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Chapter 719: Big Tailed Wolves

Along the way, the Bentley was moving smoothly. It was not because of the earlier rage.

Xueluo and her son sat quietly in the back.

Linnuo's little friend was half-crawling in Ma Mi's arms, quiet and obedient. From time to time, he would glance at Feng Xinglang, who was driving the car, as if he was trying to see if his father's anger had burned out.

Xueluo quietly looked at the man's small side profile: the biting cold had a hint of coldness, giving off a feeling of alienation.

At this moment, Xueluo suddenly started to pity this man.

His women and children needed to carry him on their backs, go out for fun, go out for fun?

But why was she carrying him on her back?

Thinking about how Feng Xinglang had lived for over thirty years … He had lost his mother's love since he was young, and was then brought back to the Feng Family by Feng Yishan's old bottle of Dad. They thought that they would have to live a life with their father's love, but who would have thought that Feng Yishan would know that they had been deceived, so he started to curse and beat Feng Xinglang!

After going back and forth a hundred times, he finally found his own father with great difficulty, yet he was still tortured to the point of certain death …

Xueluo really wanted to hug this man.

Their silence made the atmosphere in the carriage even more depressing. It seemed like he was about to suffocate.


Feng Xinglang called out to his son, "Today is, if you want to come out and have fun, why aren't you calling me daddy? Don't you like having your father accompany you? "

Feng Xinglang's voice was gentle. There was no intention of blaming his own woman and children.

"There's nothing left …" I still really like you, b.a.s.t.a.r.d and your dad! "

When the little fellow heard that his father Feng Xinglang's tone was still considered gentle, it also relaxed quite a bit.

"Then why don't you call your father and have him play with you?" Feng Xinglang asked immediately.

"..." The little fellow pouted, not knowing how to reply for a moment.

"Is that a difficult question to answer?"

Feng Xinglang insisted on asking the reason.

The little guy raised his head and glanced at Ma Mi Xueluo. It seemed to be asking Mommy if she could say it, or how she should say it.

Xueluo remained silent. He leaned over and kissed his son's forehead. Just tell your son what you want to say.

Xueluo had a clear conscience. Moreover, Feng Xinglang should be able to believe more in his son's answer.

The little fellow took a deep breath and started his long story and its causes.

"In the beginning, Mommy and I planned to go to the orphanage to see the radishes. Then, he met that big tailed wolf in Shen Liancheng … He offered to play a game, to let me and Mommy disappear for a day, to see if the b.a.s.t.a.r.d's dad will come all over the world to find us! So you came looking for me, and your own son got a perfect score! "

His son actually called Shen Liancheng the Big Tailed Wolf? Xueluo was startled, and seemed to find it funny.

"Then what about Hetun? It couldn't have just happened to appear, right? "

Feng Xinglang's question made him nervous. As he recalled Feng Xinglang's earlier fierce words to the Hetun: 'Either you die, or I die', Xueluo felt gooseb.u.mps all over his body.

"Yes, I was the one who told Hetun that Nuonuo and I were at the horse farm. Firstly, the Hetun missed Nuonuo; secondly … I also want to hire a free bodyguard! "

Xueluo received Feng Xinglang's question. He answered truthfully.

"Free bodyguards? To think that you could think of such a thing! Aren't you afraid that you will put yourself and Nuonuo in danger of being imprisoned? "

Feng Xinglang reprimanded Xueluo gently and harshly. He actually thought of finding the Hetun to be her and her son's free bodyguard.

"My foster father has improved … He said he would never lock me up and kiss Mommy again! I won't hurt you anymore, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! "

The little guy was still heading towards the Hetun. After all, the Hetun raised him for five years, and she doted on him for five years.

After being silent for two seconds, Feng Xinglang asked with a low voice: "Do you really believe that b.a.s.t.a.r.d's words?"

"I do! "My foster father would not lie to fifteen!"

The innocence of the little guy infuriated his father, Feng Xinglang, greatly.

"What fifteen? From now on, you're not allowed to call yourself fifteen! Remember, your name is Feng Linnuo!

Feng Xinglang forcefully corrected himself as he called his son.

"Seal... Lin … Nope … So unpleasant to hear... So hard to remember... It's so hard to write! "It's still 15 easy to write!"

The little fellow shouted in dissatisfaction. Xueluo immediately covered her son Linnuo's mouth, preventing him from continuing to act recklessly with his father.

It was as if giving her son a big name didn't have anything to do with her!

The car went silent for a moment, then Feng Xinglang asked with a gentle voice: "Nuonuo, you can only choose one person between me and Hetun, who do you choose?"

Xueluo was startled: It really is like a dragon giving birth to a phoenix, and a phoenix giving birth to a phoenix. This old man likes to let others choose the questions, so now it's his son's turn?

Undoubtedly, Feng Xinglang's question was rather unwise. Even a little childish.

"Of course I choose you!"

This little guy really knew how to make people happy. However, the following words didn't seem to be that pleasant to listen to.

"No matter how much of a b.a.s.t.a.r.d you are, you are still my father!" I don't have two biological fathers, so I can only choose you, Luo! "

"Then you are not allowed to see the Hetun in the future, understand?"

With regards to his son's answer, Feng Xinglang reluctantly accepted it.

"Oh." The little guy was somewhat absent-minded as he replied in a comforting manner.


Feng Xinglang did not send Xueluo and his mother back to Xia Family, but instead, directly brought them back to Qibei Mountain City's villa.

The living conditions here were naturally unique. It was not far from the center of the city, and quite quiet.

Just as Feng Xinglang's car got closer, the gate to the courtyard was pushed open. The two servants were already waiting there.

"From today onwards, you will live here with Nuonuo."

Feng Xinglang's tone was very gentle, but it sounded unquestionable.

"Madam, you're back."

Xueluo recognized the middle-aged woman amongst the servants. She was the Sister-in-Law Yue who had served her before in her small fortune.

It should be because Feng Xinglang felt that this Madam Yue had served him well and was very responsible towards her master, he decided to keep her here. It was better than the fatigue of every single one of her homes.

Xueluo wanted to tell Sister Yue that he was no longer Madame Feng. However, since he couldn't explain it clearly in a few words, he agreed.

After dinner, Feng Xinglang did not leave. He was alone on the balcony on the second floor, smoking one cigarette after another.

His handsome face, which was shrouded in smoke, was very secretive.

Linnuo's little friend who had been playing crazily for the whole day had fallen asleep before Xueluo could finish humming a lullaby.

Looking at the lonely back of the man on the balcony, Xueluo's heart ached slightly.

Slowly, the woman moved over and hugged the man's strong waist from behind, placing one side of her face on the man's back.

"Xinglang... I was wrong! Don't be angry, okay? "

The woman's voice was soft, as if she had been bathing in a hot spring …

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