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Chapter 662: Lan Youyou is the woman you once loved?

Feng Xinglang shot a glare back at Yan Bang, and took a sip of red wine to calm his possibly already fluctuating emotions.

"Do you have anyone you love, Bon?" Feng Xinglang asked.

"There is!" Aren't you? " Yan Bang replied half-jokingly.

"I am just your grandpa!" You only need to be filial to me! " Feng Xinglang once again gave Yan Bang a cold glare.

Yan Bang stuffed a piece of Salmon that was dipped in sauce into Feng Xinglang's mouth.

"Lan Youyou... the woman you loved? " Yan Bang casually asked.

Feng Xinglang was silent for a moment, "Right now, she is only my big brother's beloved woman!"

"You two brothers really have a good relations.h.i.+p with each other! This was the woman that her little brother had slept with, and her big brother continued sleeping with her … It's so fertile that it doesn't flow to foreign lands! "

Yan Bang was purely teasing, he did not have any malicious intent. But when it reached Feng Xinglang's ears, it was really ear-piercing.

Feng Xinglang wanted to punch Yan Bang, but he couldn't find the strength to do so.

Feng Xinglang's mind was in a mess, he returned to the side of the Wai Inn once again, and quietly looked at Feng Tuantuan who was sleeping soundly.

The little cutie had been a beauty since she was young. With her fair and clear skin and long eyelashes, she attracted others' love like a doll.

"Stop looking! She won't be your, Feng Xinglang's, daughter no matter how much you look at her! "

Yan Bang spread open his big palm, and touched Feng Xinglang's back, "Are you regretting not using your own small koloss?"

"Bon, why don't you have a child?"

After a moment of silence, Feng Xinglang suddenly asked with interest, "At least in the future, there will be someone to send you off!"

"What do you want children for? I hate children! When the old fellow gave birth to me, he didn't even see me send him off for his old age! "

Yan Bang's att.i.tude really made people not agree.

"Do you really want to die on the streets?" Feng Xinglang frowned slightly.

"Don't we still have you?" You will collect my corpse! "

Yan Bang adjusted the nightgown that slipped below Feng Xinglang's shoulders.

"You've made so many enemies. I don't even know where you're going to die, how can I collect your corpse?"

Feng Xinglang did not agree with Yan Bang's style of using violence to suppress violence at all. He had advised her, but Yan Bang had always been one to do things his own way. He was used to fighting with his life on the line.

"No one has the guts! If that's true, I will definitely make the first move! " Yan Bang disapproved.

"Then what about Cong Gang?" Feng Xinglang asked coldly.

Yan Bang's resolute and handsome face instantly froze.

Feng Xinglang raised his eyebrows and said unhurriedly:

"I can vouch for your words: if Cong Gang really wants to kill you, you, Yan Bang, will definitely not be able to escape!"

"Is that so? Then let him try! I, Yan Bang will accept this! " Yan Bang was ruthless.

"Enough!" Can't you be more f * cking low-key? Let them go and let them go! Do you really have to exterminate Cong Gang? "

Feng Xinglang was furious, "You sent people to kill him time and time again, and you think I don't know about it?

Yan Bang scoffed, "It seems you like him quite a bit!" Each word was filled with killing intent.

"Letting Cong Gang go is equivalent to letting you, Yan Bang, live on your own, do you understand?" Feng Xinglang said in a cold voice.

"The more you, Feng Xinglang, do not want him to die, the more he will die! In my, Yan Bang's, territory, I do not believe that he, Cong Gang, can go to heaven! "

The veins on Yan Bang's forehead began to bulge.

"Just take him as a dog that I, Feng Xinglang, am keeping, okay? If you want to kill me, at least give me some face as your master, alright? "My grand executioner!"

Feng Xinglang did not know why Yan Bang was so angry at him.

Of course, there weren't many reasons why Yan Bang wanted to kill someone in the Shen City. A single 'I don't like him' was enough!

"I'll help you find a new dog!"

Yan Bang let out a cold snort, and drank all of the red wine in the cup in one go. Then he turned and left.

Feng Xinglang let out a faint sigh: Because he felt that Yan Bang was digging his own grave!

Cong Gang was much harder to deal with than he thought! There was no doubt about that!


Xia Family.

"Why do I have to sleep in the attic with my mother? Are you bullying me to kiss Mommy again? "

Because of the existence of Linnuo's little friend, Xia Family became lively. This kind of liveliness was not a loud noise, but an indescribable sense of interest.

In the Pater Castle, he is this young master, the most doted on foster son. He did as he was told, standing above all the foster son below him.

"Because my eldest daughter and eldest son-in-law are going home tonight! "Little thing, just sleep in the attic!"

The return of his daughter, Xia Yiqin, to his home made Wen Meijuan's mood today seem to be pretty good.

"Xueluo, look after your precious son. Don't let him run around randomly. "Also, there's an important guest at home tonight. Make your son speak politely, don't be like a wild child without a tutor!"

Wen Meijuan warned Xueluo.

"Got it, Aunty." When Nuonuo is full, I will bring him upstairs. "

Xueluo walked out of the kitchen with the mother's and son's dinner.

In the Pater Castle, there was only Linnuo left over for others to eat; who would not even allow him to eat at the dining table tonight?

"Old witch, who are you calling a wild child? I have my own parents! "

When the little guy heard Wen Meijuan saying that he was a 'wild child without a home tutor', he immediately got angry.

Maybe the little guy didn't have a little bit of tutoring, but at least he wasn't a wild child!

"Ha!" If your biological father doesn't want you anymore, then what are you if you aren't a wild child? "

Wen Meijuan was really addicted to quarreling with his little friend Linnuo, who was only 5 years old.

"My father did not abandon me! As soon as he recovers, he'll come and pick me up and kiss Mommy and me and leave this d.a.m.n place! "

The little fellow roared savagely. He rushed forward and used his little head and shoulders to clash with Wen Meijuan's old waist.


Caught by surprise, Wen Meijuan was. .h.i.t by the little fellow and staggered, falling onto the carpet in a battered and exhausted state.

"Nuonuo! You're not allowed to be rude to your uncle or grandma! Hurry up and apologize! "

Xueluo was anxious, but also angry. He placed the dinner on the tea table and came to grab his son Linnuo, and slapped his son's face.

"I won't apologize! She was the first to be rude to me! "

The little guy stubbornly shouted.

"Mom... Mom. Are you okay? "

As soon as he stepped into the house, he saw his mother lying on the carpet; Xia Yiqin hurriedly stepped forward to support her.

"Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you're courting death!"

The angry Wen Meijuan picked up a feather duster and slapped it towards Linnuo's little friend …

However, the feather duster didn't hit the little fellow's body. Instead, it hit the back of his son-in-law Shen Liancheng's hand, causing a red line to appear.

As for Linnuo's little friend, he held him tightly in his arms.

"Mom, this child is being naughty. Please don't mind this lowly one."

The gentle voice was like the warm sun.

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