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Chapter 643: Not calling you father is because I'm afraid you'll be proud!


Compensate for what?

The grievances they had endured over the years? Or imprisoned freedom?

"Big Brother, I think you misunderstood. I also thought that I would never be able to forget Feng Xinglang … But five years have pa.s.sed, and I really don't love Feng Xinglang anymore. I am indifferent, and I don't feel anything anymore! "

Xueluo's words sounded like they came from the bottom of his heart.

So much so that Yuan Duoduo had a suspicion: Did Lin Xueluo really not love Feng Xinglang, and found a new love?

"Xueluo, don't say that. You were so concerned about Xinglang that you practically risked your life for him … "

"Big Brother," Xueluo interrupted Feng Lixin, "I ran all over the place for Feng Xinglang. I just didn't want to see him lose his father."

"Xueluo, I know that you resent Xinglang; however, all of this is my fault …"

"Since it's a mistake, let's correct it together!"

An hour later, Xueluo walked out of Feng Family with the support of his son Linnuo, who had been advanced by one hundred thousand yuan.

Yuan Duoduo followed behind her, deep in thought.

"Xueluo, you really don't love Feng Xinglang anymore?"

Even Yuan Duoduo started to feel suspicious. Because when Xueluo said "don't love", he was exceptionally calm. It was so calm that one couldn't help but think that what she said was true.

"I'll give you twenty thousand. Let's repay the mortgage we owe the bank for the past two months. "

Xueluo did not seem to want to repeat that extremely boring question. She pa.s.sed two stacks of money to Yuan Duoduo.

"Why are you giving me money? This is your son's maintenance, aren't you mocking me? "

Yuan Duoduo stuffed it back into Xueluo's bag.

"Duo Duo, please be merciful. Let this parasite help you once. You're just pregnant now, and in the first three months you should be more careful than ever. Don't be stubborn with me! "

Xueluo seemed to understand something too: Yuan Duoduo insisted on giving birth to a child who was forcefully carried in her womb, not only because of her kindness, respect and love for life. The most important point was that the child's father, Bai Mo, was the peac.o.c.k man in the letter!

This time, Xueluo did not act pretentiously. Instead, he sensibly put down his arrogance and went to the Feng Family to defray a hundred thousand yuan worth of maintenance.

To the Feng Family, this hundred thousand dollars was simply a piece of cake; however, to Yuan Duoduo and the mother, it was simply money for saving lives. To be able to help his best friend, Xueluo was of course duty-bound.

Besides, it had always been Yuan Duoduo helping her.

"When I have money …" I'll return it to you! "

Yuan Duoduo stroked his stomach that was still as flat as before, and in the end, accepted the twenty thousand.

She couldn't let the bank confiscate her house, which was the only harbor she and her child had.


Cong Gang who had rolled away rolled back. A bowl of medicinal food appeared in his hand.

Feng Xinglang glared at Cong Gang, his voice cold and sarcastic, "Yo, you even brought along the function of 'scram' yourself!"

These words were enough to make one spit out a mouthful of blood.

Only, Cong Gang was not angered by Feng Xinglang's words, he just sat next to Feng Xinglang, and started to stir the medicinal food in his hands coldly.

"Take this away! Otherwise, I will slap your face! "

Feng Xinglang knew that this medicine was prepared for him. It was already hard enough being steamed down there. If he wanted to eat more of this, he would rather starve to death.

"Not only are you unable to touch my face, you must also eat it! It was because his arm was not even close to his thigh! If you don't believe me, try it! "

"You dog, try touching me!"

Cong Gang's words infuriated Feng Xinglang so much that his blood qi flowed backwards.

In the stalemate, Cong Gang received a call from Wei Kang. After snorting twice, he hung up.

"Did you receive my wife and children?" Feng Xinglang asked cheerfully.

"I only received one!" Don't you all talk about fatigue, you don't want to come! "

Cong Gang said as he placed the spoon that was filled with medicinal food next to his mouth, "Guess which one?"

With a wave of his hand, Feng Xinglang smashed the medicinal food along with the spoon onto the ground.

"Why is there only one? What did Wei Kang do? "Give me the phone!"

Cong Gang gave Feng Xinglang a cold glare and unhurriedly picked up the spoon.

"If you don't obediently eat this medicinal bowl, don't even think about seeing the one you've connected with!"

After a slight pause, Cong Gang lightly added, "When are you going to finish eating, and when are you going to meet people! "That's it!"

Their gazes met, revealing a clear sense of eeriness!

"How about I send you to the Yulong City so that Yan Bang can serve you?"

Under the lingering steam, Cong Gang's resolute and handsome face was once again covered in a thin layer of sweat.

Ten minutes later, Cong Gang fed the last spoonful of medicinal food into his mouth.

Feng Xinglang coldly looked at him, as if he had nothing to live for.

He didn't even bother to throw a glance at Cong Gang who was feeding the medicine to the side.

Following that, a piece of sweet and clear thing that melted in his mouth was sent into Feng Xinglang's mouth. Feng Xinglang did not like to eat sweet food, but this was the first time he felt the joy that sweet food brought to his heart.

Only then did she lazily glance at Cong Gang, "Go and get me a pair of pants to put on."

"What, shy?"

Cong Gang glanced at Feng Xinglang's waist. It was covered with a large towel.

"Firstly, I am older than you; secondly, I am stronger than you. Do I need to be shy?" Feng Xinglang scoffed.

Actually, Cong Gang knew the reason. In front of his own son, his own father always had to maintain his glorious and majestic image.

Cong Gang took out a pair of loose, extremely soft pants; when he opened the towel, Cong Gang swept it with his contemptuous gaze.

"He is indeed very fierce … Like a caterpillar! "


"Feng Xinglang... Feng Xinglang... "

The little guy was already astonished by the cool exterior of the villa. When he looked at the flowers and plants inside, the intense visual impact was truly stunning!

Worried that the little fellow would not be able to bear the fumigation of the medicine, Feng Xinglang was moved out of the steam room.

"Stinking brat, you're still not willing to call me daddy?"

Feng Xinglang tilted his body to stop his own son who was flying over, feeling that the pain from his injuries had lessened.

"I'm not calling you daddy because I'm afraid you'll be proud! When that happens, you'll have to abandon your wife and children again! "

The little guy was like a little hunting dog sniffing around on Feng Xinglang's body, probably because it smelt the thick smell of Chinese medicine on his body.

The words "you abandoned your wife and children" made Feng Xinglang feel dejected and speechless.

Feng Xinglang messily kissed his son's cheeks again and again, then tightly held onto the little thing.

"Why isn't your mother here? Are you trying to be pretentious with me? "

The little guy's cheerful expression instantly turned silent. He flattened his little mouth and looked listless.

"Don't expect Mommy to come see you! Because Mommy said. She doesn't love you anymore! "

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