's not scary! "

Hearing Feng Xinglang's tone of voice, it seemed as if he was extremely dissatisfied with Cong Gang.

"Ah?" Did An An really know how to change to wet or not? Oh my G.o.d... He's simply a child prodigy! " Xueluo exclaimed.

"You know how to pee or not and you become a prodigy? Cong Gang said that he started training his daughter around the time of ten months … Do you think he's a pervert? "

It was clear that Feng Xinglang was not in a good mood.

"Xinglang, why do you say that? I have my own way of teaching! Don't think you're the only one who's right, okay? " Xueluo was sensible.

Thinking about something, Xueluo hurriedly asked again, "Oh right, Xinglang, you invited Cong Gang and his father to a gathering in vacation villa tomorrow, don't forget about it!"

He had really forgotten his plan to delay the war that morning.

"Mm, I won't forget. I will give Cong Gang a call to remind him later. "

There was no need to turn around anymore. After his wife hung up, he immediately dialed Cong Gang's number.

"Cong Gang, there's going to be a family reunion in Bai Family tomorrow. Bring An An there to celebrate for her!"

Feng Xinglang's way of speaking was very wise, allowing others to feel comfortable and polite listening to him.

"No need! Anthea does not like to see strangers! " It was actually rejected by Cong Gang.

"Cong Gang, don't tell me you want your daughter to hide away for the rest of her life?"

Feng Xinglang said coldly, "It's a deal, we will meet again tomorrow at vacation villa! If you don't come, then my insect will not be your son-in-law anymore!

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