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Chapter 640: Returning to being a Cinderella 2

"Yes!" I want to become Miss Hui and once again find the prince that truly belongs to me, Lin Xueluo! "

These impa.s.sioned words were purely Yuan Duoduo's.

Actually, Xueluo only wanted to take his son and lead a peaceful and ordinary life.


Yuan Duoduo purposely pretended to laugh out loud. Fortunately, Linnuo's little friend was still sleeping soundly.

"Lin Xueluo, are you really living in a fairy tale? You brought a 5 year old boy with you, yet you still want to open it a second time and look for a new prince? In reality, would a prince with a grudge raise another man's son for you? I'm dying of laughter! "

"Someone like you, who brought a boy on a second marriage, could at most find a crooked date!"

Yuan Duoduo mercilessly attacked Xueluo. She wanted Xueluo to cherish his marriage with Feng Xinglang, so they shouldn't talk about divorce.

"Even if it's just a crooked melon splitting jujube, it's better than him, Feng Xinglang!"

Xueluo firmly threw down those words, hugged his son and went to sleep to avoid them.

"Lin Xueluo, you have suffered for so many years, and you are just one step away from becoming a glorious Madame Feng. Yet you choose to divorce Feng Xinglang now? With Feng Xinglang's condition and wealth, once he divorced, he would immediately become a hot topic for famous women! Yet you, Lin Xueluo, can only end up like the yellow-faced granny! "

"Hey …" Hey … Lin Xueluo, are you listening to me anymore? Hey … If you really got divorced from Feng Xinglang, then you might as well cry! Marrying such a tall, rich, and handsome man, what was the point of being hypocritical … "Aha …"

Actually, Yuan Duoduo was also exhausted after these few days. She thought a lot about herself and the baby in her belly.

The worst that could happen to her was that she would give birth to a child in her womb and live a life of mutual dependence.

However, the heavens did not seem to be willing to let go of the Yuan Duoduo who was stronger than normal people. There was still an even worse fate awaiting her and the child in her stomach.


Linnuo's little friend was awoken by the refres.h.i.+ng fragrance of fried eggs and roasted intestines.

On the wall, he saw his mother, who was still sleeping soundly, but not his father, who was seriously injured.

Looks like this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's biological father should have been sent to the hospital. There was that very dangerous person protecting Cong Gang by his side, so he shouldn't be in any danger.

After looking at the unfamiliar environment and kissing the sleeping Mummy, the little guy walked barefoot into the kitchen while looking for the fragrance of the food.

He saw a tall and slender aunt looking at a book.

"Your name is Yuan Duoduo?" the little guy asked directly.

These past few years, the Linnuo who had been raised in his way by the Hetun had lost all respect towards others, but now, there was an additional hostility that shouldn't exist at this age.

This was also what troubled Xueluo the most.

Fortunately, Yuan Duoduo was also an open-minded, and independent woman.

"Little handsome boy, you're awake? How do you know my name? Did your mother tell you? "

Yuan Duoduo immediately shut off the fire, put down the frying pan and moved closer, wanting to hug the little guy, but the little guy instinctively moved backwards.

"Can't I let Aunt Duoduo, who has both wisdom and beauty, hug you? It's a shame that Aunt Duoduo got up early in the morning to make you something nice to eat! Come on, kiss me. Just a kiss! "

Yuan Duoduo did not give up and followed closely behind.

As he chased, he kept praising, "Little shota, I didn't expect you to be so handsome when you're awake! Aunt Duoduo loves you so much! "

The little guy couldn't stand Yuan Duoduo's fanaticism and immediately ran back into the room to find Mommy Xueluo to ask for help.

"Mommy, wake up, there's a crazy woman trying to kiss your precious son!"

The little guy quickly crawled on the bed and hid under the blanket.

"What crazy woman, this is your Aunt Duoduo!"

Xueluo who had just woken up scolded his son, Linnuo. A real headache for his son's polite words.

The little guy did not utter a word. She could only stare at Yuan Duoduo who was approaching her with a conflicted expression. He really didn't have the habit of being disordered by others.

"Heh, this little thing is as stubborn as his father! I don't believe that I can't kiss you! "

Thus, Yuan Duoduo took a detour and started her long term battle with the little guy that was betrothed to her.

It had to be said that Yuan Duoduo's stamina was truly amazing. Even though he was pregnant, he was actually able to catch up to Linnuo who was as fast as a small cheetah.

"Nuonuo, quickly let your Duoduo kiss him! You and Mommy are going to be staying at Aunt Duoduo's for a long time. If we don't give her a kiss, her aunt Duo Duo will drive us away. "

Xueluo really felt sorry for Yuan Duoduo who was pregnant and helped her force her son into submission.

Finally, with arms not reaching his thighs, the little guy was hugged by Mommy's arms and kissed by the panting Yuan Duoduo!

Three or four kisses in succession!

"Mommy, aren't we going to live with b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang? Is he in the hospital now? Shall we go and see him after breakfast? "

The little fellow asked a few questions in succession.

But Xueluo was silent. His son, Linnuo, actually had the thought of living together with Feng Xinglang!

The reason for the silence was because Xueluo was considering whether or not he should tell his son, Linnuo, about his divorce. His son was only five years old. Would that just add to his worries?

"Nuonuo, we can't live together with Feng Xinglang …"

"Why not? Is Mommy afraid that her foster father will come after her again? "

Xueluo shook his head, "Don't worry, from today onwards, your foster father will no longer make things difficult for your father."

"Really? My foster father is willing to let go of this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's biological father? "

The little fellow seemed to be in disbelief.

"Yes." Xueluo humphed, "From today onwards, Nuonuo and Mommy are free! You will never be locked in this little black room again! "

The little guy was silent for a moment, then raised his crystal clear eyes and looked at his mother Lin Xueluo, "Mommy, you still won't forgive this b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang right?"

"No. Mommy. I don't love him. "

Xueluo's heart was ruthlessly stung.

"Mommy doesn't love him, and I don't love him!"

The little guy went forward and hugged Xueluo, "Wherever Mommy goes, your biological son will also be there!"

Xueluo's heart hurt even more!


Feng Xinglang was forced awake by the burst of smoke.

It felt like he had been sleeping for a century.

When he opened his heavy eyes, he saw Cong Gang's face covered in sweat.

He was smearing something on his body and it felt comfortable.

"You're awake?"

Cong Gang asked. He asked calmly.

"Didn't you refuse to help me? Why did he attack again? Is he cheating? "

Alright, Feng Xinglang displayed the words' getting lucky and acting good 'to the bone.

"You've been taken lightly for this beating!"

Cong Gang smeared the warm ointment all over Feng Xinglang's broken ribs, "What a waste of such a good medicine!"

Feng Xinglang gave Cong Gang a cold stare, since he did not manage to catch his wife and children, he started to feel thirsty.

"Where are my wife and children?"

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