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Chapter 733 - Proposition

Xueluo was startled: Would this man need her love?

"I... I can't love you. "

Xueluo took back the toy box and hugged it. Perhaps the only thing she could love was her child.

"I've loved you so many times … Every time. How can I not love you? "

The man put his arm around the woman's shoulders and let her snuggle up against his body so he could hear his heartbeat.

"Listen carefully: he loves you. You can feel it! "

What an emotional scene, words of love, sweet to the point that one's teeth hurt.

Xueluo unrestrainedly listened to the man's heartbeat, as she occupied the man's embrace. It was as if at this moment, she had jumped into a large oasis from the desert.

His heart was warmed and comforted.

Suddenly, Xueluo raised her head, and quickly kissed the man's thin lips.

At this moment, if not for the fact that he was at the entrance of the kindergarten, Xueluo really wanted to kiss this man. Kiss him in her own way!

Just as Feng Xinglang wanted to deepen this kiss, the woman was like a happy b.u.t.terfly as she quickly escaped from the man's embrace.

"Feng Xinglang, do you still want me to buy you a present?"

Xueluo asked. It carried the scent of a Gu.

"Of course! That's what I want! "

The man's handsome face followed the woman's cheerful expression, unfolding bit by bit. It was as if only now did Feng Xinglang realize how much he cared about the woman's opinion and thoughts towards him.

"Then you must treat me to a meal first! When I'm full, I'll have the strength to choose a present for you. "

Xueluo really wanted to give a man a present. However, he had always been wary of whether a man would fall for the gift she bought him.

After eating their fill, the place that the man brought her to was the biggest jewelry store in Shen City.

Diamonds are said to be eternal, a symbol of love and loyalty. However, when Xueluo saw those shocking prices, she realized that such love and loyalty must be built on money.

"You will be in charge of the selection while I will pay for it!"

The man's caring words came one after another.

Xueluo turned around and glanced at the man, "What, you have nothing to offer me, I'm a thief! Did you do something shameful? "

"A profiteer like me often does bad things. He had once lost to even his own wife and children! I used five years to verify that proverb: when you have it, it is not cherished, but when you lose it, you regret it! "

The man just looked at her, his eyes clear and filled with warmth.

Xueluo's heart was being roasted by the man again and again, almost losing control of himself.

"Haven't you got it again now? Was he going to start the next round with his wife and children? The next round would not be cherished? And then wait for it to be lost again? "

Xueluo bit her lips, "Sorry, I said the wrong thing, you still don't have a wife to throw away! I'm just your ex-wife! "

Feng Xinglang exhaled deeply, "I allow you to continue being angry at me …. "But you are not allowed to not love me!"

"Feng Xinglang, on what basis are you so overbearing?"

Xueluo glared at the man, "I have the right to choose love myself! It's none of your business! "

"Lin Xueluo, I am your only choice! The only option available to us is this! "

Feng Xinglang grabbed the lady's wrist and pulled her up, "Come with me!"

"Where to? Feng Xinglang, let go of me … "

Being dragged by the man's arm, Xueluo could only jogged and follow Feng Xinglang's footsteps.

"Since you don't like these, I'll show you something special."

In the VIP lounge on the third floor, Feng Xinglang dragged the woman and stopped in front of a gorgeous display stand.

"This was ordered from South Africa a month ago. "Let's see if you like it."

Diamond was indeed a woman's natural friend. No matter if it was a pure girl or a mature woman, neither of them could resist the charm of the diamond.

It became an eternal token, representing the Eternal Heart, burning the eternal fire, expressing the eternal love, as the language of love for ever.

The moment he opened the exquisite box, Xueluo could not help but mutter under his breath, "So beautiful …"

Feng Xinglang took the woman's hand, and slowly put the pure pink diamond on the woman's ring finger.

Just right, it was obvious that it was custom-made for a woman.

"Lin Xueluo, marry me. I will spend the rest of my life caring for you and our children! "Believe me, I love you!"

Xueluo's tears gushed out once again.

However, this time, her tears were filled with an unprecedented sweetness.

"Feng Xinglang, you're so annoying …"

Xueluo hugged the man tightly and sobbed as she scolded.

She really loved this man! But at this moment, she really didn't know how to express her inner feelings … For this man, she, Lin Xueluo, was willing to go through fire and water for him!

Abruptly, Xueluo stood on his tiptoes, and coldly bit onto the man's chin …

She really wanted to eat this man one bite at a time!

Eat it!

"Err …" The man let out a low grunt that carried the scent of deep affection. "Darling, I'll teach you how to kiss …"

The man lowered his head and accurately caught the woman's trembling red lips and deeply kissed her.


Linnuo's little friend was rather unhappy today, because he did not see his father nor mother when he went to school in the afternoon. The driver directly sent the little fellow back to Qibei Mountain City's villa. And the call couldn't get through.

How could he know that his father and mother were busy in love and did not have the time to pay attention to him?

Originally, Feng Xinglang wanted to have a good time with Lin Xueluo, but since Xueluo was concerned about his son, Nuonuo, he insisted on going home.

Thinking that they could stay together when they return home, but after changing it for a while, Feng Xinglang brought the woman back.

"Dear Mommy, you are not beautiful today …"

The little guy's dissatisfaction began to acc.u.mulate. This was because not only did he see his biological father and mother returning home together, the two of them even began to look at each other affectionately, causing him to feel various kinds of jealousy.


Xueluo's mood today was as though he had experienced a roller coaster ride. However, at this very moment, she was already beautiful and alluring.

"Because my mother never went to fetch her own son! Instead, you have gone with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang! "

The little guy bluntly spoke out his discontent and feelings. He stepped forward and held Xueluo's waist tightly, showing his owners.h.i.+p of his mother.

"Mommy went to buy a present for my biological son! The reward for your son coming to school obediently these few days. "

Xueluo brought the toy box in front of his unhappy son.

"A gift for me? Let me see! "

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