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### Chapter 65 - Obediently … Think of me!

Xueluo was shocked, he immediately got up and asked: "Xinglang, are you giving up your brother?"

Instead of dying in a foreign land, why not let him stay in his hometown '? From Feng Xinglang's tone, it seemed that he did not plan to send his big brother Feng Xinglang abroad for further treatment and skin grafting. Could it be that Feng Xinglang was really going to give up his big brother Feng Lixin's life?

"It's him who wants to give up on himself, and me at the same time! Just for a woman! " Feng Xinglang's eyes were bloodshot, filled with intense fury and a hatred that could not be wiped away.

"Lixin, he … Was he giving up his own life? Because of that woman called Lan Youyou? " Xueluo thought back to the words that Nanny An had said before, as though his words at that moment merged with his.

Judging from Feng Xinglang's resolute and hateful expression, he didn't seem to have any intention of lying to her. Instead, he looked even more real. In other words, everything that Feng Xinglang said at this very moment was true.

Feng Lixin actually wanted to give up his own life for the dead Lan Youyou? You don't even want to have a skin grafting operation anymore? What, what deep feelings must one have! Had he already reached a situation of life and death together?

Xueluo thought that only in movie stories would there be such a tragic love story, but he never thought that there would actually be one in real life!

Moreover, the man who was willing to follow his beloved woman was his' husband '. Xueluo's heart was inexplicably stung. For the deep affection Feng Lixin had for Lan Youyou, for the grief and indignation in Feng Xinglang's eyes, and at the same time, for Lin Xueluo herself.

Feng Xinglang seemed to be unwilling to hear the name Lan Youyou and was just silently smoking. His face was hidden behind the smoke.

Xueluo walked over, crouching beside Feng Xinglang, and looked at him levelly, "Xinglang, please don't give up on your brother, okay?"

"It's him who wants to give up on himself, on me! It's not that I want to give up on him! " Feng Xinglang roared out, shaking Xueluo's eardrums.

Xueluo quietly stared at the man who was roaring at him, his expression calm, "Even so, you cannot give up on your brother!"

Feng Xinglang was obviously startled, he focused on the woman's eyes: Just as Feng Lixin had said, the woman's eyes were very clean. Firm and persistent. Occasionally, he would show off his adorable little willfulness.

"I will not give up on my brother. Unless I die! " After a long while, Feng Xing Liang spoke calmly.

Xueluo nodded seriously, "Xinglang, thank you."

Thank him? Why thank him? Why didn't he give up on his big brother Feng Lixin? Who do you think she is to Feng Lixin? At this moment, Feng Xinglang no longer had the heart to confess to Xueluo that he was her legal husband.

"By the way, when I'm not at home, you're not allowed to go out and play wild!" Feng Xinglang warned in a cold and serious voice.

Xueluo was embarra.s.sed: Where did she go? What qualifications did you, Feng Xinglang, have to teach her a lesson? You're just a little uncle! How much of an official do you think you are!

Although he was furious, Xueluo still nodded his head. He decided to eat a big meal. Seeing that this man was in a bad mood, he didn't want to lower himself to the same level as him.

"You keep an eye on my brother. If anything happens to him while I am away, you can tell him: Lan Youyou is still alive! "

"What?" Lan Youyou is still alive? " Xueluo was shocked.

"En!" Feng Xinglang agreed, "This news, unless it is absolutely necessary, you can't say it out loud, do you understand?"

Xueluo nodded obediently. She knew Feng Xinglang's intention: he wanted to use this information to stop Feng Lixin from overreaching himself. Tragedy events like not wanting to live. Xueluo really did not dare think further.

"Then how many days do you need to go?" Xueluo asked. There was the nervousness and uneasiness of Feng Xinglang leaving Feng Family, as if there was also that bit of blessing.

"Not sure. At least five days, most of it … "Regardless of the outcome, I will be back by the tenth day at the latest."

"Alright, I'll be waiting." As if he felt that would overthink things, Xueluo added: "I will wait for your return with Lixin."

"Be good …" "Thinking about me at home." The man's finger slipped past Xueluo's fair face, then curled up his index finger, sweeping past the collar of Xueluo's pajamas, and pulled out the small pendant on Xueluo's chest. With a slight force, it landed in his palm.

It was a jade pendant with the words' Peace 'inscribed on it.

"Who sent it?" Feng Xinglang asked coldly.

Seeing his arrogant and cold att.i.tude, Xueluo was initially unwilling to answer, but in the end, he replied, "It's Chi. When I was sent to the orphanage, it was very hard to support, and my body became weak and sick. So President Chi hung this jade pendant around my neck. It's amazing that I have been healthy all this time. "

"Always wear it?" he asked again.

"Yes." Xueluo replied gently.

"It's mine." Feng Xinglang arrogantly announced.

"..." What a tyrannical and rude man. However, Xueluo really hoped that his Safe Jade Pendant could help him on his way here safely. However, this jade pendant was cheap, why would such a n.o.ble man not mind?

"Xinglang, it's only 6 o'clock outside. You should rest for a while. I will go downstairs and prepare breakfast with the Nanny An. " Xueluo felt a little heartache for the bloodshot eyes Feng Xinglang. He must have stayed up all night.

"Yes." Help me pack while you're at it. "It's simpler."


After asking the Nanny An, he found out that Feng Xinglang's original room was this wedding room. No wonder Feng Xinglang always ran towards the marriage chamber. It should be because he was used to it. Did I misunderstand him?

But what if he ran down to the guest room and slept in her bed?

But Xueluo was also confused: Why did they set up their marriage room in Feng Xinglang's room? Feng Family's villa was so big, there was no need to use Feng Xinglang's room!

Furthermore, Nanny An and Butler Mo were strict people, so they shouldn't have casually arranged for First Young Master's wedding room. And why?

Could it be that he wanted to make things easier for Feng Family Feng Xinglang … To molest her?

With this thought, Xueluo shook his head with all his might. How could he think that the Nanny An and Butler Mo were so evil? From the fact that they were serving First Young Master with their hearts and minds, it could be seen that they were very respectful to Feng Lixin and had a lot of love and care for him.

It had to be known that when Feng Yiming had brought people here to cause trouble, both Nanny An and Butler Mo had been injured by Feng Yiming's subordinates in order to protect First Young Master Feng Lixin, who was in the treatment room. And why would they do anything to harm?

Xueluo fiercely shook his head and stopped thinking about those troublesome things. Instead, he focused on cleaning up and saluting Feng Xinglang.

After eating breakfast, Feng Xinglang was escorted away from the Feng Family by Butler Mo. Xueluo did not go downstairs. Instead, he hid behind the thick curtains on the second floor.

Seeing the man's tall and straight figure enter the business car and leave, Xueluo felt as if his eyes had moistened for some unknown reason, as if something was about to gush out of his eyes …

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