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Chapter 720: Beauty Selection

The man after the bath smelled good. Mild mint flavor.

And men's hormones.

Xueluo's hand was in the man's pajamas, feeling his strong body and his strong heart.

Such a tender moment was something Xueluo yearned for day and night. She always dreamed that one day, she would be able to experience the pa.s.sing of time with the man she loved. In the hands of a zealot, they would live with each other until the end of time.

"What, you want me to search for you throughout the entire Shen City … Satisfied? "

The man's voice was thick, like melted chocolate. But it seemed to carry that little bit of anger with it.

"I know I was wrong..."

Xueluo whispered in a low voice. She seemed to be coquettishly begging for mercy from the man.

"Childish? You should know that Shen Liancheng has ill intentions toward you! "

Feng Xinglang's eyes became much more profound. Little by little, the woman was drawn into his eyes.

"Didn't you find the Hetun's free bodyguard?"

Xueluo's voice was low. She didn't want to anger Feng Xinglang, so she mentioned Hetun out of the corner of her eye.

As for Xueluo's intentions, it was unlikely that Feng Xinglang would understand them in a short period of time.

In the end, blood was thicker than water!

Just as his son Linnuo had said, no matter how much of a b.a.s.t.a.r.d he was, he could only acknowledge him, Feng Xinglang!

Mentioning the Hetun, Feng Xinglang's expression was instantly enveloped by a thin layer of mist. He couldn't see or see what was going on in the depths of his heart.

It was as if Xueluo also sensed it: whenever Hetun was mentioned, Feng Xinglang would avoid it, whether intentionally or unintentionally. He didn't mention anything in front of her.

"Accept my punishment!"

The man's voice, after a moment of coldness, became seductive again.

"I am your son's mother … Can we make some arrangements? "

Xueluo could faintly feel that the man's body that he was close to, was warming up bit by bit. His well-built body was filled with a rich amount of hormones.

"I'll connect you right now …" "Fuse …"

The man's accommodating words caused Xueluo's face to redden and his heart to palpitate.

Feng Xinglang held onto the back of the woman's head, gently moving forward, and accurately grabbing onto her lips …

Her lips were soft, waxy, and warm. It was very sweet to be sucked into the mouth of a man. The powerful tip of its tongue was as domineering as its owner's.

Xueluo was a conservative woman. She really couldn't get used to the scenery of the beginning of the moon.

Sensing the woman's trembling and resistance, Feng Xinglang wrapped her nightgown around her, blocking the spring scene that Xueluo might reveal.

The night was as dark as a thick ink stone; it was too deep to melt.

The night sky was like a navy blue curtain, dotted with glittering stars. It was intoxicating.

Xueluo was unable to enjoy such a beautiful night scene. The only thing she could feel was the deep meaning behind his words.

Feng Xinglang was there fiercely.

That night, she was really good. By cooperating with a man, she could help herself.

She had always loved this man, hadn't she?


It felt good to have a home.

He did not have to worry about him taking his son away with him.

After Xueluo woke up, it was almost ten o'clock.

His son Linnuo was not in the villa. Told by the servant that the little thing had been taken out by his father.

With the two most important men in his life not by his side, Xueluo suddenly felt lost and empty.

A slight stinging pain hit Xueluo, and he finally realised how crazy he was with that man last night.

Just as Xueluo was at a loss, the landline in the living room started to vibrate.

Xueluo was stunned. Having just arrived at her new environment, she was completely unable to adapt to her status as the hostess.

Of course, Xueluo would not call himself a woman for a while.

"Madam, it's the young master's number." The servant took the phone from Xueluo's hand.

The moment Xueluo opened his mouth, his son's chatter came through the phone.

"Mommy, the sun is already s.h.i.+ning down on the stocks. Are you still in bed?"

"No, Mommy's up!" Xueluo asked, "Darling, where are you?"

"I'm in my dad's office. I'm going downstairs to help his dad with the beauty pageant!"

The little guy's mood was very bright.

"Choose... Beauty selection? Which beauty? "

Xueluo was just worried that his son would cause a ruckus due to boredom, making him unable to work. However, he didn't expect his son to actually say the word "beauty pageant".

"Just pick a prettier woman to be my dad's secret!"

"secret? Your father's secretary allows you to choose? "

"That's right! "My father said that as long as I'm suitable, there won't be any problems with his side!"

"..." Xueluo was a little speechless, "Is your biological father choosing a stepmother for you?"

"It's a secret!" Not a stepmother! Mommy, you're getting more and more petty! "

The little guy was slightly dissatisfied with his mother's way of thinking that Xueluo was always "sitting on the right side of the table".

"..." Xueluo was startled again, "Then remember to choose a beautiful one for your father, one with a better body."

"Mommy, your idea is too low! To choose a secret, not to choose a Miss World, you have to see whether her brain is working or not, okay! "


"Let's not talk anymore. I'm going downstairs. They're all waiting for me! Bye Mommy! "


He's even going along with his father? He actually asked his own son to choose a secret for him?


Lan Youyou finally picked out a few satisfactory photos from the video the middle-aged woman sent over.

When Lan Youyou finished watching these videos patiently, she was disgusted by Yan Bang's actions and words.

His sixth sense was not wrong: Yan Bang was indeed a disgusting variant! He really had an ulterior motive towards Feng Xinglang.

From the very beginning, when Lan Youyou went to find the Night Villa and saw the drunk Feng Xinglang in the same room, she had already noticed Yan Bang's abnormal X orientation.

"How shameless!"

Lan Youyou's gaze fell on one of the photos for a long time. The Feng Xinglang in the photo was less than an inch, and Yan Bang was kissing his Hunchback.

Just from this photo, it was clear how dirty Yan Bang and Feng Xinglang's actions were!

Presumably, Feng Xinglang had a hundred eloquent mouths, but he was unable to explain!

These pictures, were they sent to Lin Xueluo? To the newspaper? Or send them to the Internet?

If it was given to Lin Xueluo, what could he do to Yan Bang who was such a soft persimmon?

With Yan Bang's position in the Shen City, she didn't dare to do anything to him! But he couldn't do anything to Yan Bang!

Lin Xueluo would only endure humiliation for her child, and would just be a punching bag!

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