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Chapter 612: Inwardly, however, it is vile and dirty

"Mr. Xing … I was wrong! "

From a mother's point of view, Xueluo had indeed done wrong. She had underestimated the viciousness of the Hetun and its scheming and iron hand.

She should have stayed with her child.

Don't try to show off, do something outside your capabilities.

Not only was she unable to save Feng Xinglang, she had to kill the opportunity for herself to stay by her son's side.

"Kneel first!"

Hetun only threw a few words at Lin Xueluo.

Thus, Xueluo didn't say anything, and just knelt in front of Hetun.

Having lived under the same roof for so many years, Xueluo at least understood the Hetun: To a certain extent, he was still someone who ate things that were hard and soft. Especially the low stance of a woman.

"Hetun, do you have to play with Feng Xinglang to death?"

Old Chu, who seemed to have been tricked by Hetun, was also a little angry from embarra.s.sment.

Hetun swept Old Chu with his cold eyes, and said with a sinister chill:

"You are acting for Feng Xinglang's benefit, you can't possibly get a lot of benefits from him, right? Of course, you don't have to tell me about your shady business with Feng Xinglang! Keep it to explain things to your boss! "

Hetun's half-threatening, half-threatening words meant that this time, he wanted Old Chu to be eliminated as well.

"Hetun, can't you just let Feng Xinglang live?"

Old Chu was not clear about the deep grudges between the Hetun and Feng Xinglang, but he had a feeling that they shouldn't be so irreconcilable.

"Your door is also broken, and your dog is also dead …" You should at least give me an explanation, right? Go back and wait for my lawyer's letter! "

His conversation with Old Chu sounded more like an irrelevant question.

The words of the Hetun were strict, not leaving the slightest trace of them in the law enforcement logger.

Xueluo kneeled in front of Hetun for more than an hour.

"Mr. Xing, I beg of you, please let me see …" Fifteen! I will never dare to disobey you again! "

As a begging woman, it was time for Xueluo to show weakness. He had to try his best not to act like a female hero in front of Hetun.

Just like that, Hetun squinted at the teary eyes of Xueluo, as the anger in his eyes slowly faded away.

It was not the first time Lin Xueluo had kneeled in front of Hetun, but it seemed as if every single time he did so, he could achieve the desired result.

She was not like that woman. One was tenacity within the heart, the other was tenacity outside.

Toughness? Was a woman from the Shuixing Yanghua worthy of this word?

But the Lin Xueluo in front of her, other than being stubborn towards Feng Xinglang, as a woman, she was pretty clean.

Actually, Hetun still liked Lin Xueluo who was tough and weak at the same time.

And she was clean to the bone.

A good woman should be like this!

But what about that woman? It looked clean, but it was vile and dirty in the bones. It actually did it … If not for personally witnessing it, Hetun would never doubt the sincerity of that woman towards him!

"I've given you too many chances … Yet you chose to betray me again and again! "

Hetun did not want to make things difficult for the pitiful woman who was kneeling on the ground, "Not seeing your own child is the best punishment!"

This punishment was undoubtedly the most cruel for a child's mother.

"Mr. Xing … I was wrong. I was really wrong! I beg of you, please let me return to Nuonuo's side … I'm begging you! "

Xueluo, who was crying loudly, was dragged away by Old Chu.

It was because Old Chu felt that Lin Xueluo should not stay here any longer.

But Xueluo seemed to not want to leave this place, but he was uncontrollably brought along to leave.

"Old Chu, let me in..." The Hetun must have hidden Nuonuo away! I really cannot live without Nuonuo! "

After begging Hetun, Xueluo continued to plead with Old Chu. It was as if she had always been a weakling led by the nose.

"Just now, little Jane called to say: Three hours ago, Hetun's private plane took off from the airport, and its destination was Britain. Your son Linnuo is on the exit list. "

Xueluo was severely startled, "What? Nuonuo... He was sent back to England by the Hetun? "

"Therefore, it's useless for you to stay here!"

Old Chu heaved a long sigh, "We still haven't thoroughly investigated it, do you know whether Feng Xinglang is on that private plane that was supposed to fly to England?"

"Then, then can we force the plane to land? Or had the British government seize the Hetun's private jet first? "

Xueluo anxiously suggested.

"To have Britain's First House seize the Hetun's private jet? Don't you know how famous the Hetun is in Britain? "

Old Chu scolded Xueluo as he slapped his own forehead.

"It's all my fault. Not only did I get caught up in the Hetun's plan to slow down the troops, I even implicated these special forces who came with me to enforce the law."

"He must have returned to the Pater Castle! It must be! "

Xueluo firmed his own thoughts. It was just that he did not know whether Feng Xinglang would also be on that private plane.

How stupid he was! Two days ago, Hetun told him that he bought a private jet for his son, Linnuo. Xueluo thought that Hetun was playing around with his son, but he never thought that it was actually true.

Xueluo wanted to fly all night to Pater Castle. However, when she went to the airport, she realized that she was almost a sc.u.mbag in Shen City. Furthermore, his valid entry and exit doc.u.ments were all under the control of the Hetun.

Xueluo had to go back to the Feng Family to see if he could get some doc.u.ments from his marriage certificate with Feng Xinglang. But all this would take time.


When Xueluo returned to the Feng Family, both Feng Lixin and the Butler Mo were not there. He should be busy with the matter of Feng Xinglang's disappearance.

Lan Youyou sat on the sofa in the living room.

Just like that, she stared at Lin Xueluo who was slowly walking into the Feng Family, her eyes did not carry much emotion.

Xueluo ignored Lan Youyou's stare. Every time she saw Lan Youyou, her heart would become incomparably desolate. At this moment, it could be said that he was burning with anxiety and in pain, yet he was still alive and well as someone he should hate.

At least, Lan Youyou and her daughter did not leave home in fear. At least, Feng Lixin and his sister had given them a safe home.

But to Lin Xueluo, a family, was an extreme luxury. She couldn't even think about it. And now, she had lost her own child …

"Second Madame, you're back … Are there any news of Second Young Master and Young Master? " Nanny An stepped forward and asked anxiously.

Xueluo shook his head.

"I'm here to get it... The marriage certificate. Oh yeah, and my account, did Butler Mo move here from Xia Family? "

"Second Madame, your account should have been moved here! But the marriage certificate between you and the Second Young Master was always kept by the Second Young Master. "

"Then can you give me the Feng Family's household book?" Xueluo asked anxiously.

"This... The household register should be locked in the Old Mo's safe. Second Madame, what do you want an account book for? "

Xueluo only shook his head, not explaining anything.

Xueluo who was unable to get his account book had no choice but to leave Feng Family. Because she really couldn't stand Lan Youyou's cold eyes when he looked at her.

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