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Chapter 727 - Meat Meter

Yuan Duoduo had already been in Bai's mansion for a week.

Accompanied by her, the Gentleman Bai recovered gradually. Her wounded body was also treated by the nutritionists in the Bai's mansion until it became more and more plump. Adding on Yuan Duoduo's natural physique, it seemed extremely easy for him to recover.

It's just a scar on the soul.

Taking advantage of Gentleman Bai's nap, Yuan Duoduo took a walk in the Bai's mansion's huge courtyard.

"Pfft …" "Phew …"

From an unknown corner came two whistles. Yuan Duoduo looked over, only to see the full wall of roses blooming.

In the Bai's mansion that was filled with precious flowers and plants, seeing such a large wall of roses was really pleasing to the eyes.

Or was it a bird's cry? Did he actually hear it as a whistle?

"Pfft …" Another whistle sounded, and then a suppressed male voice rang out, "Yuan Duoduo, this … "Look here."

Yuan Duoduo looked over, and saw half of his head stick out from the roses on the wall. There was no need to look at his face, just his voice alone made Yuan Duoduo already know who the person was.

Yuan Duoduo merely glanced at Bai Mo lightly, and turned to leave.

"Yuan Duoduo... Don't go … I have something to tell you. Yuan Duoduo... "

Behind him, Bai Mo called out to him in a low voice.

In this past week, in order to go into the Bai's mansion to see them, Bai Mo had crushed his heart that was full of filial piety. It was a pity that this Bai's mansion was simply too rigid, that even after crawling for 32 years, Bai Mo was still unable to escape.

Of course, they wouldn't be able to climb in.

"Bai Mo, if you continue acting so sneakily, I will have to tell the old man." Yuan Duoduo replied harshly.

"Yuan Duoduo, I was wrong before, alright? I apologize to you … "

There were also times when Bai Mo gave in. These few days, he did not sleep in the tent outside the Bai's mansion.

This was because the facts had proven: No matter how hard he tried, the Gentleman Bai just didn't want to bother with him!

Hunger or cold or being drenched in the rain … Wait, wait. The Gentleman Bai turned a blind eye!

Therefore, Bai Mo could only ask Yuan Duoduo for help!

Since a real man was able to bend down and do what he wants, Bai Mo was not afraid to apologize to a girl.

"You don't need to apologize to me! After I inherit the old man's inheritance and clean you out, we'll be even! "

Yuan Duoduo always pretended to be a sinister and sinister character in front of Bai Mo. Maybe in Bai Mo's heart, he would more likely accept a greedy woman who was plotting against him.

"If you want this inheritance, then take it! "I only care about my grandfather's condition …"

Perhaps a few days ago, Bai Mo was still indignantly scolding Yuan Duoduo for his despicable and vicious nature, but in the past few days, he finally understood: How could his own grandfather leave the Bai Family's family business not to his, his own grandson, but to Yuan Duoduo, an outsider!

"..." Bai Mo's words caused Yuan Duoduo to be stunned: Could it be that this brat knew that he was only angry at him?

"Yuan Duoduo, how is my grandfather's condition? These days, it's all thanks to you taking care of him! "Thank you for filial piety!"

This time, Bai Mo's mouth turned sweet. He did not scold Yuan Duoduo, but rather complimented her well.

When he said 'thank you for being filial on my behalf', Yuan Duoduo's heart became astringent. She was an orphan, and had always been alone, with no one who wanted to be filial. Now he could only hope that he would be filial in the name of filial piety.

Yuan Duoduo thought about it: Once Gentleman Bai's condition was stable, she would sell her little house and move back to the orphanage to work as a volunteer.

If she, Yuan Duoduo, was destined to be alone for her entire life, she might as well accompany those children who needed help.

"How am I mourning for you? I just wanted to get something out of your grandfather! Say, since I've served Grandpa Bai so wholeheartedly, can Grandpa Bai let me go back empty-handed? I was thinking that Grandpa Bai could give me more money! "

Yuan Duoduo said some unpleasant self-deprecating words. She would rather Bai Mo despise her and hate her. She didn't even want to see Bai Mo sympathize with her.

Since she was young, Yuan Duoduo had received too many sympathetic gazes and words. What she didn't need the most, and was most afraid of, was the sympathy of others.

That feeling was not good!

"Since you love money so much …" "Why did you donate the ten million I gave you to the orphanage?"

Bai Mo didn't know why this woman kept insulting herself. But he could faintly feel that Yuan Duoduo wasn't the kind of woman who drew her own words!

Yuan Duoduo was startled: How did he know? Did he investigate the whereabouts of the ten million yuan?

"What does gold lady like best? Acting cool! " Yuan Duoduo was still cursing himself.

"Enough, stop being so self-deprecating …" I beg of you, go and act coquettishly with grandpa and act cute. Let grandpa put me in there to take a look at that old man! I haven't seen my own biological grandfather for ten days, and I feel like dying! "

Bai Mo was really anxious. Since he was young, he had always lived under the protection of the Gentleman Bai. He was truly afraid that the Gentleman Bai would one day suddenly leave him … He really didn't dare to think about it!

"You think too highly of me!" It's not like Butler Bai hasn't pleaded for you before … Grandpa Bai got angry the moment he heard your name.

Yuan Duoduo was speaking the truth. In fact, she also wanted to dissolve the gap between Bai Mo and Gentleman Bai. Everything was caused by her selfish desire to give birth to the child in her womb. She wanted to make up for something.

"Yuan Duoduo, Butler Bai told me that Grandfather listened to you the most … If you can coax him into drinking medicinal food, what else can't you do? "

Bai Mo sniffed at his nose, "Yuan Duoduo, just take it as pity for me … I've lived with my grandfather ever since I was young. If one day … What happened to grandpa one day … I don't want to live anymore either! "

Before he even finished speaking, Bai Mo couldn't help but sob. "I'm really afraid that I will one day lose that old man … Then I would really be an orphan! I might as well die with him … "

"Bai Mo, what nonsense are you spouting? "You're still young, what kind of nonsense are you spouting?!"

Seeing that Bai Mo was crying so miserably, Yuan Duoduo's heart softened. "Alright, I'll go and tell Grandfather now.

"Duo Duo, thank you …" "Thank you for helping me!"

Bai Mo's face was covered with snot and tears, looking extremely sincere.

"Then, then wait a while." I'm going in to see if Grandpa Bai has woken up. "

Yuan Duoduo was kindhearted, she could not bear to see Bai Mo cry, and even more so couldn't stand the sight of him, a grown man, crying his heart out.

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