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Chapter 734 - The feeling of being fought by two men

The little guy excitedly opened the toy box. When he saw a giant, adorable panda that didn't fall down, his flying eyebrows instantly dimmed down.

"An old man? Mommy, you are so childis.h.!.+ Your biological son stopped playing with it when he was three years old! "

"You don't like it?" Then give Mommy back! "

Xueluo was in a great mood today. She reached out her hand to pretend that she wanted to take back the ceramic panda, but the little fellow just held on tight and refused to let go.

"Mommy, how can you take something back that's given to someone else? How embarra.s.sing! "

Although this toy was not on the same level as his IQ, it was given to him by his most beloved mother, the little guy was especially fond of her.

"Mommy doesn't feel embarra.s.sed at all!"

Xueluo purposely played with his cute and weird son.

"Well, my own son has reluctantly fallen in love with it! Mommy, you're getting more and more unruly. "

As the little guy was playing around, he saw the huge diamond ring on Ma Mi Xueluo's ring finger. It was a light pink like a fairy tale, reflecting Xueluo's white and delicate hands exceptionally well.

"Mommy, where did you get this ring? Was it given to you by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang? "

The little guy picked up the hand that Mommy Xueluo was wearing the diamond ring on, and started to interrogate her nervously.

"That's right... Does Mommy look good in it? "

Xueluo did not hide anything and openly presented the diamond ring Feng Xinglang had given her.

"Of course not! "It's not pretty at all!"

The little guy seemed to be filled with righteous indignation, "Mommy, how can you accept b.a.s.t.a.r.d's gift so casually? You're playing with a little gift? Then, Feng Xinglang the b.a.s.t.a.r.d could take this opportunity to play hooligan, right? Did he hug you? Did I kiss you? It's over, you must have been kissed by him! "

The little guy who was so angry that his mother did not fight was slightly disappointed, "Mommy, how could you be so easily tricked by Feng Xinglang, the b.a.s.t.a.r.d?"

was startled by his son's sudden ruckus.

"Brat, what are you doing?" Your father loves you and your mother loves you dearly, why aren't you happy? "

After finis.h.i.+ng the call, Feng Xinglang walked over and picked up Ao Xing's son.

"Feng Xinglang, your mother is mine! You can't fight with me for it! Furthermore, we can't just recklessly s.n.a.t.c.h them away! "

The little guy solemnly said. Maybe it was because it lacked a fatherly love since it was young, but the little guy had an especially strong possessive desire towards Mommy Lin Xueluo.

Feng Xinglang kissed his son's forehead, "Dad and Mommy, they are all yours. No one can s.n.a.t.c.h us away! "Darling, we'll always love you!"

"To prove that you love me: from today on, Mommy will have to sleep with me. You sleep next door!"

The little guy cleverly climbed up the pole. He was afraid of being ignored and was more attached to his own mother than his peers.

"About this..." Feng Xinglang dragged his voice, "We can still discuss about it."

"I agree... You sleep next door. "

Xueluo took over. Her mood was bright and beautiful. The feeling of being fought over by two men was really beautiful.

"My mother loves my son the most."

Little Linnuo was excited, but Feng Xinglang had a cold expression on his handsome face.

He had been preparing for the entire afternoon, yet in the end, he couldn't get even a little bit of benefit. Instead, he had to be left to sleep next door?

During dinner, Feng Xinglang received a call from Yan Bang. He said he had news of the cleaner coming to his house.

After settling down his wife and children, Feng Xinglang quickly rushed to Yulong City. There were some truths that could be cruel, but Feng Xinglang had no choice but to face them. He would not allow anyone to hurt his loved ones again.

It was more or less the same as what Wei Kang had investigated: around the day of the accident, this cleaning worker had met with three suspicious people. Two men and one woman.

The photographs of the two men were relatively clear, and their ident.i.ties had been identified together: one was the ex-husband of the cleaner, the other was the son of the ex-husband of the cleaner. The former also had some physical conflict with her. When she came to meet the two men, the cleaning woman had disguised herself as if she were afraid that someone would recognize her.

As for the woman, the picture was blurry, only showing a rough outline of her back.

Feng Xinglang's gaze fell on the photo and remained silent for a long time.

"Lang, three months ago, this old woman was ruthlessly beaten by her ex-husband. It seems that her ex-husband owed him a gamble and forced her to help him repay his debt! My people also found out that a week ago, this dog-man's account had an extra million … "

Feng Xinglang was no longer interested in listening to what he had to say. His gaze never left that blurry back view.

"Your Yan Bang's naked video has only been sold for one million … How cheap! "It's not even as good as making money with a woman!" Feng Xinglang scoffed.

"Lang, I've already sent people to go to Burma. I'll let them die the same way you want them to. "

Yan Bang hissed, his eyes filled with rage.

"Just the group of trash you are raising … Let's just wait until you catch the person first! "

Feng Xinglang snorted, and casually took the picture of her blurry back into his own pocket.

"Lang... I'm really sorry. You didn't suffer any ill effects, did you? Oh right, did Lin Xueluo misunderstand you? "

Yan Bang said in a low voice, with a rare low posture.

Feng Xinglang rolled his eyes at Yan Bang, and then slowly stood up: "This disease of yours … He should have treated her earlier! Otherwise, there will be endless troubles in the future! "

Yan Bang gazed at Feng Xinglang who was wearing his clothes, his resolute face slightly twitched, "I think he will be waiting for his next life!"

"Then I suggest you go to h.e.l.l now and wait for your next life!"

Throwing down these extremely cold and heartless words, Feng Xinglang turned and left.

After the Porsche ran out of Yulong City, it did not leave immediately. However, he stopped on the side street.

Feng Xinglang took out the photo from his pocket. Although it was just the blurry figure of a woman, but in Feng Xinglang's eyes, he could slowly draw the outline of a person.

After switching off all the lights, Feng Xinglang stayed silent in the dark environment …

He liked the darkness. It made his mind calmer.

He was trying to decide what and what.

Suddenly, he saw a modified SUV jump over a bush at the side. At that time, Feng Xinglang who was in shock did not realise anything, thinking that he was just an arrogant rich second generation who came to Yulong City to have fun.

But when Feng Xinglang drove away for a distance, he could faintly smell a dangerous scent.

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