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Chapter 498 - Nuonuo, Mommy will find a new daddy for you

Yuan Duoduo was really in pain.

It was a kind of pain of destruction that had never been invaded before!

It wasn't just his body that was in pain, it was his heart as well!

It felt like a century. Although Bai Mo felt comfortable, but it was as if he had died once.

A pink colored piece of paper flew towards Yuan Duoduo's bloodstained body.

Then, Bai Mo's lazy and tired voice sounded out, "Take this money and scram!"

So much so that Bai Mo was too lazy to even look at Yuan Duoduo! In other words, it didn't matter who the woman below him was!

The most important thing was that she had to get the h.e.l.l away from him right now!

Not only did he injure her body, he even hurt her self-esteem!

Yuan Duoduo had not been able to recover from the sadness he felt after losing the guard for more than twenty years. In the next second, he fell into a rage.

She was feeling inferior! But she was violent!

She picked up the thing beside her that could be smashed, and threw it towards Bai Mo.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Go to h.e.l.l! I'm going to sue you for rape! You just have to wait for your next life and stay in jail! "

Yuan Duoduo smashed his own handbag onto Bai Mo's face and body.

"You big horse that millions of people use! Shameless man! "Go and die!"

The angry Yuan Duoduo had transformed into a female tiger that had lost control. She hit Bai Mo really hard.

Although her body felt as though it had been crushed, compared to the weak and weakened Bai Mo, Yuan Duoduo's strength was enough to beat him until he almost had no strength to resist.

"You crazy woman! You're courting death! " Bai Mo roared.

Yuan Duoduo, who was extremely angry, fiercely bit down on Bai Mo's arm, which he wanted to retaliate against. Using all of his strength to bite, he almost bit off the flesh off Bai Mo's arm.

Yuan Duoduo truly couldn't accept being looked down upon by a man like him!

It hurt her body, but it also hurt her heart!


Xueluo waited outside the door of Yuan Duoduo's home for a while. Seeing that he could not get through to her and did not get to her person, Xueluo left.

When he returned to Shallow Water Bay, his son Linnuo had just returned, and was currently being hugged by Hetun, playing the game of high horse that the little fellow usually liked.

After seeing that his son was unharmed and unharmed, Xueluo's heart sank once again.

Xueluo did not stop his son's interaction with the Hetun. She just stood quietly in a corner and waited.

This was a habit she had developed over the past five years.

Although Hetun was already over sixty years old, he was still a man. With his vigorous physique, he was even stronger than a robust youth.

Furthermore, the foster son s of Hetun are all men. She was a woman in a man's house, so she had to pay more attention to her words and actions.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Xueluo would reduce his sense of existence to the minimum. They almost ignored the existence of a woman like her.

In every single day in Pater Castle, as a woman, Xueluo was undoubtedly walking on thin ice.

"Mommy …"

Linnuo saw his mother Xueluo and immediately twisted away from Hetun's body.

"h.e.l.lo, Mister Xing." Xueluo then politely greeted the Hetun.

Hetun nodded slightly. He was always so arrogant. which also meant that he completely acknowledged Xueluo's humble att.i.tude.

"Kiss Mommy! Quickly hug your own son!"

The little guy opened his arms and took the initiative to hug Xueluo. This seemed to have exceeded Xueluo's expectations.

The previous two times, the little fellow had come back depressed and was purposely avoiding her as its mother; but tonight's son, Linnuo, seemed to be a little strange.

Xueluo picked up his son Linnuo; the little guy immediately cuddled itself in Xueluo's embrace, and used its little arms to tightly wrap around Xueluo's neck. She seemed to be acting coquettishly.

"Mr. Xing, I think 15 is sleepy. I'll take him back to his room to sleep."

Xueluo instructed the Hetun. Because she felt that her son Linnuo had something he wanted to say to her, this mother.

"No rus.h.!.+" Fifteen hasn't had dinner yet! "

Hetun didn't seem to want Little Fifteen to leave his sight so quickly. Even if they were not hugging each other, just looking at the room full of noise made by the little guy would make Hetun happy.

Hearing Hetun's words, Xueluo naturally would not carry his son Linnuo away without thinking. Under normal circ.u.mstances, Xueluo would definitely not disobey the Hetun. This was because disobeying the Hetun would only bring harm but not benefit the both of them.

Xueluo did not eat dinner with the Hetun. There were not many people who could sit and eat at the same table as Hetun, other than his son Linnuo, there was also Xing s.h.i.+'er. Every month or so, Hetun would also gather with Xing Ba and the others for a meal. Most of the time, only his son Linnuo accompanied Hetun to eat.

In fact, Xueluo also noticed that every time Xing s.h.i.+'er ate with Hetun, he would become a little more reserved. Therefore, if he could not eat with Hetun, Xing s.h.i.+'er would try to avoid him.

Only his precious son Linnuo, was able to eat happily no matter who he ate with! Maybe this was also the reason why Hetun liked to eat with Little Thing.

After waiting for around an hour, he swam with Hetun and showered before running back in his small robe.

"Kiss your mother … Your biological son is back! "

The little guy climbed onto the bed with a wheeze, and immediately got into the duvet, hugging Mother Lin Xueluo tightly; it even rubbed against Xueluo's chest as if it was acting cute. After all, he was only five years old and was only a small milk bag.

Xueluo kissed the top of his son's head, and gently caressed the little fellow's soft and thin hair.

"Nuonuo, were you happy when you saw your scoundrel's father?"

Seeing that his son's mood was not bad, Xueluo asked gently. She really wanted to know what kind of expression Feng Xinglang had when he found out that his' premature son 'was still alive five years ago.

"Just average!"

The little fellow intentionally replied in a nonchalant manner.

"Then when your b.a.s.t.a.r.d father found out that you were his biological son … Are you stunned? "

Xueluo changed to a more relaxed method and asked about the situation of them meeting father and son tonight in a roundabout way.

"Mommy, don't ask. "That b.a.s.t.a.r.d hurt Mommy so much, we don't want to forgive him."

The little guy stopped mother from speaking with Xueluo. At this moment, no matter what Feng Xinglang did, he could not get the little guy's forgiveness.

Xueluo's heart ached, "Nuonuo, don't … Mommy never hated your dad. "

"I hate you if you don't!" I want to represent my mother to destroy that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Feng Xinglang! "

The little guy said angrily.

Xueluo pursed his lips, not knowing how to persuade his son.

In short, under the Hetun's meticulous arrangements and plotting, his son Linnuo's hatred towards Feng Xinglang deepened bit by bit.

"Oh right, Nuonuo, how about Mommy find a new daddy for you?"

Xueluo tested his son's tone. After all, a 5-year-old little thing definitely didn't have too deep of a scheming mind.

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