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Chapter 648: Everything in a kiss

Feng Xinglang was indeed a rare handsome man.

And he was handsome, with a hint of a bad man in him.

That kind of bad, just right for the moment!

Putting the bouquet of roses in his hand forward, a harmless and enchanting smile appeared on his handsome face.

"Flowers to beauties! My dear old wife, people are more beautiful than flowers! "

The man's praises of Xueluo were as smooth and efficient as if they came out of his mouth.

Compared to his biological father Feng Xinglang's literary talent, the five year old little friend Linnuo was far inferior.

"Mommy, I'm giving you flowers. You are a thousand times, ten thousand times prettier than flowers! "

The little guy did not want to be outdone, so he handed over the bouquet of carnations. They were afraid that their biological father Feng Xinglang would steal his limelight.

The age of 5 years old was exactly the right time to imitate him. Her small mouth also became exceptionally sweet.

But in the little guy's words, there seemed to be a little bit of guilt. After all, he left his mother for half a month just to 'skip school'. Father love was a beautiful feeling, but Mommy's warm embrace, he had not enjoyed it for half a month.

Lin Xueluo quietly watched the father and son play tricks!

When he called out 'my lady grandma', it should have been a dream for Lin Xueluo, he thought that he would be sweet to the heart, but other than that, Xueluo's heart was astringent.

Only she knew how she had endured all these years.

Her humble pride had long since been trampled under the feet of others.

Could he still pick it up?

"Why? Are you so touched that you can't speak?"

The man leaned forward and murmured lovingly, "Wife, you don't have to say anything … Let me kiss you! "

With a loud "bang", Feng Xinglang was still half a beat too slow.

Perhaps it was because his body was still weak and not agile, but not only was he unable to kiss the woman, he was also almost slapped flat by the anti-theft door.

He almost had a bad appearance!

Feng Xinglang rubbed her nose that was in so much pain from being hit, as though she had not recovered from the woman's heartlessness yet.

Shouldn't this story be headed towards' Everything is in a kiss'?

How could the ideal scene he imagined be so different from the real one?

"After you finish playing Feng Xinglang, your beautiful plans will not work! I already said not to always think of my mother to kiss mummy a hooligan, this time Mummy should be even more angry. "

When the little guy saw that his father, Feng Xinglang, had been humiliated, the little guy started to gloat.

"It's not useless... Maybe I'm talking too much nonsense! I should have met. Just kiss your mother! "

Feng Xinglang concluded that he was at a disadvantage.

"Tsk … I already said that you are about to die, but you still refuse to admit it? You've caused me to stand outside with you right now! "

The little guy looked around and seemed a little shy. After all, it wasn't a glorious thing to be shut out by Mommy.

"If you can, you go! You only know how to heckle! "

Having lost face in front of his own son, Feng Xinglang seemed to be slightly dissatisfied.

He also felt that Lin Xueluo was being a little too unreasonable.

This was a fresh flower, a beautiful man, and sweet talk. Was it still not enough for her to vent her anger?

"Just watch me!" Kiss Mommy and love her precious son the most! Because I am the life of my mother! "

The little guy proudly said. Looking at its appearance, it seemed to be the Q Edition version of the arrogant Feng Xinglang.

"Kiss your mother … Open the door … His own son was waiting outside. Mommy. His own son was cold and hungry … His own son was so pitiful! Open the door, my dear Mommy. The best Mommy... "

The cute voice of the little guy sounded out, bringing along a long tail. It sounded really lovable.

In the small apartment, Yuan Duoduo was not idling around, he was trying to persuade Lin Xueluo in secret. It was as if he was working with the father and son outside the security door.

"Xueluo, do we have to look forward to everything? Let bygones be bygones... The smoke that was supposed to dissipate, the cloud that was supposed to scatter, scattered! Weren't you once wronged because of the family of three's happiness at this moment? "

Actually, Yuan Duoduo's advice was quite rational and calm.

A family of three happily reunited? Xueluo raised his head, and forced back the tears in his eyes.

"Mommy... My dear Mommy. Open the door! You can reject Feng Xinglang, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d, but you cannot reject your own biological son … I'm the meat that fell off your body! Mommy. It's really cold outside … "

After acting cute, the little fellow began to scheme again.

"Lin Xueluo, listen … My son's pitiful cries! You don't feel bad about being a mother, but my mother's heart is about to shatter. "If you don't open it, I'll open it!"

Yuan Duoduo could no longer wait for Lin Xueluo to react, he immediately ran over to open the door for Feng Xinglang and his son.

When he saw that the one who opened the door for him was not his mother's kiss, but rather the big flowers, the little guy was still a little disappointed.

Perhaps in his opinion, kissing Mommy should be full of thoughts about his own son. He was even more reluctant to let his own son suffer even a little bit.

A Black Gold Card was delivered under Yuan Duoduo's nose.

"I've commandeered your little apartment tonight! This is a Black Gold Card, you can casually swipe it. "There's also a Rolls Royce downstairs. The driver will take you to a five-star hotel, he has already booked a presidential suite for you!"


Yuan Duoduo beamed with joy as he took the Black Gold Card from Feng Xinglang's hands.

"Duo Duo, I'll trouble you to bring Nuonuo along too."

Not only did Xueluo not stop him, he had even suggested that Yuan Duoduo take his son Linnuo away with him.

Feng Xinglang understood, and her extremely thin lips curved into a charming arc.

Was this the pace at which he was going through the two worlds?

Good boy!

Although Feng Xinglang's body had yet to recover to the level of vigorous exercise, but so what?

"I need to OK!" With such a nice little shota accompanying me, how beautiful is that! "

Yuan Duoduo would of course choose the beauty of adulthood. He gave his small apartment to Lin Xueluo and his wife.

However, the little fellow refused to do so! He walked forward and tightly hugged his mother's leg.

"Mommy, your son won't leave! I'm going to stay with Mommy! What if that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang bullies you? "

Looking down on his son who was hugging him, Lin Xueluo said without batting an eyelid:

"You and your b.a.s.t.a.r.d father can only stay tonight! Why don't you discuss it? "

This conflict … It was truly skillful!

"Let this b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang go! My own son must stay with Mommy! "

He hadn't slept and been hugged by his mother for half a month. The little guy really missed kissing Mommy's embrace.

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