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Chapter 573: Romance in Bitterness

Being smart instead of being stupid was the truth that Xing Ba was right now.

In this kind of mind-blowing game, Feng Xinglang was definitely a BOSS player.

But in the end, Xing Ba could only let his craftiness take hold of him.

Of course, Feng Xinglang's actions at the moment were somewhat risky. But Feng Xinglang, who had lost his son so many times, could not be at ease handing over his own son to someone else!

Only by hugging his own son in his arms would he be able to be at ease. Because every time Feng Xinglang let go of his hand, it would cause his son to get further and further away from him!

Who could understand how Feng Xinglang felt as a father!

Feng Xinglang carried the furry bear that was wrapped in a windbreaker, and walked towards the hall.

He did not deliberately avoid or even try to avoid Xing Ba who might suddenly appear.

Feng Xinglang had to give Xing Ba a judgment: had taken away with Little Fifteen. Thus, Xing Ba was able to bring his people to chase after Wei Kang. Only then would he be able to truly escape and leave.

"Feng Xinglang, you left in such a hurry, what treasure are you carrying?"

In the hall, Xing Ba blocked Feng Xinglang's path. Feng Xinglang was so flamboyant that it was hard to not be seen by Xing Ba.

"My own son!"

Feng Xinglang said to Xing Ba bluntly. He looked straight at Xing Ba's scanning eyes, just trying to be confident.

"Oh, really?"

Xing Ba asked with a sigh, and slowly approached Feng Xinglang with quiet steps.

Feng Xinglang 'subconsciously' wrapped his hands around the furry bear's leg that was half revealed from its windbreaker: It gave off a feeling as if he wanted to hide something.

However, how could sharp-eyed Xing Ba know that Feng Xinglang was playing with him for ten feet.

Feng Xinglang did not want to conceal himself, but wanted Xing Ba to see that faintly discernible fur bear leg. So Xing Ba could think of something: He wanted to use a furry bear to lure him away, and then let Wei Kang successfully flee this place with the real, Little Fifteen.

Sometimes, it wasn't necessarily a good thing to be quick!

Seeing Feng Xinglang using one of his hands to protect the furry bear's leg, Xing Ba immediately came to a conditioned judgement: Feng Xinglang wanted to use a bear to lure him away.

"Go and chase Wei Kang! Fifteen must be in Wei Kang's hands! "

Just as Xing Ba was shouting, a small box was held in both of Wei Kang's hands as it quickly flew under Xing Ba's eyes. With lightning speed, he escaped through the hall's side door.

The box in Wei Kang's hand was not big, it was just big enough to fit a five year old child.

Thus, after Wei Kang's near perfect coordination, it successfully lured Xing Ba over, and won some time for Feng Xinglang to bring his son Nuonuo away from this place.

It had to be said that Wei Kang was smarter than that playboy Ye Xiaonian! Worthy of being one of the disciples brought out by Cong Gang!

Of course, there was nothing to be said about the IQ of the disciple that Cong Gang brought out.

Feng Xinglang liked Wei Kang more and more.

With the golden opportunity, Feng Xinglang immediately held onto the furry bear and escaped from the Sea View Restaurant.

Cong Gang went through the entire process. Feng Xinglang's extremely good intelligence surprised him once again.

Maybe, this was Feng Xinglang's advantage.

Attracting: Including women, in this rapidly developing modern society, including men!

Of course, Linnuo's little friend wouldn't be in danger!

Because even if Xing Ba saw through his trick, Cong Gang would still make his move.

With Cong Gang here, both Feng Xinglang and Little Feng Xinglang would be safe and sound! Cong Gang had such confidence!

Feng Xinglang did not see Cong Gang, and Cong Gang would never let him see it.

If Feng Xinglang was that bright flame, then Cong Gang was that moth.

However, Cong Gang's moth would only revolve tightly around the areas where the flames couldn't reach. It wouldn't fly into the flames.

A high IQ moth that yearned for light.

Silently accompanying was the moth's confession to the flame.


The Porsche shot out of the parking lot like an arrow from a bow, heading straight for the Qibei Mountain City.

"Nuonuo... Nuonuo... "

Feng Xinglang anxiously called out to the furry bear. But the furry bear in the pa.s.senger seat remained silent.

Fearing that his son would be too bored out of his mind, Feng Xinglang immediately pulled the back of the furry bear's head off …

And then, a blus.h.i.+ng face appeared.

The little guy had managed to keep Wuyang safe and sound.

Feng Xinglang checked his son's breath, still breathing evenly. Just a little drowsy.

That b.a.s.t.a.r.d Xing San, how much sleeping medicine had he fed his son? Next time, if it landed in Feng Xinglang's hands, he would definitely let a dog like Xing San eat his fill of sleeping pills!

When Xing San was mentioned, he would inevitably think of Lan Youyou.

When they left the private room, Lan Youyou's terrified scream still made Feng Xinglang's heart throb.

Between men and women, love and hate were sometimes not clearly defined.

Just like the time when he and Lan Youyou … Who could say that there was no love between them?

Who could say for sure what the hatred between them had transformed into five years later?

Feng Xinglang's gaze became deep.

Perhaps from the moment big brother Feng Lixin met with trouble, it was already determined that he and Lan Youyou could only become two parallel lines that could no longer intersect. They could live under the same roof, but they would never have any interaction with each other!

Actually, it wasn't exactly right!

When Feng Xinglang saw this woman called Lin Xueluo, who had endured humiliation for five years, who had suffered through all sorts of tribulations that he could not imagine, who had helped him give birth to his son Linnuo safely, Feng Xinglang's heart couldn't possibly not be shocked!

Seeing that his son had once again safely returned to his side, Feng Xinglang's heart slowly began to calm down.

The Porsche sped towards Qibei Mountain City.

This is Qibei Mountain City's Club.

The place where all the big banks in Shen City bleached their money.

Xueluo had always been anxiously waiting for news of his son Linnuo.

She seemed to be a little regretful, she should not have believed that Feng Xinglang would really bring Lan Youyou to Xing San's banquet. But no matter what, as long as she had information and clues about her son Linnuo, she would not give up.

Of course, if Feng Xinglang really wanted to fight her, she wouldn't be able to escape, right?

Xueluo was unable to drink the nouris.h.i.+ng soup that the servants brought him, so he kept looking outside and waiting.

With the engine reveling, Xueluo immediately stood up from the sofa.

The locked door to the guest hall was half open when Xueluo saw him.

Feng Xinglang who was hugging a furry bear!

"Feng Xinglang, where's Nuonuo? You said that you will bring Nuonuo back! "

Xueluo was not in the mood to admire this furry bear's foolishness and cuteness. Because she saw that there was no trace of her son Linnuo behind Feng Xinglang.

"Give me a kiss, and I'll turn my son into one for you!"

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