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Chapter 562: The Great Love, the Great Love!

To be precise:

The oceanic pool appeared a second before the towing rope was cut.

To Feng Xinglang, who had an extremely fast reaction speed, this second was completely enough for him to make a calm and rational judgement.

His son was right under the Ocean Sphere, which also meant that his son Linnuo was about to fall down from a height of six meters, which meant that the little guy would be safe. Under the premise of his son's safety, Feng Xinglang made an instinctive reaction to catch Feng Tuantuan who had fallen at the same time.

Feng Tuantuan was his big brother's, Feng Lixin's, biological daughter, and he, Feng Xinglang, watched as he grew up one day at a time. It could be seen that he loved Feng Little Princess dearly.


However, in the eyes of the spectators at that time, under the 'snipping' of Xing s.h.i.+'er's fear, the gazes of Xueluo, Xueluo, and the two children were fixated on the horizontal pole.

Terrified screams and nervous moods focused their attention on the children and their bodies.

So, of course, they would ignore the marine pool and the two children's sequence of vertical falls.

This was the insidious nature of the Hetun: He forced Feng Xinglang to choose Feng Tuantuan between two children.

This would also let Lin Xueluo and his mother, especially his own foster son Little Fifteen, to know that five years later, he and his mother would once again be abandoned by his b.a.s.t.a.r.d father!

This kind of reversal would cause Feng Xinglang to completely lose his own son and his woman!

Especially in Xueluo's opinion: Under Lan Youyou's screams and cries, at the critical moment of life and death, he suddenly changed his mind and saved his big brother Feng Lixin and Lan Youyou's daughter!

Perhaps, in Feng Xinglang's heart, the life of Lan Youyou's daughter was much more precious than her own!

All words are white!

Feng Xinglang made a choice based on his actual actions: he abandoned her, Lin Xueluo's, children, and chose his big brother, Feng Lixin, and Lan Youyou's daughter.

At this moment, Lin Xueluo seemed to have already suspected whether or not Feng Tuantuan was Feng Xinglang's and Lan Youyou's biological daughter.

This fact was no longer important!

The most important thing was: She, Lin Xueluo's child had once again been abandoned by Feng Xinglang!

Xueluo, who was extremely shocked and nervous to the point where he was almost suffocating, watched Feng Xinglang change his direction to catch Feng Tuantuan who was falling down from the sky, while his son Linnuo's tiny figure all alone fell into the Ocean Sphere Pool …

If not for Hetun showing mercy and transforming his son Linnuo into a pond right below them, his son Linnuo would have fallen to the cold marble floor in that one second.

"Ahh …"

Xueluo let out a hoa.r.s.e and painful wail as his heart was frozen into a desert.

All his hopes and hopes had been shattered by the cruel reality.

Why did this happen? Why was it like this!

After five years of separation, he, Feng Xinglang, once again abandoned the mother and son pair!

Furthermore, she, Lin Xueluo, had illusions about this man!

Lin Xueluo, it's too late for you to smash your head against the wall!

At the moment she fell, Feng Tuantuan's scream was so sharp it made one's heart ache. Luckily Feng Xinglang agilely caught her in his arms, preventing her from falling down to the ground.

The cute face had turned pale from fright. It seemed as if she was suffocating for a moment, but also as if her soul had left her body from fear.

"Good man, I caught you …" Papa got you! There's nothing left for us to do anymore! "

Only after seeing his son safely falling into the Ocean Pool, did Feng Xinglang speak to pacify the excessively frightened Feng Xiaozi. He used his face to stick on the pale and bloodless face of the cute girl.

Just as Feng Xinglang was about to put down the Feng Tuantuan in his arms to check on his son Linnuo who had disappeared into the ocean ball pool, Little Princess Feng, who had been frightened out of her wits, suddenly burst into tears.

Feng Xinglang had no choice but to stop in her tracks to comfort the tearful Feng Xiao Group.

"Good, good, good! Very good! Feng Xinglang, looks like you truly love this little girl … He had actually surpa.s.sed his own son! The act of great love, the act of great love! "

He really did not expect that Hetun would actually have a hobby of taking joy in another's misfortune.

Under his pressure, Feng Xinglang finally chose to use the genuinely dangerous Feng Tuantuan, but Hetun used Feng Xinglang's choice to provoke him. and it was even stimulating Lin Xueluo, who was at the age of fifteen with his foster son!

The purpose of the Hetun was to let Lin Xueluo and Little Fifteen see clearly: Five years ago, Feng Xinglang had chosen to abandon them; five years later, Feng Xinglang's choice would still be to abandon them!

And then … There was no later!

"Clang! Clang!" Are you all right? You scared the h.e.l.l out of me. My b.a.l.l.s. "How are you? Quick, open your mouth and say something to Mama!"

Seeing his daughter safely being carried by Feng Xinglang, Lan Youyou's heart, which was on the verge of suffocating, recovered and was once again returned to her chest.

Feng Xiao Chen, on the other hand, seemed to be overly frightened, and continued to wrap around Feng Xinglang's neck, not letting go of his small hands. Just crying, just crying.

Seeing her son Linnuo's tiny figure that was still submerged in the ocean ball pool that no one bothered, Lin Xueluo's tears continued to fall.

"Nuonuo... Nuonuo... How are you? Mommy is here. Don't be afraid. Get out. Let Mommy see you! "

It was only now that Xueluo realized this: That his son Linnuo only had her mother.

No matter how sensible he was, his son Linnuo was still only a five year old child. Yet, his father was the son of a b * stard … No, he's not my biological father, he's just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang who abandoned her once again!

Xueluo could no longer control his emotions and started crying bitterly.

A heart-wrenching pain came from her stomach, and Xueluo's entire body trembled as he cried out in pain.

"Xinglang, quickly go and see Nuonuo!"

Feng Lixin realized that after a while of rapid churning, the entire pond had regained its tranquility, and wasn't even able to move a single inch. Feng Lixin was worried that the little guy would be in trouble, and so he anxiously warned Feng Xinglang.

At that time, Feng Xinglang's leg was. .h.i.t by Hetun's crossbow arrow, and there was a small ball wrapped around his chest. Just now, when he caught the small ball, he rolled on the ground, causing the injury on his leg to become even more serious, so Feng Xinglang could only drag his leg and walk towards the Sea Sphere Pool.

"Nuonuo... Nuonuo... "

Unable to hear his son's response, Feng Xinglang forcibly pulled Feng Tuantuan out of his embrace and jumped into the ocean ball pool to search for his son Linnuo's trace.

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